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Sat. May 23 to Fri. July 10.- Sun City

Sorry I have gotten so far behind on the blog. I have not quit doing the blog, but we have been pretty busy. We moved into the condo in May and we started going to all of the local Estate Sales. As Bob is fond saying, Sun City is God’s waiting room! We have mostly furnished the condo with the furniture what we picked up at the sales. We still need a few items, but with the spike in the virus in Arizona, we are choosing to stay home, although I have to fight the urge, not to turn when I see an Estate Sale sign.

We also have made numerous trips to Home Depot and Lowes.We also visit a lot of thrift stores in the area.  Bob has done a lot of work in the condo, like  painting and fixing items. With living in the RV, we did not have a lot of kitchen items, so we have gotten really good deals on items at the Estate Sales. Our Real Estate agent has been great. He has helped us move items, as he has a pick up truck.

We have sold a lot of items on Craig’s List and Amazon Smile Prime visits frequently. While driving back from the motor home one day, I spotted a ‘free’ sign on a nice oak chair. Bob flipped a U turn, and we picked up the chair and a wet/dry vac. Bob already had bought one at an Estate Sale, so he cleaned this one up and sold it on Craig’s List. The chair was missing some screws, so he easily fixed the chair, and I am using it when crafting. Bob also managed to purchase a brand new grill for our patio, at an estate sale for $100. It was a steal!

When we purchased a bedroom set, it came with everything including the sheets, pillows, duvet, blanket etc… We moved some of that into the spare room, and we now have a place for friends and family to stay when they visit. The previous owner had left some furniture, including most of a bedroom set, circa, 1970’s and pictures.

We did have to replace the microwave, and since the condo was built in 1978, the microwave under the cabinet, was too close to the stove. So we ended up replacing the microwave with a thin, long one. It works great and we are really pleased that option was available.

We have put the motor home up for sale, so if you know of anyone interested in purchasing a nice motor home, which is in excellent condition, and great for full-time RV’ing.  The link to it on RV Trader is:

https://www.rvtrader.com/listing/2004-Alfa-GOLD+40FD-5013102319/?cmp=email_rv_paa_posted      Once the rig sells we are going to purchase a smaller rig for part-time travel. This had been our future plan, but with the virus, we decided now was a good time to make the change.

We love the condo and we are really enjoying the air conditioning in the Arizona heat. Our condo association is great and so are our neighbors. When the weather was cooler, we had socially distancing socials, outside, 3 evenings a week.  We now know everyone on our block and most of the folks who are here for the summer.

Bob walks the dogs several times a day and they now have a nice doggy door. Koda is in and out all day, but Roxie refuses to use it. We think it is because she does not see too well any more. It is in the wall, so it has two flaps. She knocks on the door when she wants to come back in. She is so cute!

I ride my bike daily, 5 miles, when it is not too hot and humid. Otherwise, I am doing a cardio video on the too hot days. So we are both getting lots of exercise. We are also reading a lot of books and we have started doing puzzles again.

That’s about it for now. More next week. Denise

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  1. Regarding Roxie, I guess the adage that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks is true!

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