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Sat. May 16 to Fri. May 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We moved all day. We are still sleeping in the rig. In the afternoons we take the dogs with us, as we are putting items away. We are trying to get them used to the condo.

Sunday- We had a Zoom with Mary, Jackie, and Bob. I tried using my iPad to show them the condo, but I was not very good at it. I rarely use the camera on the iPad. More moving and the dogs came with us.

Monday- As part of our welcome package, AJ had a locksmith come in and re-key the condo. We gave a key to the lady next door, as the HOA wants a copy of a key for each condo. More moving.

Tuesday- I had a hair appointment scheduled for 10 AM. I had told Kathy that I wanted to be there when it was quiet. I wore my N95 from the hospital to the appt., keeping the mask tightly on my face.

At 1 PM, we had an appt. with Best Buy. The microwave door handle was broken and we had received a credit for this, so we purchased a new GE. The problem is, that the old microwave was too close to the stove. So we purchased a counter top. I am losing counter space, which I do not like. We also purchased a 50” TV. It is very nice. We also need a 43” TV, but BB was out of them. So we went to Spenser’s, a local store. They had one, and they loaded it into the car for us. We returned to the condo and unloaded.

Wednesday- Direct TV was scheduled for 8 to 12. They arrived around 9 AM. I had gone to an Estate Sale. The guy installed the satellite in the wrong spot and when I returned I made him change it. We hustled all day, and finally, we moved the bed over. We spent our first night in the condo.

Thursday-  We went to an Estate Sale, and got in line. As soon as we did, Bob rec’d a text that, Bob , the fix-it guy, who AJ had recommended, said he would be there soon. So I drove Bob back to the condo, dropped him off, and I went back to get in line for the Estate Sale. They were only letting in 10 people at a time, so someone had to leave for you to enter.

I picked up 3, containers for under the sinks.

Friday- We attend another Estate Sale. As Bob says, Sun City is God’s waiting room! There are usually a lot of Estate Sales.  We also stopped at an Estate Sale store, where they only take really nice stuff. We found a nice entertainment center. It’s price had been dropped 3x. Another couple was eyeing it, so we purchased it. They deliver it on Tuesday. We have had a busy week!

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