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Sat May 9 to Fri. May 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had another quiet day today. There is nothing going on in the park and of course with social distancing, we are staying home.

Sunday- We completed our Sunday chores. We had the Zoom with Jackie, Mary and Bob.

Monday- We drove over to Jim and Diane’s to visit. We visited on the patio, keeping more than 6 ft. distance from each of them. We borrowed Jim’s hedge clippers for Bob to clean up the back yard at the condo. We found out we are not closing on Wednesday, it will be Thursday, due to the Credit Union running behind.

Tuesday- Another quiet day for us. This quarantine is really boring! We found out we will be closing on Friday, again because the Credit Union is running behind. Here is a puzzle we completed. It was another difficult puzzle!

Horse puzzle

Wednesday- We had a golf cart procession, for a neighbor who passed away, of a heart attack. Her poor husband. They had just lost one of their schnauzers and then a few weeks later, Peggy, dropped dead. The family was there and they filmed the line as we went past. As we do not have a golf cart, we drove the car. Originally, we were going to ride our bikes, but we were really glad that we did not. The line was very long, and we would have been out in the open, behind other folks. There were 15 people on bikes though….

Paradise parade

Parradise parade 2

We had trouble trying to count the number of golf carts, cars, bikes and motorcycles in line. It was a nice thing to do anyway…

Thursday-  Same old, same old. Just waiting for closing…

Friday- Our closing was at 8 AM. AJ, ou agent met us at the title company. Everyone, except the Notary, was in masks. The sellers, signed the paperwork yesterday, so they were not there. It was just the 4 of us. We were done by 8:40. AJ wanted to know if we wanted to go to breakfast, but we had already eaten. We still could not enter the condo. I don’t know if it is a new national issue or an Arizona one, but the title has to be registered, before we get the keys. So we had to wait.

The registration was supposed to occur by 12. At 3 PM, I texted AJ to see if he had heard anything. He was on the phone at the time with the title company. There had been a mix up. They had emailed AJ, but he had not received the email. They had registered by noon, so we met AJ at the condo at 3:30. It was now ours. We took some items over and contacted some of the folks to do repairs we wanted completed.

2 Responses

  1. Congratulations on your new homeowner,condo. Looks beautiful and great space!

  2. Congratulations on your new home. I know you will enjoy it.
    I hope we can see each other sometime in the fall or winter.

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