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Sat. May 2 to Fri. May8- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Another quiet day for us.

Sunday-  We had the Zoom with our friends, Jackie and Bob Hoell and Mary Nachman.

Monday-  Now the news, we are purchasing a 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo in Sun City. We will be selling the motor home, and moving into the condo. We will also be downsizing, to a smaller RV to travel with in the summers.

This had become our plan, but we thought we would do this in the future. We decided that now was a good time to start this plan. The condo is actually what is called a PUD, Public Urban Density. That basically means a condo, only we own the land under our unit, in a long row of single story condos, both the front and back door go to the outside.  There are only two actual condo buildings in Sun City.  This confused our Credit Union, and our realtor had to explain it to them and show them the Arizona PUD information.

We had decided not to say anything until we had the mortgage in place. That happened today.

Here are pictures:

Below is the living /dining room. The furniture now gone, except for the dining room set. The owners wanted $2500 for the furniture. We know we can do better at Estate Sales in this area, so we said no, but it was okay for them to leave anything they did not want.

Condo living room

The living room is larger than it looks…. below is another view of the living room looking at the front door….

Condo living room 2

Below, down the hall is the spare bedroom.

Condo spare bedroom

Hallway bath:

Condo hallway bath

Master Bath

Condo master bath

Below is the master bedroom. It is also bigger than it looks.  They took the bed, but left the 1970’s French Provincial bedside tables(2), dresser, and chest.

Condo Master bedroom

Past the master bedroom is the Arizona Room.  It is a nice size with storage.

Condo Arizona room

The other side of the Arizona Room,

Condo Arizona room 2

The back yard….

Condo back yard


Condo garage

Just realized I don’t have a great picture of the kitchen.

Condo KItchen

I had taken the picture during the Home Inspection. Bob is in the mask, watching everything the inspector is presenting.  This room below is the other part of where the table is located, in the prior picture.

TV room

They left us one of these Lazy-boys. Not both of them… Getting it cleaned when the rug cleaner comes. We are not sure how we are going to use this room.

Tuesday- Wednesday- Thursday- Friday, we spent our time waiting for everything to fall into place. Our usual days with social distancing.

One Response

  1. Sounds like a good plan and great condo. How far are you from Phoenix? Happy daze in your new digs!!!
    Sandra J

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