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Sat. Apr. 18 to Fri. Apr. 17-Sun City AZ

Saturday- More of the same. We are staying home, doing the puzzle, bike riding, and walking the dogs. I did check my lab work from a couple of weeks ago and it was all perfect!

Sunday-  We jumped out of bed, ate a quick breakfast, and ran to Walmart for groceries. We arrived just before 7 AM. They were open and not all that busy. Not all of the employees are wearing masks and neither were some of the customers. We wore ours. We also laughed at the folks who covered their mouths but not their noses. They shouldn’t even bother!

We returned home, cleaned the items, threw away the bags, washed our hands and took everything into the rig. We put it all away.  Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry. I started some laundry in the rig. We did out usual budgeting and checked our accounts. The stimulus money came in, so we made a donation to the local food bank.

At 11, we went into my computer on Zoom and had a great conversation with friends Bob and Jackie Hoell in GA and Mary Nachman in VA.

We talked for over an hour. Everyone had a great time, so we decided to do it again next week.

We ate lunch, then worked on the puzzle again. When it became too hot in the rig, we moved outside to read in the shade. We are still eating dinner outside and we had BBQ’d some chicken. We finally finished the puzzle.

Dumbo puzzle

Monday-  Monday was a quiet day for us at home. We did not do a puzzle today, as the last one wore us out. Roxie started vomiting and having diarrhea. I called the Vet office and Dr. Chris answered the phone. He ordered a medication for her nausea. If this continues, we  may have to have an endoscopic done.

We took a nice nap in the afternoon.

Tuesday- Bob had his appointment for his lab work to be done at 7:15. So he was out the door early, and he was back by 7:45. He said that there was only 1 other guy there, when he arrived and 3 when he left. Usually this Quest is packed.

We did another puzzle. Both of us rode our bikes around the park. The temperature has been awesome, in the 80’s. We are spending as much time outside as we possibly can, while the weather is cool enough not to bake!

Both dogs are having diarrhea.Roxie has also vomited, again. We were just getting her situated, with 50/50 dog food. 50% chicken and rice, 50% commercial GI food. Sigh….

I called the Vet again. Since Koda is now having an issue, we decided that it might be a virus in the park. Sure enough, someone posted asking if other dogs had been sick. Dude had it last week. Dogs are off food until Thursday morning.

Wednesday-  We were off to Target, arriving just before 7AM, when they opened. We went to the back of the line. Everyone was standing 6 ft. apart and had masks on. The line moved in quickly and the staff sent us to the sanitized carts. It was very well organized. We followed the crowd, still staying 6 ft. apart, to the toilet paper line. We had to stop and wait, as there was an employee directing us. I went to get some makeup pads, while Bob stayed in line. When I returned, Bob went to get some Rolaids. I turned onto the aisle, and there were dozens of 32 oz. bottles of sanitizer. There was no toilet paper or paper towels. Thank goodness there was the sanitizer, as we were running out. It was one per person, so I grabbed 2 bottles. One for us and one to share. We were there for our low fat cheddar cheese. There was hardly any cheese at all. Bob never did find he Rolaids. They did not have any of those. We went to the vegetables, and were able to find cucumbers ( we could not find them the other day). There was no romaine lettuce, that we usually buy un-bagged. They had a few bags of romaine and spinach, so we bought one of each for our salads. We also bought more tomatoes.

We went to toys and found a puzzle to bring home with us. It is 550 pieces, and we will donate it to the park, once it is completed.

The workers were waiting for us to check out. We did and returned home. Everything went straight to the patio table, we wiped them with sanitizer, then went into the rig, washing our hands, of course. We stated the next puzzle, which only took us about 2 hours.

We ate lunch, then I went to my LAST surgeon appointment. Yea, I am released to do anything. My current issue is now I have planar fasciitis in the right foot, probably from all that hopping on my right foot. So the Doc gave me a sample of the diclofenac sodium. I have had to fight with my insurance company to get the 1%. He gave me a box of samples of the 2%. I came home, did the new exercise he gave me, and put some on. The right heel stopped hurting. Yeah!

By this time, the temp was 91 degrees. It was still pretty nice in the shade, so we took the dogs outside and sat for awhile, ready our books. We fed Koda this evening. We gave Roxie a lot of chicken broth to make sure she remains hydrated.

Thursday-  Roxie started back on food this morning. No issue with Koda having problems anymore. We are to work Roxie back to the 50/50 by Monday. Dr Chris will be back in the office on Sunday. The office is actually open 7 days a week, fortunately.

The temperature is going to start to skyrocket today. Its been in the 80’s and now going to high 90’s then triple digits starting on the weekend. We started the air conditioner when it reached 76 degrees inside, to try to keep ahead of the heat.

I did Bob’s hair (shaved to 1/4 inch) and I had ridden my bike at 7 this morning. Lots of other people out at the same time.

Friday-  Another quiet day for us. I rode my bike at 6:45 and the temp was 68 degrees. I also do my PT exercises every day. We stayed inside most of the day, as the temp reached 99.

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  1. Glad the pups are better. This COVID Curse is getting really old.
    I find myself sleeping more especially in the daytime. Take care.
    Sandra J

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