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Sat Apr. 4 to Fri. Apr. 10- Sun City AZ Sheltered in place

Saturday-  We stayed home as directed. At least the weather has been awesome, with temps in the 80’s. We have been able to sit outside every day. We have had all the windows open and enjoying the fresh air. .

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob said that there was only one other person in the laundry room. He wore his mask and gloves. He also washed his hands as soon as he entered the rig. I worked on making some cards. We sat outside with the dogs in the afternoon.

Monday-  We were at Walmart at 7 am. They were already open and people were leaving with toilet paper and paper towels. LOL. We had to walk down to the other entrance at the pharmacy to enter the Disney type line, to enter thru the grocery entrance. 

More people there than last Sunday. We raced through, wearing our masks, returned to the car, and cleaned hands, etc. We arrived back home and put everything out on the patio table to clean it prior to taking it into the rig. Then we went in, washed hands and took everything in to put the items away. The Arizona peak is scheduled for April 18 to 23, so we purchased enough for at least 2 weeks.

At 9:30  we went to Costco to get in line there. There was no line! They were already open and not many people there. We do not go to the senior hours, on Tues and Thur. Most people, here, are seniors and those hours are the really, and I do mean REALLY, busy hours. Much better not to go then. 

We raced through Costco. You might have seen the picture that Bob posted on FB, showing all the paper towels, stacked in the entrance aisles. I commented to the worker that was a lot of paper towels. She said they would be gone soon! They are limiting how many you can take as well has how many folks can enter on a card.

We ran past the Library and dropped off the books we have been reading. I had finally finished the last one. The Library is not open, but from 9-5, you can use the drive by drop off container.

We returned home, cleaned the Costco items, cleaned the car, again, washed hands and relaxed.

At 2, I had a Doctor’s appointment. I arrived, walked in and let them know that I was there, then returned to the car. The Doc came and got me when he was ready.

I returned home, and stopped at the mail room to pick up Bob’s medications, which should have been delivered. We sat outside and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday-  Bob did some of his tasks around the rig. I made some masks. The first ones did not work out, but I eventually got them right. Another quiet day, sitting outside in the afternoon with temps in the 80’s.

Bob had gone to the mail room to pick up his meds that the email from USPS said had arrived. They were not there. Birdy, who runs the mail room, said that they might be delivered tomorrow. They might have accidently put the meds back on the truck.

When he returned, they were stuffed in the door handle. I did not even notice that they had arrived. Up the street from us, there are other Gray’s. The wife is the daughter of the folks across the street from us. She must have received them. We pass mail back and forth all the time!

Wednesday- The weather started out nice today, but the temp dropped during the day, to the low 70’s,  as the clouds rolled over us. The wind picked up, with gusts to 30 mph, at times. Glad of the winds, as it will clear out the pollution. Being in a valley, ( the Valley of the Sun), the pollution tends to get caught up by the ring of mountains.

So we stayed inside. Bob rode his bike up to the mail room and checked on the table in front of the card room entrance. People are leaving books and puzzles. We are looking for a small puzzle to complete. They only had a 1000 piece puzzle, which would be too big for our table.

We ordered a pizza for dinner from Streets of New York. Bob went and picked it up.

Thursday-  Today is our 32 wedding anniversary. Wow, has the time flown! Off the diets for the day, and we ordered out. We have not been doing this. We really had a nice time. Lunch was Café Zupas and dinner was Texas Roadhouse.

Friday- Another quiet day for us. We have puzzles that we are completing.

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