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Sat Apr. 11 to Fri. Apr. Sun City AZ

Saturday- A quiet day for us at home. We ride our bikes, sit out with the dogs, and do a jigsaw puzzle. This puzzle took us 1.5 hours. Very easy with only 300 pieces.  Not much to report on our staying at home!

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks. We started a 750 piece puzzle.  Another quiet day.

Monday- We just stayed at home. We worked on the puzzle. This is a very hard one. It is a Disney/Thomas Kincaid with lots of colors and small items like hands and feet.

We take breaks and sit outside reading or riding our bikes.

Tuesday- More of the same. Bob decided that we needed to change Roxie over to the GI diet dog food. He spent much of the day trying to find samples of it. He never did. He had called the Vet office and they sent us a prescription for the food.

Wednesday- Bob found an 8 lb. bag of the dog food at Petsmart, so he called them. They said he had to enter the store with the prescription. When he entered the store, they sent him to Banfield, the vet office in Petsmart. He gave them the prescription and they gave him a ticket for the food. Then he had to go pay and bring the food home. Seemed silly to us, but it must be some law about prescription foods. Now the question was would Roxie eat it? Thank goodness that she did. Petsmart was not taking returns right now, and of course this bag cost $42. So Bob started her on the food in small amounts. We are moving her over to the new food over a two week period.

The rest of the day was quiet.

Thursday- Another quiet day for us. We are eating outside on our patio table, since the table inside has the puzzle. We are still working on the same puzzle. We keep swearing that there are pieces missing!

Donna had surgery today. I set her a text to check on her. They did her other leg two weeks ago. This time they did more on her leg, opening other arteries. As a result, she is more swollen and more bruised. She also has pain this time.  I am trying to keep her cheered up.

Friday-  More puzzle, riding out bikes, sitting outside and doing the puzzle. Bob signed up for a virtual beer tasting. So he spent time looking at the various beers and then ran to Total Wine and Beverage to pick some of them up.

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  1. I have to ask, how do you do a Virtual Beer Tasting? Has to be a trick to it.

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