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Sat. Mar. 28 to Fri. Apr. 4- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We were up early and raced to set up for the park’s patio sale. Everyone was keeping the 6 ft. distance, but still out shopping. We did fairly well with the sale. Once it was done, Bob took most everything that was leftover to Goodwill and dropped it off

I took pictures of the cactus blooming across the street from us.


Cactus bloom 2

We had a quiet afternoon and evening at home.

Sunday-  We ran to Walmart at 7 AM when they opened. It was more busy than I thought. We did our usual Sunday tasks, including Bob going to the laundry.

Monday-  Another 6 ft. distancing day!  Our TV developed an issue.  It was 2 weeks over the 90 day warranty that Costco gives. We do have an extended warranty on the TV. What had died, was the ability to go on the internet. We could get Netflix for some reason, but not any other of the channels we stream, and for which we pay!

As you can imagine, we tried everything to figure out what was wrong, of course, starting with rebooting everything. Bob spend 2 hours on the phone with TCL, the TV manufacturer. Finally the gal said to return the TV to the factory settings, and Bob did that. Now we could not even get Netflix! So she told him to call Roku, since it is a Roku system TV. He did and they are not doing any phone or online servicing. We tried to call Costco about the extended warranty, but no one answered the phone. Talk about frustrating!!

So we packed the TV up, and took it back to Costco.The employee said it was over the 90 day return warranty, so there was nothing that she could do…. I begged, pointing out that it was 2 weeks outside the warranty,  and the gal took care of us. She refunded the cost of the TV AND the cost of the extended warranty. 

We purchased a Samsung TV, that is not Roku, and another extended warranty.

Tuesday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! Now Bob had to put the TV together. Last night he just leaned it up against the wall mount as we were both tired. So this morning, he went to put it on the wall mount. Last night he had found that he needed longer screws for this TV. So he ran to Ace, then True Value to get them. He returned and discovered that the holes on the wall mount were smaller than the screws needs for the TV. So he called Allen, for the right size drill bit, and he biked over to get the drill bit.

He drilled the holes a little bit bigger and put the TV up. Now he started to work on adding the streaming channels. Everything came on except CBS All Access. We have a subscription so we can watch Picard and The Good Fight. We both tried to work on it, but became so frustrated, we stopped.

Wednesday- WAHOO! Today was the day that I could take off my ankle brace! I have been wearing some shoes that are pretty worn out, but I did not want to stretch out my other shoes, so it was the first day I could wear the other pair of New Balance.

I had my blood drawn this morning. It was my usual blood draw, no virus symptoms. We have to make appointments for our blood draws, at the local facility Sonora Quest, so I had my appointment set up months ago. When I arrived there was no one in the waiting room. One lady left and one came in just as I was being called in for the draw. I wore a mask the whole time.

Another 6 ft. distancing day! I walked around the block with the dogs. I rode my bike for the first time since November. It felt so good!

Thursday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! We were able to sit outside in the nice weather in the afternoon! Roxie has been going bonkers licking her vulva. So I had made an appointment with the Vet for 5 pm. I took her, as Bob had done the last two visits. You call, once you park, and the Vet office sends a tech out to get your information and the dog. She took Roxie in. She has been stopping to lick every time she voids, so we thought she might have a urinary tract infection. So they checked her vulva, and it had no issues. They did a urinalysis, which was negative. So he decided it was allergies, again, so more allergy pills. He says it should take 48 to 72 hours to work. If it doesn’t, then we are to call and they can give her the allergy shot. 

Bob called CBS All Access to find out how we can put it on the new TV.  They said that our model is not compatible with  CBS All Access. So we are just going to watch the shows on the iPad. I walked the dogs around the block again. Bike riding again. I am slowly adding my exercise. I still do my PT exercises every morning, but no longer in the evening, per discharge instructions.

Friday- Another 6 ft. distancing day! We were able to sit outside in the nice weather in the afternoon! Roxie is still licking.  Bike riding again!

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