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Sat. Mar. 21 to Fri. Mar. 27- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Our floor fan stopped working. I use it when doing my PT exercises. Bob looked online and Lowes had the most fans. So after coffee and my exercises we went to Lowes. The entire time that we were there, they were announcing that they were concerned about us, stay 6 feet apart, yet, they had no wipes for the cart. We forgot to bring some in from the car, so once we were thru shopping ,we wiped everything down, including the car.

The fan is smaller than the previous one, but it seems to put out the same amount of air. We like the smaller, as it fit better where we usually keep it….

At 2, everyone in our group came over to our patio for a social time. Yes, we stayed away from each other. They brought their chairs, drinks and Dude ( the pug) attended. We had a nice time for about 2 hours. Donna arrived late and so did Mike, but that was okay. Allen had gone to the Vegetable truck. He purchased 7 lbs.  of roma tomatoes for $12. So we gave them $2 for some tomatoes. He is going to try to go each week and we will split up from fresh veggies. Each week is different. The truck has what is left over from deliveries. They are not great, but they do taste good and the price is good!


This week is a free Showtime week, so we have recorded a bunch of movies to watch. This may just be a Direct TV special…

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. A quiet day at home, other than Bob going to the park laundry for the sheets and towels.

Monday- I had PT at 9:30. More people there today. All of 8 folks!  I clean my hands between each exercise. Zack asked if I had been out of the country or was sick. I told him I went to China for some Chinese food. He said he hope I enjoyed the bat! They have to ask each time!

I ran back home, we ate lunch and I had a quiet afternoon and evening watching movies we have recorded off Showtime. Bob had a 12:45 doctors appointment.

Tuesday- AT 7:30 we ran to Walmart to grocery shop. We both wore masks. Then we ran to Costco to return the Almond Milk we bought. I had bought the wrong one. It was just 8 AM and all the parking places were gone. I dropped Bob off, he took the case right in, and texted when I he was done. There was not line for the returns.

We stopped at Fry’s to get items we could not get at Walmart. They did not have them either. We returned home. Bob eventually went to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.

More movies at home. The temperature is nice outside, but the wind is blowing so we have been staying inside.

Wednesday-  More wind today. Roxie could start the food being slowly added today. Bob gave her 1 tbsp. in am and one in pm of her regular food. We will do this for a week, then start adding more next week.

Thursday- More wind today. Another quiet day.

Friday-  The carpet cleaners came at 8 AM. I had to hurry to get the dishes done from breakfast before they came in. We sat outside on the patio. After they left, we washed everything down with antiseptic cloths for safety. At that point, Roxie started vomiting on the clean rugs. Geez….

So I called the Vet office.. They only had an appointment at 1:30. My PT was scheduled for 1 PM. So we packed up the dogs, and Bob dropped me off at PT. What a pain!

He then took Roxie over to the Vets. They are not  allowing owners in. A staff member comes out and talks to you, then takes the dog into the office. They gave her fluids and nausea medicine. Poor baby she looked at us with glazed eyes. The Vet decided that it was just a flair of her pancreatitis. So no food until tomorrow and back on just the chicken and rice. Sigh….At PT, there hardly anyone there. They are really trying to keep the equipment clean, so they wipe it down after each persons use. Unfortunately, it is hard to keep people 6 ft. apart.

This was my last PT. I was happy with that. I have some exercises to continue to do at home.

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