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Sat. Mar 13 to Fri. Mar. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We stayed home today. After a few morning tasks, we cleaned more of the rig. We cleaned all of the top cabinets, taking everything out of the cabinets. We had more trash and some more items for the patio sale in 2  weeks. Everyone decided on the FB group that we are still going to have the patio sales. They cancelled the vendor sale for today, but some of the park people still had sales at their sites. At least the rain has stopped!

Neither of us slept well last night. I guess it is the stress of this virus that we all are having. So we took a short nap this afternoon.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. We had a quiet day at home.

Monday-  I was off to PT at 9;30. There were fewer people there today. I went home, we ate lunch and I had a PCP appt. at 1:45. They took me right into a room. I really like my Doc. She spends time with you!

Bob has been calling Gene’s to check on the compressors. They keep saying that they are going to call us back.

I returned and we sat outside. Our new rugs arrived. These are from Ruggables. They are machine washable and have a backing that does not move. We had limited choices, so this is what we purchased.

rugs 3

Tuesday-  We ran to Walmart this morning. We picked up items we needed. Geez, the shelves were bare! Amazing, people are wiping out the coffee pots. I guess those are the Starbucks folks.

We returned home. Bob called Gene’s again and now we have an appointment on Friday at 9 AM. I called PT and changed my appointment to Thursday. We contacted Linda and she is taking the dogs for us. We will drop them off at 7:30 on Fri. morning.

At 2, we went over to Allen and Donna’s.  Donna had a vascular surgeon appt. at 12:30, and she did not arrive until after we left at 4. She has surgery scheduled for April 1.

We all sat with our chairs apart, but at least we had some social time. We did not have food, brought our own chairs, and our own drinks.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- It rains today. Not much fun having to stay home in the rain. At least when it is sunny we can sit outside. We watched some Netflix.

The Mayor of Phoenix closed all the restaurants etc. So Bob called Gene’s to see if we can get in tomorrow. Nope. They were adamant that it had to be Friday.

Thursday-  I went for my PT visit at 10. When I walked in there were only 3 other people there. When I left there were 5 people. Ray said everyone is cancelling. I keep getting texts from them saying that they are remaining open. Cleaned my hands with sanitizer between each exercise!  I stopped at Albertson’s on the way home to pick up salad dressing. It is the only store we can find it at in this area. It rained all day today again. I could only purchase one bottle, as the rest were all out of date, some from last winter, 2019!

Friday- Finally, the rain stopped. I dropped the dogs off at 7:20 with Linda. We drove out of the park at 7:30 and took I-101  to I-202 to Mesa and Gene’s Rv repair. We arrived just before 9. No rush hour traffic this morning. They told Bob that it would be ready by lunchtime.

We went to Costco and arrived at 9. We parked and the guy next to us said they were closed until 10. They had opened early for seniors but closed again.

There was a car wash right there, so we ran the car through the car wash, $12. We could see that the line at Costco was moving, so we parked again, in the same spot, and walked over to the start of the line.

They had everything very organized with shopping carts lined up and taped walkways. You would have thought we were at Disney. They told us that they are going, at that Costco anyway, be opening on Tues and Thurs morns for seniors. Like there are not a few million seniors in Mesa and Sun City!

Cosco line

We were stopped for 15 minutes when they had reached capacity, then they let us in. We cruised thru and out in record time with most everything on our list. We stopped at Albertsons and were able to get some dressing. I had checked yesterday and Amazon is out and they no longer carry it in Arizona at any stores! We were also able to get some Eggbeaters ( in the smaller containers) and some large chili peppers,in small containers.

We went to lunch at Café Zupas, expecting their patio to be open. I had ordered on the app, and the food was waiting, but the patio was closed. So we found a park, cleaned the table, and ate lunch. We returned at 12 to Gene’s and then we waited, and waited. I took a short nap and we read our books. At 4 pm they finished and drove the rig out. Good thing we had an ice pack in the cooler. We took everything out of the cooler and put in in the refrigerator and freezer. We went in and paid, the drove back to Sun City, which is on the other end of the Valley.  Since people are not working, the traffic was much better. It took us about an hour to return. So we arrived at about 5:15. I ran and picked up the dogs, who were very happy to see me.

Bob backed the rig into our site and we set up. We had a casserole left over from last night, so all we had to do was re-heat.  We were exhausted. We mostly set up and then watched TV. We both slept well as we were so tired.

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