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Sat. Mar. 6 to Fri. Mar. 13- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We had a quiet day at home. We cleaned out the bathroom cabinet. It was windy, so we did not sit outside.

Sunday- Today was the 1 year anniversary of our adopting Koda. We are all happy with how things turned out. She is a very loving dog! Unfortunately, Roxie started vomiting. We are not sure what that is about.

We had a quiet day doing laundry and other tasks at home.

Monday-  I was off to PT in the morning. OOPs, I forgot to add to last Friday, that when I arrived for PT, I saw this out front.

car accident tbird

You can see the woman sitting on the curb to the right of the car. How she managed to flip it is a mystery. The speed limit is 30 mph there.  The round building in the back is Banner Boswell Hospital where I had my surgery.  Everyone in PT had to see my picture. This was before the ambulance and fire trucks arrived. Of course, to get around the accident, everyone on the road had to drive thru the PT office parking lot!

Also here is a picture of my brace.


Bob took Roxie to the Vets.  They drew blood and we are waiting to hear the results.

Tuesday-  I went to the Retired Nurses Breakfast this morning. I picked up another gal, named Donna, in the park and took her with me. She loved it and had a great time. She also joined the group and she will be driving next month(if we have the meeting).

After lunch, we ran to Costco, which was a zoo. We need some more of the Antiseptic wipes, but they all the stores are sold out. We tried Sam’s, Target, Walmart, Lowes, and CVS. It was funny to see people with carts full of toilet paper at Lowes.

The Vet called. Roxie has Pancreatitis. He told us it is common in Schnauzers. Guess she got the Schnauzer pancreas instead of the Poodle one!  So we had to not feed for for 24 hours ( she was not happy about that!), and increase her fluids to at least 1 cup per day. Good thing we have low sodium broth frozen in the refrigerator. So we defrosted the small container and mixed it 1/2 and 1/2. Regular broth has too much sodium in it. She drank it really well….

Wednesday-  It is pouring rain today! Unusual for AZ. We went to the last Alfa breakfast of the season. There were only 9 of us there. I went to Maj on the way back. Bob ran to the library and dropped off a book and picked one up.

I returned in time for lunch. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. With the virus, we are staying close to home. We restarted Roxie on food, plain chicken and rice  for 2 weeks, then we start slowly moving her to her regular food over the next two weeks.

Thursday-  I woke up at 5, so around 6 we got up. I showered, ate breakfast, then ran to Fry’s for the antiseptic wipes. I thought that I had more than I actually had.  I was able to get them and some spray. Even at 7 AM, the store was busy, but not too bad.

I went to Maj at 10. We ate lunch, then went to Target and Kohl’s with return items. We returned home and relaxed. It was still raining.

Friday- We woke up to no heat this morningBob changed the thermostat, but it was not that. He messed around outside, looking at the furnace. The light on the mother board was not on, so he called Allen.

I was off to my 9:30 PT appointment. I had a PT aide Tina, as Zach had a few days off. I had a lot of pain while walking in Target yesterday, so Ray looked at my foot. I was able to do most of the exercises. I think my planar fasciitis is back.  So I have been doing exercises for that in addition to my ankle exercises. I have to do exercises 2x a day. I had to guide the gal through my exercises. I guess that was why I was her patient today, as I have been to PT so many times, I know the routine. Ray and Jordan (the regular aide) both kept an eye on me. Tina had to massage 3 knots out of the front of my leg. One was really big. Oh, does that hurt when they massage out those knots!

It was still raining a bit. Allen came over and assisted Bob. There was a broken sail switch. The problem was finding the switch. They looked at a You Tube video, but it was a different model furnace, so it was no help. Finally, they decided where they thought the switch was, and they went to that spot on the furnace. That was where it was located, so they took it and went to the store. When I returned there was no one here. Bob had texted me where he had gone.

When they returned, they popped it right in and we had heat. $10. We had visions of a much higher price!

This afternoon we received an email from the park. All activities have ceased. No more that 10 people in any of the rooms at one time. No Maj, no card playing etc. I assume that means that the pool and hot tub are closed, as well as the exercise room. Sigh, it is going to be very boring around here for the next few weeks! Better safe than sorry.

Roxie is doing really well, but she will only drink the broth. What a character!

We decided that we would purchase a fruit plate for Donna and Allen, since Allen has been so great in helping us so many times. Normally, we would take them out to dinner, but, since none of us are going out…, MaryAnne was went to Safeway and she  found a really nice fruit plate, so she bought that for us, along with more rice for Roxie, as we could not find rice at Fry’s or Walmart. 

After dinner, we ran to her place, picked up the plate and rice and paid her. We dropped the plate off at Donna and Allen’s. It started raining again, right after we arrived home.

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