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Sat. Feb. 15 to Fri. Feb. 21- Sun City

Saturday-  We went to Costco, Sams Club, and Walmart. I used the handicap carts in each of the stores. The Costco and Sams Club are both the same type and really easy to use. The Walmart one was a piece of junk, which was hard to drive and did not turn as easily.

Since we are in Arizona, with all the Snowbirds, we had a devil of a time trying to find handicap parking. At Costco, Bob ended up dropping me off at the door. At Sams we had to sit and wait for a very slow woman, to load her purchases into the back of her car.

At Walmart, we found a handicap spot empty. In fact, the cart was right there, where it had been left by the previous person who used it.

The weather has been awesome! Nighttime temps are in the 40’s to 50’s, but daytime has been in the 60’s to 70’. We sat outside on our patio in the afternoon. I have a zero-gravity recliner, so I was able to put up my foot. .

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Then we worked again on our travels. We now have our route for the summer. Next we will start making more reservations; the early reservations are made.  In particular, we need them for the holiday weekends.

This took most the day. We finished around 5 PM, having only stopped for lunch and dog walks. What do we do during the planning, we look for places to visit and sites to see. I do a spreadsheet and put the info on the sheet. We have some library books on various states and we used Trip Advisor and an app that Bob has on his phone. We know that we are going to Rock Springs WY for the Escapade, then off to South Dakota to renew our drivers licenses. Other than that, we are wide open on our travels.

We are staying later this year and missing our usual Alfa Rally, which is in Branson this year. We are really sorry to miss it, but my last surgeon appt. is the day that the rally starts.

Monday- We sat outside in the wonderful weather. The temp was in the high 70’s. Yahoo! So nice…

Tuesday-  I went to Maj in the morning and Bob changed the water pitcher filter. Bob went to NAPA and purchased windshield wiper blades for the rig. We lead a very quiet life in the winter! I went and had my haircut then I dropped off a bunch of books at the library, some were donations and some were returns.  We sat outside with the dogs for awhile as the temp was 78 today with no wind.

Unfortunately, the outside of my left leg starting hurting. No pain in the ankle. So I went back inside, and took off the boot, to check to make sure that I did not develop a DVT. The muscle was just sore, as is my back and my neck. I put heat on and massaged the areas

Wednesday- I went to Maj in the morning. I returned and sat with my foot elevated, as it has swollen a bit. I have been having some sciatic pain on the left side. This is from the boot on the left.  I have tried to be very careful of staying level, but obviously I did not at one point. So I had made a Chiropractor appt. My Chiro was off, so I saw a different one who was very busy. He got me out of pain.  I made an appt, with Dr. Mike for Friday morning.

Thursday- I went to Maj in the morning.  After lunch, we picked up MaryAnne and went to the Library sale. We were very disappointed. It was mostly DVD’s, CD’s, cookbooks, kids books and toys, other stuff and few adult books. It was also extremely crowded. We purchased a couple of books and left. We went to the 4 PM Residents Mtg. where we heard that they have discontinued the Thousand Trails discount in the park. We get this discount for our annual site. So we were all concerned. They have moved our park into the Trails Collection, which we have not paid extra to use, as we don’t usually need too…we would have used it at Mesa Spirit where we are going on Sunday,  but only using it 1x in a year, does not make the $299 worth it. We will need to see if we can get the discount here in the park for the annual site. That might make it worth purchasing.

Friday- We were up early and into the shower. Then I left a little after 8 to go to a Chiro appt. Because the boot is higher than the shoe, on the right side, I am having back issues. He straightened me out. I returned and Annette came by. I gave her some items I had copied. She ran off to a Doc appt. We left and went to Costco. We were able to drive right into a handicap space. We had arrived just as they opened. I took cart and had to stop, to show another lady how to use one. They are simple once you figure out how to drive one.

We picked up a few items, and were out the door in less than 15 minutes. Its a good time to go to Costco! Our Costco in Glendale is one of the most busy ones in the country.

We stopped at Sam’s Club for gas, as the line had been too long at Costco. We ran to Walmart and picked up a few items. Then we ran home. We ate lunch, and then I went to my PT assessment visit.

Kit, the PT, was happy that I had continued doing the exercises that I could do, that I had been doing in the Rehab Hospital. Of course, that meant that she could increase the PT exercises that she could assign me to complete!

Of course she looked at the foot and took off the steri-strips. She tested my leg strength and was happy with the strength in all directions on both legs. She also said to change to a heavy sock and to try to find a higher shoe.

We started with the sitting stepper. Then progressed to using bands doing some of the exercises, that I have already been doing. The appt. was about 55 minutes. I returned home and fell asleep in the recliner! We had a quiet evening…

I dragged out my Sketcher shoe and added two inserts to the shoe. It is still not equal to the left foot in the boot, but at least it makes me higher. I also changed over to a heavy sock that I used in Breck and took off the ace bandage and the thin sock I had been given.

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