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Sat. Feb 8 to Fri. Feb 14- Sun City

Saturday- We went to lunch at Café Zupas and dinner with MaryAnne and Ray at  Rosie’s Italian Café.  Bob went grocery shopping.  MaryAnne and Donna came over and we played Maj. I kept my leg elevated the rest of the time.

Sunday- I usually hate the seat in our shower, but with having to keep no weight on my left foot, when the boot is off, I am really appreciating being able to sit in the shower. I sit on the seat, and Bob takes off the boot, the sock, and the ace bandage. I shower, then Bob helps me dry the left leg. He puts everything back on, and I stand up, and step out of the shower stall. It is working well!

Shower Seat

We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob ran to In-N-Out Burger for lunch. We had dinner at home and signed up for CBS All Access to catch up on the Star Trek and Good Fight series.

Monday- We worked on our travels this summer. We cannot seem to get any reservations at State or Federal Parks. They are already booked for the summer. Also, we are finding the prices have skyrocketed. When we first started to travel, the sites were $15 to $20 a night. Now, they are $40 to $65, if you can get a reservation! Wow! Even with all of our discounts! Passport America is usually half price, but still, half of $63 is still expensive! Also unfortunately, Passport America is only useful for non-summer times.

Exel arrived at around 10 to clean the new rug. It looks terrific!

I left for a Chiro appt at 2, driving myself. I had tried the car, and if I put the seat all the way back, I can get in and the boot is not in the way of the brake. So once I am in, I put the seat back up, closer. I have to do this each time I drive, but it beats poor Bob having to drive me everywhere!

Tuesday- I went to Maj from 10-12. I did well, playing with Allen and Donna. I returned, ate lunch, and kept my leg up. I am able to sleep in the ankle brace instead of the boot, so that has made life much better than if I had to use the boot.

Wednesday- I went to Maj from 10-12 and had a great time. I returned and put my leg up. Bob has been working on various tasks around the rig. He re-charged our water softener and changed the water filter in the refrigerator door. He also cleaned the coffee pot, as it let us know it needed to be cleaned. LOL.

Koda had her yearly check-up and received her Rabies and DPT shots. She has been licking again, so the Vet also gave her an allergy shot. They also did her heart worm test, which was negative. We had never seen this before! The Vet mashed a treat onto the exam table. Then Koda was so busy licking the table to get the treat, that she never noticed the shots! What a great idea!

We returned home, they ate, walked, and then poor Koda started reacting to the shots. Poor baby, the sites of the shots were very sore and she looked miserable. I could tell by her eyes. She spent the whole evening in my lap. Roxie knew something was wrong and left her alone.

Thursday- Koda was back to normal, which is pretty active! No more pain at the injection sites and her eyes look normal. She and Roxie even played.

I went to Maj again. We worked some more on our travels, then I went for a Mani at 2:30. Kris was able to get me in for an appointment on short notice.

Friday- Happy Valentines Day and Happy Birthday Koda! It is Koda’s 3rd birthday. She really has come a long way in the last year. We had a quiet day.

Koda birthday

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