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Sat. Dec. 28 to Fri. Jan. 3 2020- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  A quiet day for us. We stayed home and relaxed, watching Netflix, when we can get on…Netflix is evidently very busy!

Sunday-  We did our usual tasks. Every day I am doing my PT exercises to strengthen my legs for surgery and my OT exercises for my hand. Those are 4x a day, so I stay very busy! We took the dogs to the dog park as the weather was nice.

Monday- I had a chiropractor appt. at 10:30. I returned, we ate lunch, then I went to my final, for the year, Physical Therapy appointment. They wished me good luck for the ankle surgery and I will see them again in February!

Tuesday-  I was off to my hand OT, at a 9AM appointment. We had a quiet afternoon and evening. It is New Years Eve, so at 10, we watched the ball drop and then went to bed.

Wednesday- Happy New Year! I went and played Maj in the morning. I returned in time to watch some of the dog show. At 3, we went to the Elks Lodge for the New Years Pot Luck. It was just okay…

Thursday- I played Maj at 10. We ate lunch and I went to my hand OT at 2:30. Since it is the new year, I had to pay for my therapy. Up until this appointment, I had met my deductible for last year, so I only had to pay $5 per visit before this. Since we have United Health Care(GEHA) as our secondary, the facility has a contract for $80 per visit. So that is what I paid per visit, for 2020. That all goes towards our deductible.

Friday- I had another OT appt. today at 10, then Bob and I went to lunch at Café Zupas. From there, I went for my lab work.

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