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Sat. Dec. 14 to Fri. Dec. 20- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had the “Holiday Bazaar” at the park, but it was actually the regular vendors. It was sad as there were so few vendors there. We left there, returned and picked up the dogs, and took them for their grooming. We ran to Costco for gas, then grocery shopping. We picked up the dogs after lunch.

We went straight to Petsmart for the free Christmas pictures, realizing that this was Karlie’s last Christmas with us.

Petsmart Santa 2019

Roxie in on the left, Karlie on the right, and Koda on the floor.

We returned home and had a quiet evening. The dogs were exhausted and slept most of the evening.

Sunday-  Ugh, my Colonoscopy prep day, so you know what I was doing! I stayed home and Bob did some tasks around the rig.

Monday- My procedure was at 7:45, so we left early to go over there. Of course, that was the easy part. Then we went to breakfast at Biscuits Café. We returned home with lots of leftovers. I took it easy most of the day. The biggest issue I had over the last two days was bilateral sciatic pain. So Bob drove me to the Chiropractor, since I was not allowed to drive today.

He found a huge knot in my left buttock. I have had 7 knots in my left leg, also. So this is all tied into my left ankle issue. I am anxiously awaiting my surgery day so that I can get this all taken care of…the Chiropractor was able to loosen the knot and the pain went away.

Tuesday- I had the OT this morning. At 2, we had an Vet appointment for Karlie. This was for her follow-up lab work. Over the last two days, Karlie has deteriorated significantly. The Vet thought that we should do the kidney labs, to check to see if it was that or whether it was arthritis. She had also had diarrhea this morning. So he gave us medication for the diarrhea and an NSAID for arthritis. She did not want to eat, but she did eat Milk Bones, so we gave her all she would eat.

Wednesday- I had an 8 AM visit with Dr. Gillespie for an H-wave treatment. It is like a Tens unit, but with two waves. I hope it helps the ankle.

We returned and Dr. Hummel, the Vet called. The kidney values had dropped. Karlie could hardly walk, so we set up her final appt. for 11:30. She had really deteriorated in the last 3 days.

I texted Linda to ask her to meet us there to help with Koda and Roxie. We had discussed this with the Vet, and we needed to have the other two dogs see Karlie, so that they would understand that she would not be returning home.

We walked the dogs around the park, letting Karlie sniff as she wanted too, and carried her, as needed.  We stopped at Linda and Mike’ s, and Linda fed her some of the food that she keeps for her. She ate some of that, since she thinks it is special.

We arrived at the Vets and turned Koda and Roxie over to Linda in the lobby. We went into the room with Karlie and stayed with her the entire time. After, Dr. Hummel, gently placed her on the floor, on a pretty pink quilt they have, and Bob went and brought Koda and Roxie into the room. They wandered around sniffing the room, they both sniffed her, and we left.

I was a sad afternoon for us, but the dogs did well. Roxie immediately took over the head dog duties, which we found interesting. The Vet had said that they might have a rough evening, but we believe that they understood. They both ate and played.

I had a PT appointment for my leg. It kept my mind off of our loss.


Thursday- I played Maj this morning.  I had OT this afternoon, then a Chiropractor appt at 5. My neck was really sore, and he found more knots, which he was able to knead out. Both of us are grieving.

Friday- I was back to OT this morning, then and I had my hair appt. in the afternoon, which I had moved from Wednesday. Kathy has 3 dogs, so she understood my grief.  She gave us a box of Russel Stover’s. She always gives me a present at Christmas. We had a quiet evening.

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  1. So sorry for your loss. She was a good pup and travelled many miles with you. Your grief is real and I kow you miss her a lot.

    HUGS Sandra

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