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Sat. Nov. 23 to Fri. Nov. 29- Sun City AZ

Saturday-I woke up at 2:30, no pain. I woke up at 5, no pain. Just before my shower, I took a Vicodin. I had ordered, from Amazon, an arm cover for the splint. We could not get my hand into it. So Bob cut the edge, and we were able to get my hand in. Then we closed it with 2 rubber bands. It worked better than regular plastic bags.

Cast 1

I ate breakfast and went 6 hours without the Vicodin. I took one in the late afternoon and one before bed. I slept until 7 am with no pain.

Sunday- We had a quiet day at home. Bob did laundry. We watched Netflix and Amazon Prime. I had minimal pain and only took the Vicodin at bedtime.

Monday- Today was another quiet day. No pain medication needed. Bob worked on putting up our Christmas lights. I napped and we watched TV.

Tuesday- I still did not feel like going to Maj, so it was another quiet day. Same as yesterday. No pain.

Wednesday- I had a nail appointment, so Bob drove me and he went over to Fry’s while I had my mani. From there, we went to my first OT appointment. We arrived and the OT, Adam said, we don’t usually see folks until week 2. I told him, that CORE had made the appt. and that I had thought it was too early, and questioned it! Also, I had asked the surgeon, the day of surgery and he said it was okay. Good thing on the drive over, I had taken a picture of the cast.

Cast 2

The OT cut it off and gently moved my wrist. He gave me a different splint to wear. I will wear this splint for 6  to  8 weeks. I can take it off to exercise, to wash my hands, and to shower. I do exercises 4X a day.

cast 3

At 5:30 we took the dogs for their second flu shots. Expensive dog month!

Thursday- Thanksgiving. We had a quiet day up until 3, when we went over to assist with set up for the park pot luck. I put napkins and table cloths out of the tables for others to put out.

Bob cooked out Honey Glazed Cinnamon Carrots. We took them over and enjoyed a nice meal with MaryAnne at our table. There were several other folks there. One was a retired nurse. MaryAnne needs someone to give her Vitamin B12 injection, as Ray is in Pennsylvania with his 101 year old mother , who is hospitalized. We were afraid I would not be able to do it one handed. The other nurse declined, as she is no longer licensed. We were appalled. Huh? Its just a quick shot….so I asked another nurse friend. Unfortunately, she was sick.

Friday- Another quiet day for us, other than MaryAnne came over for her shot. Bob drew up the medication into the syringe, with me carefully watching. Then I gave MaryAnne the shot. No problem.

MaryAnne brought us dinner from the Elks Lodge.

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