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Sat. Nov. 16 to Fri. Nov. 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I was out the door before 8:30 to help set up our card groups table for the craft fair. We set up and then I stayed, selling greeting cards until 10. Then I returned.

We had a quiet day, staying home. Bob still feels pretty awful.

Sunday– We did our usual Sunday tasks.  We had a quiet day at home.

Monday-  I am hurting due to being off my anti-inflammatory. So  I went to another Chiropractor appt., and that helped a lot. We went to Café Zupas for lunch, then on to Best Buy. Bob was going to have to sit for an hour and half, so we made an appt. for 4:40. We returned home, picked up Koda and took her to her Vet tech appointment. The tech showed us how to check her anal glands.

Bob went back to Best Buy, and the tech knew exactly how to fix his issue. His tablet was stuck in downloading mode. So it was fixed quickly. He returned home and we ate dinner and watched some shows that we have recorded.

Tuesday- I was off to Maj at 10. I returned at 12, we ate lunch and I went for my haircut. Meanwhile, Bob was working, with Allen, on the bedroom slide. Initially, he thought the problem was that the rollers had worn out, but it appears, that is not the issue. The bottom of the slide was sinking, so they are doing a repair for that.

It started raining, just as I returned. We spent the rest of the afternoon inside, up until just before 4 pm. We drove over to the Ballroom for the Manager’s Town Hall. Scott learned, that if he serves ice cream, he has a great turn out, so there were drumsticks and Eskimo pies.

The meeting lasted an hour, with the ending being the gal, from Peoria’s Recycling Program, talking about our recycling program. Our address is Sun City, but we are really located in Peoria. Del Webb did not want any “trailer parks in his Sun City”, even though now the motor homes cost more that the houses in Sun City!

We returned, had dinner, and watched some recorded shows.

Wednesday- It had started raining. In less than 24 hours, we have had more rain than they had all of monsoon season, this past summer! Luckily, the rain had temporarily stopped when I drove to the facility.

I had a PT appt. for my ankle. I went back to the same PT I had before. I think he was really annoyed that the Doc had sent me back for PT when I have been doing all the exercises that he had given me in the past. I told him that my goal was to increase my strength, in my legs for surgery in Jan, on my left ankle. That immediately loosened him up. He agreed with that goal. He said that my legs were fairly strong but that we could work on getting them stronger. (I think he could tell that I was telling the truth that I have been doing my exercises 2x a day, every day as ordered to….). He ran me thru the old exercises and some new ones. We agreed on weekly PT sessions, on different days than my thumb PT.  He is submitting my assessment to see if the PT will be approved. My schedule is going to be busy!

Just as I left out the door, it started raining. As I walked across the parking lot, the skies really opened and the wind started to howl. Whew, I was immediately drenched! Umbrella and rain jacket did not do a lot!

The drive back to the park was really something! The roads flooded. Fortunately, the Highlander is high off the ground. Coming from the east coast, I am use to rain storms. Arizonans are not. Many cancel everything, like in a snow storm, and stay home. A good thing!

Then, there are the crazies! There was less water in the left lane, as the road slopes to the right. There was a Subaru driving in the right lane, throwing water in both directions, speeding! I imagine, the driver was screaming,  weeeeee! What an idiot! I had to stay well behind him, to let the water return to the right lane. Of course, he backed up traffic.

Farther up the road, closer to the park, there is a golf course. By this time, the area was really flooded. Fortunately, I have driven this route enough times to know, that the water was not so deep that I could not drive thru it. I watched a small car coming towards me, and they made it thru, going slowly so that they did not stall their engine.

I made it home safely. We ate lunch, then went to Costco and grocery shopping. The roads had improved significantly. Crossing the bridge, over the usually non-existent river, was interesting. The river was flowing and flooding the bike path next to it.

We returned home, ate dinner, and had a quiet evening. Bob showered before bed. I will shower in the morning.

Thursday- We left at 6:15, since it had rained hard, again overnight. The road were actually pretty clear, with just some standing water in the middle of Union Hills Dr., which is banked to the center. We arrived at the Banner Core out patient surgery facility at 6:35. I was to check in at 6:45. There were a number of people there already. I was taken back around 7.

The Nurse,Brenda, was great. The Anesthesiologist did a nerve block, which was not fun! He did it under Ultrasound. I just closed my eyes! If it was done on someone else, I would have watched in fascination.

Then they brought Bob back. I went into the OR at about 8:20. The Doc said 45 min for surgery and 45 in PACU. So Bob had 90 minutes to wait.

I had, Mike, a nurse anesthetist, who I liked. Once I woke up they brought Bob back to me, they got me dressed and off we went back home. The nerve block was to last for 18 hours, which meant it would wear off in the middle of the night. I was told to keep the arm elevated and to take a Vicodin at bedtime.

The nerve block makes my arm basically a 10 lb. log I am carting around. The worst part is that my brain thinks my arm is one place, when it is somewhere else! It is a really weird feeling.

Friday- I woke up at 1:45 and got up and took a Vicodin at 2:10. That got me to 6:10, the 4 hours. Whew, it really started to hurt. I was taking the Vicodin every 4 hours, and it was only lasting 1.5 to 2 hours. I finally had Bob call the MD office. They called back and said loosen the wrap and take 2 Vicodin up to 10 per day.

So Bob loosened the wrap ( I have been keeping the arm elevated), and I took 2 Vicodin. When I woke up it was much better. I kept up with 1 Vicodin from there.

MaryAnne  brought us dinner from the Elks Lodge. We  ate dinner and I took 1 Vicodin at bedtime. My ankle PT has been approved for 4 visits.

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