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Sat. Nov. 9 to Fri. Nov. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bob is coughing and sneezing, so he stayed home with the dogs. I went to the “Shoppers Paradise” here at the park. It was also “Western Day” ,s so there was a cowboy and his horse. Hmm, it was also the patio sales day. Too much on the same day!

Paradise West

I wandered through the very few vendors, skipped the patio sales, and went to the Craft Fair at the Congressional Church up the street. This is one of my favorite craft fairs. It was bigger than last year. Then I went to Walmart, Target, and Sprouts.

I returned, we ate lunch and took a nap. Bob still feels pretty bad. We sat outside reading until dinner time. We ate dinner, then watched the “Last Czar” on Netflix. It is a docudrama and it was interesting from the view point of Russian History.

Sunday- We did our normal Sunday tasks. We finished watching the “Last Czar”. Of course, we know the ending, but it was interesting to see how they arrived there!

We did not nap today. Bob was feeling a little better. We watched” Kaminsky”, season 2, on Netflix.

We sat outside with the dogs, then cooked and ate dinner. We watched TV.

Monday- I went to the exercise class, then rode my bike around the park. I returned to find Bob working with the paper shredder. It is broken. We seem to go thru a lot of them!

Bob started working on our insurance for next year. The Capitol Checkbook came out today, so he could not work on it before today. I think we are going to stay with our hated current insurance, as the options are worse.

Bob has been sick with a cold which has gone to his lungs, so he has been staying in side most of the time. This afternoon, we are having a pot luck at Mike and Linda’s, so Bob wore a mask to the pot luck. We had a great time with our Alfa friends.

Tuesday- I was off to the Retired Nurses Breakfast. Gabriel, who does the BBQ food truck at the park, runs the kitchen at the local golf course restaurant, where we have the breakfast. He had to raise the breakfast price $3 each this year. The group was approached by a  Medical Facility which does stem cell treatments. They are going to sponsor the group, paying the extra $3 per person for us. They get to speak to the group 2x a year in exchange. Sounds good to me! Anyway, breakfast was minimal this month, as it starts in December.  Below was the table decorations, that we could take home. I am a bit disappointed in my picture. It was really cute. Two Oreo’s, one malt ball, 1/2 a Reeces PB cup, and the candy corn. The gal who made them, had to slam on the brakes, when driving to the breakfast, so they a a little off from what they were originally!


The speaker this month was from Hospice of the Valley, the largest Hospice in the area. I am very familiar with them. as I did a lot of referrals to them when I was working at Del Webb Hospital. The speaker did a nice talk on the difference between Dementia and normal memory loss from aging.

I returned home, we ate lunch, and I had a Chiropractor appt. at 3. Bob went with me, as we stopped in at Walmart afterwards.

Wednesday- We had the monthly Alfa breakfast this morning. It was a lot of fun, and the food was very good. Then MaryAnne and I left early and went to Maj.  It turned out it was only the two of us playing. We had a great time playing the new way, for two people, that we learned last year.

I returned at noon, we ate lunch, then took a nap, as neither of us slept well last night. We sat outside with the dogs, as the weather has been so beautiful, with bright sunny skies and temps in the nice and dry low 80’s.

Thursday- I had a 7:30  am appt. with the podiatrist, for follow-up from my MRI. I was taken back at 8 AM. The MRI showed that I have lost most of the tendon in my left ankle, it is basically a fragile string, which is why I have been having so many problems with just walking. Yesterday, just walking across Walmart, I had to circle the ankle several times to get the bones back in line. He said that I need surgery. He also said, it is an easy surgery for him, but my recovery is not fun. 2 weeks, totally non-weight bearing, then 6 weeks in a boot. Plus lots of PT. Eek!

I told him about the hand surgery on Thursday, next week, and he said for me to think about the ankle surgery. I told him I think we will do it in the fall, when I returned.

I raced back to Paradise, and hopped on the bus. Bob was supposed to meet me there, but he was not there yet. When he arrived, I told Bob and MaryAnne about what the Doc said. We discussed it, and decided that I should have the surgery in January. So I called and made a pre-op appointment. 

We took the ‘geezer’ bus to the South Mountain Farm, where we had a picnic breakfast. The breakfast was spinach and peppers quiche. Neither Bob nor MaryAnne could eat the quiche with preppers, so the gal brought out two cheese quiches.  She also served a huge bowl of fruit, scones and muffins. It was very good. I felt sorry for the gal who was allergic to eggs!

After we ate, we wandered over to the gift shop. None of us purchased anything. We also wandered around the farm. It’s a beautiful place, and would be a great place for a wedding reception.

South Mountain Farm

South Mountain Farm 2

Above was our picnic lunch under the pecan grove. Below are just some beautiful cactus.

South Mountain Farm 3

South Mountain Farm  4

We thought the sign above was a hoot!  Below was one of the party venues

South Mountain Farm  5

South Mountain Farm 6

The farm has chickens, they also sell fresh eggs.

South Mountain Farm 7

They also have this desert tortoise. He was huge! There was no sign saying how old he is or how much he weighs. At first I thought he was not real, until he moved.

South Mountain Farm 8

We safely returned to the park.

At 4, we went over to the pool area, for the Welcome Party. The band was great. The food was not! Gabriel was selling nachos ( Velveeta over chips) and hot dogs. We enjoyed the music and then returned to feed and walk the dogs. Below is the band and some of the dancing.

Welcome party 19

We went to dinner at In ‘N Out burger.

Friday- I went to the “Stretch and Strengthen” class. It was aerobics today. I returned and went went to Walmart. We ate lunch and took a short nap. We sat outside most evenings this week. The weather has been awesome!

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