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Sat. Nov. 2 to Fri. Nov. 8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We went to a craft fair at the local Methodist Church. This is a decent size craft fair and I go every year, just to look. There are always some creative items to view.

From there we went to Home Depot for a two sided socket extension. Allen had put one in over the kitchen counter and we liked the idea. HD did not have any, so we went across the road to Lowes, which had one for $12.99. We purchased it and returned home.

I had not slept well last night, so I took a nice 2 hr. nap. I took a nice long bike ride for some exercise. We sat outside with the dogs in the evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning tasks. After, we had lunch and a quiet afternoon and evening. We sat outside with the dogs, did a bike ride, and BBQ’d chicken.

Monday- Bob had an 8:30 PCP appt. so he left at 8. I went to the  “Stretch and Strengthen” exercise class at 9. It was very good. I miss my water aerobics, but when I try to do the water aerobics, I set off pain in my left shoulder, due to the partial rotator cuff tear. I just get too into doing the exercise! This class seemed to work well for me. It was tougher than I thought it would be!

I arrived back at 10, and Bob was already back. He was just taking the dogs for a walk. At 10:15, Tony called. He said that he had still not received the Declaration that Bob had sent to him times 3 times last week. Bob printed it out and we drove it over to the Toyota dealership. Tony is going to submit it to Capitol One. We are waiting to see what happens. The Declaration is to prove our South Dakota residency.

We returned, ate lunch, and Bob took the hitch off the back of the rig, as we will be not be using it, and it had to come off before our Freightliner appt. on Friday. Bob made the appointments for our blood draws in April, before we leave.

At 3:45 I had my 3D Mamogram. I returned, we ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday-  I went to Maj at 10. On the way, I stopped in at Activities and purchased tickets to the trip to South Mountain. The tickets were $25 each, which includes transportation and lunch.

Bob went over to Mike and Linda’s to assist with removing and putting in a new, used, washing machine. Allen also helped. After they took out the old machine, Mike decided that he needed new tubing for the rear. This resulted in a guys field trip to Home Depot. Mike found a short tubing and Bob pointed to what we use. Mike’s eyes lit up and he purchased the same tubing we have. The guys had lunch at the hot dog vendor in the parking lot. Bob and Allen had brats.

They returned and put in the new machine. I returned from Maj, took the dogs for a walk, ate lunch, and went to my manicure. From there I went to the MRI of my left ankle. I swear that a 20 minute MRI is the longest 20 minutes of your life! I had trouble bending my left knee to get up from the table. My back hurt, but it was nothing compared to my knee. I drove home and rode my bike to loosen my knee. That helped with the knee, but my back, left hip, left thigh, and left foot hurt all night.

Wednesday- I am still very sore this morning. I did not go to the exercise class, as it was the aerobics session and I did not think it was a good idea today. I also looked up a new chiropractor and and waiting for a call to set up an appointment.

At 10, I went to Mahjongg, as there were going to be two new folks there. I did a lot of teaching this morning.  The two new folks have played before,  but not a lot, so they needed a lot of guidance.

I returned and we checked our insurance benefits. My hand PT will start on 11/27.  WE had a quiet afternoon and evening. 

Thursday- I went to Maj in the morning. Bob did some tasks around the rig to get ready to leave tomorrow for our Freightliner appt.  I returned, we ate lunch.

I had a Chiropractic appt. with a new Chiropractor, who I really liked. I returned, we ate dinner, and Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting. I watched a Hallmark movie.

Friday-  We packed up the rig. At 9, we walked the dogs over to Linda and Mike’s rig. They had volunteered to keep the dogs for us for the day. That made our day so much better and we really appreciated their taking the dogs for us. The only thing I hate about full time RV’ing, is when we have to take the rig for a repair. Having the dogs with us really makes it a hard day!

I followed the rig in the car down I-101 to Tollison, which is at the corner of the 101 and I-10. We arrived at 9:40. We checked in with Kurt, the RV guy. The first thing he asked was when we had the radiator blow out the last time. It was last January, after our Quartzsite visit. He said if it only needed the radiator blown out it would only be about 2 hours. We kept our fingers crossed!

We went to Costco and killed time. We ate lunch at Café Zupas, then went to Best Buy to purchase a cord for our DVR. MaryAnne had lent me an exercise CD, and I watched some of it. When I went to turn it back on, it would not work. So Bob played around with the DVR and found that the cord was the issue.

We returned to the Freightliner. We checked in with Kurt, who told us that the tech was at lunch, but that all they had to do was blow out the radiator. Whew! He also said everything else was great. What had happened, was in Michigan, the chipmunks had built a nest back there. Bob cannot get to the back of the radiator, so the tech had to do the work. This was the cheapest repair we have had! We were back at Paradise by 2 pm.

While Bob parked the rig, with the security guard ( they always take you to your site and assist with parking), I went to Linda and Mikes’ to retrieve the dogs. Of course, they were happy to see me. Roxie had laid on top of their couch, looking out the window, Karlie curled up on a blanket to sleep, and Koda was a little more upset. Karlie and Roxie are used to being left occasionally with others, and they know Mike and Linda. This was new to Koda. She did work on getting her treats though! Linda said that Roxie even found a treat she had hidden and then brought it to Linda to show it to her! Our dogs are a hoot!

We set up the rig, and went to a fish fry dinner at the Peoria Café. We drove, picking up Linda and Mike on the way. MaryAnne had a taco salad and everyone else had the fish fry, except me. I had an omelet.

We dropped off Mike and Linda, and then went to Walgreens. Bob is coming down with a cold.

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