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Sat. Oct. 26 to Fri. Nov. 1- Sun City

Saturday- We took the dogs to the groomers at 9 AM. After we dropped them off, we stopped at the Library, as they were having a book sale. Bob purchased 2 books. I did not even look, as I have too many books to read at the moment.

We stopped at Lowes and Home Depot to check out paving stones. We need to do something to keep the weeds down, as we have a lot of rocks, in addition to some concrete. Neither store had stones of the right height. Our concrete is 3.5 inches thick and the pavers were either to tall or too short. Oh well, looks like we will need to do concrete.

We sat outside waiting for the dog groomers to call, ate lunch, and picked them up at around 12:30. We returned and had a quiet afternoon.

At 4, we took the dogs to the dog park. Unfortunately, again, there was only one other dog there, and he was not interested in playing.

We returned, ate dinner, and went to play Mahjongg with Alan and MaryAnne at Allen’s rig.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. The Redskins had played on Thursday (losing again!), so we had a quiet afternoon. We sat outside with the dogs and enjoyed the 84 degree weather. We ate dinner at home and watched some TV.

Monday- We were out the door at 6:45 to go to Sonoran Quest Labs for our blood draws. We had made the appointment way back in July or August, as we had so much trouble getting blood draw appointments last year. The Lab only does appointments; they no longer do walk-ins. There are other Quest labs in the area that do walk-ins, but they are much farther away.

We used the email to scan the bar code to check in, and we were taken on time for our lab draws. We returned home, ate breakfast and walked the dogs. They had a quick walk before we left this morning.

The weather is going to be cooler today, with temps in the 70’s. The wind has also picked up.

We left at about 1:20 to go to Bob’s Ophthalmology appt.  He had a great appt., with no eye changes and he does not need to return for a year.

We stopped at the Toyota dealer to look at the Highlander. We are still deciding what we want to purchase. Our options to tow behind the car are so minimal, that we think we are going to have to purchase a tow dolly and use that. We have not wanted to do that, as it is hard to find a place to put the dolly when parked. Friends have placed it under the rig when storing it, so we might do that. It’s a toss up between the Highlander and a Ford Edge, what we have. The Highlander has much better ratings.

We returned home, looked at more car info, ate dinner and settled in for the evening.

Tuesday- Bob had a cardiologist appt. this morning.  I went to Maj. I returned at 12, ate lunch, and quickly walked the dogs. Bob had stopped at a detailing place for the car. They were to be done by 12:30. They were 15 minutes late. I had a ophthalmologist appt. at 1:15. We made it with time to spare!  My eyes are the same as last year.

We went to the Toyota dealer for Bob to test drive the Highlander. Today my eyes were dilated. We decided on the Highlander and will be going on Thursday afternoon to purchase the car.

We ran home. walked the dogs, and we went to dinner at 5 with MaryAnne, Ray, Paula, Charlie and Allen. We were to meet at a Chinese restaurant up Union Hills. Unfortunately, we were running late, as I had been on the phone, scheduling my ankle MRI.

They all arrived at the restaurant to find that it is closed on Tuesdays. MaryAnne texted me for a suggestion. I responded saying Jade Star, our favorite in the area. They were open and we all arrived at the same time. They had a large round table available for us and we had a really great dinner.

Wednesday- Even though I had the “Health Chicken”, which was only chicken and vegetables, I was still up almost 2 lbs. this morning due to the sodium. Oh well, it will go away in a day or two!

The winds picked up last night. The rig was rocking most of the night! We are having gusts to 35 mph. We were scheduled to be at the Freightliner at 10, but a little after 7, we called Kurt ( the RV guy at Freightliner) and told him we had to reschedule due to the winds. They were not having the winds there, but Linda and Mike are there today( they spent the night there), and Linda texted later, that the winds had picked up there also.  Below is a picture of our patio this morning with the chairs and tables knocked over….

Patio wind

Here are the flags down the street. Also the palm trees are blowing in the wind….

Flag palms

We ran to CarMax and had an appraisal of the Edge. Then we went to the Credit Union to close out our CD to add to our payment for the new car. We returned to the rig and ate lunch. We called the dealership and made a 3 pm appt. to purchase the Highlander.

We arrived and it took until a little after 6 to complete everything. Our only issue turned out to be that the sales guy took the back license plate off the Edge, but because Arizona only has back license plates, he forgot to take off the front license. We discovered this when we arrived home, so I called. No one answered the phone, so we will call again in the morning.

Thursday-  I called just after 7 AM and our sales guy called Bob back. He was going to find the license plate for us, which he did.

Bob had an appointment with an Optometrist to have his eyes examined for new glasses. We already knew there was no change to the prescription, but he still needed a prescription for the glasses. At Target, with our insurance, it was $5. At the Ophthalmologist office, it would have been $60.

Then we went to Costco and Bob ordered glasses. We returned to the rig and had a quiet rest of the afternoon. The winds died down overnight.

Friday- We picked up MaryAnne at 10 and went to Happy Trails RV Park in west Surprise for their Vendor Fair. Their Vendor Fair is huge. We wandered around until 11:30, only purchasing a $10 magnifying glass.

While we were wandering around, Tony, the money guy at the car dealership called. Bank of America, which had approved our loan, had denied it due to our address. Since we do not have property, even though our credit ratings are in the high 800’s, they denied. We have had this issue before.

So Tony asked is he could change our loan to Capitol One. We had tried our credit union, but their % was higher than BOA or Cap. One. We said yes. Then he needed the insurance declaration, with our address on it, so we told Tony we would be home by 1 and would send it to him.

We went to Denny’s for lunch, then returned to the rig. When we entered the rig, we were not greeted by dogs. After a few seconds, Koda showed up, whimpering. Obviously something was wrong, as she normally is a wild child, jumping happily all over the place! Roxie showed up and acted normal. Karlie had been asleep, and acted normal, for her.

I ran my hands over all of Koda’s legs and did not find any immediate issues, no blood or bones out of align. So I called the Vet office for an appointment while Bob worked on getting the getting the Declaration to Tony.

We went grocery shopping. We returned and at 5, we took Koda to the Vet. She still had a limp and had been hiding under the desk. The Vet, Dr. Johnson, not our usual Vet, gave her a very thorough exam, moving all her legs, and finally her left front, which was the one we had discovered was the issue. No problems. She decided that it was probably muscular, so she gave us an anti-inflammatory for her. She said she would do an X-ray if we wanted, but since it did not appear to be a bone, we declined.

While we were there, we also asked them to check her anal glands. They should have been the size of a pea, instead they were the size of a grape. The tech evacuated them and told us to return in a month. I asked if she could show us how to do it, as it would be a pain, not to mention expensive, to take the dog to the Vet every month. She said yes, that next month, make the appt. and state that it is for the tech to teach us how to do the evacuation. Hey, I’m a retired nurse. I can handle this! I have seen and done worse tasks!

We returned home, fed and walked the dogs. Koda received her first pill after she ate. At 10, after their last walk, all three dogs played. Koda was back to her normal self!

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