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Sat. Oct. 19 to Fri. Oct. 25- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I had my hair appointment at 10. Bob checked on the weeds and they were not dying quickly. When I returned, we took Bob’s bike to the bike repair store. Somewhere on the road, we had lost the post and seat to Bob’s bike; they are  somewhere between Michigan and New Mexico!. I hope it did not hit anyone! We were very lucky that we did not lose the bike. We had to wait a bit to be waited on, so we were given a nice discount on the service. While there, Bob is also having a tune-up.

We went to lunch at Kneaders and both had nice sandwiches. We returned to the rig. The weeds looked the same, so later in the afternoon, we stopped at Walmart for a commercial weed killer, then at the Library, to look at Consumer Reports; we are looking for a new car and wanted to look at the car reviews. We are going to have a problem finding a vehicle which can be towed 4 wheels down; the manufacturers have changed the transmissions.

It was almost dinner time, so we ordered carry-out from Texas Roadhouse and picked up our order. We returned home, ate dinner and walked the dogs. We had a quiet evening, binge watching Designated Survivor on Netflix. We are so glad to have our Jabba internet again!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks, checking our accounts, doing laundry etc.

We went to lunch at In ‘N Out burger. It was also not busy, but then all the snowbirds have not arrived yet!

We had a quiet afternoon and ate dinner at home. We continued binging Designated Survivor.

Monday- We were off to the Orthopedic office for my hand appointment that I had made before we left. Originally, the Doc was to see me for my left thumb, but I added my right pinky, calling several months ago. Both the left thumb and the right pinky have been moved out of joint by arthritis. Yes, it is very painful!

The only thing that he can do for the finger is to put in a post, which will mean loss of motion. I don’t think I am goin going to do that. I am going to have surgery on my thumb. He is booking 2 to 3 weeks out. I will need to have PT and recovery is 3 to 6 months. I should have full range of motion and no more pain.

We returned home and Bob sprayed the weeds, again, this time with Ground Cover. He could not do it yesterday, as there was too much wind. Tomorrow he will dig them up.

Bob had rec’d the water bill and we had a $134 charge on it, so we stopped in at the office to check on that. It was for spraying the weeds in August. Huh? Sylvia, the assistant manager, said that she had tried to call us several times and did not get return call. That is not true, as we rec’d no messages. On the bill, there was also a late fee. Again, huh? Bob printed out the previous bill and of course, the bill said zero. We had not been late. Turns out for some reason they started charging us $1 a day for being late paying for a bill, we never received. What a farce! So we are working on this. We are not even sure that they sprayed the yard, so we have to check with our neighbor, Peggy., who was here all summer.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening, eating dinner at home. 

Tuesday- I had my PCP appointment at 10:15. I was almost late, as a major traffic light was out, and the traffic was backed up. It was my annual physical, so we went over everything. I still have my asthma problem, with a productive cough. So she ordered a chest X-ray and a stronger dose run of Prednisone.

I tried to get the X-ray, but the place had a 1.5 hour wait. I returned home and we ate lunch. We took Karlie to her Vet appt. at 2 PM. Her heart murmur has increased from a 4 out of 6, to a 6 out of 6. She is not showing any signs of congestive heart failure, yet, and she is still playing. So no changes. Dr. Hummel held her Leptospirosis vaccination,  but did give her the Kennel Cough vaccination.He also did her anal glands.  He was amazed that she was doing so well.

We returned home and the other dogs greeted her and gave her a good sniffing…we had a quiet evening.

Wednesday-  I was out the door at 8 to go to have the chest X-ray. I arrived at the Banner facility ( Banner has purchased Valley Radiology, which is sad…). I gave the gal my insurance card and drivers license, signed the paperwork, and sat down. I was immediately called in. I was back on the road before 8:30! 

I returned to the rig. Bob is still working on cleaning up the weeds. He was able to talk to Peggy, and she said that yes, they had sprayed and cleaned up the weeds in August.

We had our Endocrinology appt. at 1 PM. Both of us are now on a yearly basis. Bob is still off all Diabetic medications!

We returned and had a quiet evening.

Thursday- We both had dental appointments. Both of us had good check ups. We return in late March, before we leave. We went to Walmart for a few items.

We returned home and ate lunch. At 1:45 I had an appointment with the Podiatrist for my foot. He ordered an MRI, as I have been doing everything I can do. I am still having issues. So now we are waiting for the office to call to make the appointment.

While I was there, I told the staff,  that the scheduler called about the hand surgery, but since it was an unlabeled 800 #, I did not answer. The gal left a message with a number to return the call, and when I returned the call, it was to a different doctor. I left that information and had not heard back. So I asked to speak with someone. The Scheduler is in another state, so I could not, but the office manager got working on it. The doctor’s scheduler had quit and they had not hired a replacement, yet, which was what the confusion was…so, I am now scheduled for November 21 to have the thumb fixed. ‘

We stopped in at Fry’s to pick up items we could not get at Walmart. We returned home and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We were up and moving early. The carpet cleaning company arrived at 8:30. We sat outside in our fenced area with the dogs.  It was  beautiful outside and a nice dry day for the carpet cleaning. Once they finished and left, Bob ran to the bike shop to pick up his bike, stopping on the way at Ace Hardware to pick up a washer for the stopper in the sink in the bathroom. It had degenerated and the water was leaking out of the sink. Fortunately, not under the sink!

While he was doing those tasks, I stayed outside with the dogs. We all really loved the great weather. It was 70’s and very low humidity.

We took the dogs to the dog park at 3, as we felt they needed a good run. Unfortunately, there was only one other dog there. It was a schnauzer, so it had energy also, but they did not play. Bob tried throwing the tennis ball, but that did not work either.  We think we need to go a little later.

We sat outside until time to cook dinner.

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