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Sat. Sept. 7 to Fri. Sept. 13- Hastings MI to Lebanon IN

Saturday- We went to the CARE breakfast of eggs, pancakes, sausage, coffee and juice. We had volunteered to clean up after breakfast, so we helped with the washing of the utensils and generally cleaning up!

Here is the kitchen crew.

Kitchen crew Hastings

The Annual Business Meeting was held right after breakfast. After the meeting, we picked up Lavern and Connie and we drove to Kalamazoo to the Bells Brewery. We took the tour of the brewery which was interesting. There were four samples of beers. Bob of course had eight, as he drank all of mine. The tour guide was very good and we learned a lot about the history of Bell Brewery and of the Microbrewery industry in general. Below is a history of the business.


Bob and LAvern at Bells

Above is Connie’s picture of the guys.

Some of the brewery.


A sculpture on the tour.


We went to lunch at the Bell’s Downtown Brewery. From there, we went to Mooville for ice cream. We had both won $5 coupons for the ice cream, yesterday in the animal shelter drawings.  With the $5 coupon, we purchased 3 scoops of ice cream for $4.50. A pretty good deal.


20190907_155232 (2)

We returned in time to walk and feed the dogs before the catered dinner. We arrived late, and there were no seats for us. So we ate and left as, we were both tired.

Sunday- We went over to say good-bye to everyone at the “hook-up doughnuts and coffee”.

We left around 11, and stopped at the dump station to dump our tanks. We drove south to the Yogi Bear RV Park in Plymouth Indiana. We drove into site 33, in the rain. It let up a bit, and Bob was able to hook up to the 50 amp electric, sewer and water. We paid $20 per night, under Passport America. I immediately started laundry and Bob took the sheets and towels to their laundry room.

We were both tired, so we went to dinner at Hacienda Mexican Restaurant. They had changed the menu, and they did not have my Chile Relleno! Bob was able to eat his tamale’s.

Monday- My birthday! We went to lunch, in South Bend at the IHOP, for the free birthday pancakes. I had not realized I had to print out the coupon. So I had to speak with the manager, who said it was okay, after I threatened to leave.

We went to Costco. In addition to purchasing what we needed, we checked out the Gotham Steel Ti-Cerama Cookware with the Titanium Ceramic Coating ( the orange pans). At Costco, they were $39.99 for the two frying pans. We stopped in at Bed, Bath and Beyond to check them out. I have a 20% off coupon on the whole purchase. The large pan was $39.99 and the smaller pan was $29.99! Even with the coupon, Costco was a much better deal for the exact same items! These can be used on the Induction burner.

We returned to Plymouth, stopping at Walmart on the way, and met up with Cecil and Melissa, our neighbors in Paradise, who also have a trailer at Yogi Bear. They had just purchased the trailer this year. They have two sites, which are very nice, with lots of room.

We went  to dinner at Texas Roadhouse for my birthday. Both of us wanted a nice steak.

Tuesday-We were moving early, as we had to leave by 8:20. We readied the rig to travel. We have to be out of the park by 1:00. We took the dogs and drove the 30 miles back to South Bend to Paws and Claws Groomers. We dropped off the dogs and we went to the farmers market, where we purchased a cantaloupe.

We stopped by a car wash and washed our very dirty car, then we traveled on to Costco where we purchased the frying pans. We went to Michaels, to purchased a brush and fabric paint.  I had purchased some cheap tennis shoes and I am planning to paint the shoes, turning them into saddle shoes. The theme of the rally this weekend is the “Fabulous 50’s” .So we needed costumes.

We stopped at a local Chevy dealer, to look at the Chevy Equanox. We are starting to research cars for purchase this fall.

We stopped at Jimmy Johns for subs and went to a little park on the river, eating at a picnic table in the shade. It was a pretty little park that had been there since the 1800’s.

At 12:15 we picked up the dogs, and returned to Plymouth right before 1 PM. We disconnected, and drove out of the park, turning south onto IN 31. We drove south to IN 32, and turned west. We drove into the Lebanon Fairgrounds, at about 3:30. We were greeted by Dave, the Wagon Master for the rally. We parked between two 5th wheels and we have 50 amp and water.

At 4 , we went to social hour, then out to dinner at a restaurant called Arni’s. There were 43 of us. The reservations had been made months in advance. The Wagon Masters had called the restaurant several times, and the restaurant still had issues. It took an hour and a half for us to be served our meals. It was a disaster, with cold food and poor service. We were comped half of our meal by the manager.



Wednesday- Today was the actual start of the rally. This is the Escapees Indiana Chapter 51 rally.

Furor lunch we went to a nice little restaurant called Bekahs. It was our kind of place! Good food, good prices. It did not look like much from the outside, but it was nice inside.

At 4 we had the social and we played a game where we had to guess who old actors where by their real names. We did not do well with our guesses! John Wayne and Marilyn Monroe, were easy, but the rest were pretty hard!


Below are two of the table decorations.


We had pizza and salad for dinner. There was an evening campfire. I sat talking to another retire nurse.

Lebanon campfire

Thursday- We had the CARE breakfast, $4 each. Eggs, pancakes, sausage, biscuits and gravy. They had the Chapter 51 business meeting, which we did not attend. We returned to the rig and I worked on painting my tennis shoes. I had done half yesterday and completed them today. A couple stopped by to discuss their issue with their washer/dryer, so Bob showed them how he rinses the lint out each month. We printed out the directions for them.

We picked up subs at Penn Station. We went to the social hour at 4, and played another game. We were worse with this one! It was recognizing who wrote songs for the 50’s.

At 5, we caravanned to Parky’s Smokehouse. It was a nice restaurant with good food and the service was very good this time. I felt sorry for the  Wagon Masters, as they  were really worried about having poor service again, even though it was not their fault! They had checked with the previous restaurant several times.

We were seated at a table for 10. We split a brisket dinner, which was perfect for us.

Friday- The CARE breakfast again this morning with the same menu. We sat with a couple discussing Genealogy. That was fun!. We returned and I worked on rolls for tonight’s pot luck dinner. I had put them in the refrigerator to rise overnight, then Bob took off half of the windshield cover and we put the 3 pans on the dashboard in the sun, to finish rising. Here are some of them…there were 36 in the package and we cooked them all. 

20190913_113443 (2)

They are Rhodes, and very easy to make. The first time I tried them, they did not raise right. So this time I tried the refrigerator method, and that really worked well. I had to bake them early, so unfortunately, they will not be warm for dinner. Oh well….

We went to the social at 4. Then we returned and dressed for in our 50’s outfits. Here are the tennis shoes I painted.


Here are Bob’s shoes. We bought both pairs at Walmart. I painted mine, but Bob’s are as is…


Here we are…


What was really funny, another gal in the group had the exact same outfit as mine. We both had the Disney scarf and had purchased the sneakers at Walmart and painted them!

We went to the pot luck dinner. We had 1 roll left; Bob thinks that no one wanted to take the last roll. When we left, we put our containers in the car, and walked over to look at the cars in the field for the Classic Car Show.

A gal from the Fair Board came to us and begged us to be in their costume contest. UGH,but she was desperate. So we went over and were judged. We won the adult contest, as we were the only entrants! We won a $25 Meijer’s coupon and a $5 coupon to Titus Bakery. Just what we needed, a bakery coupon, lol. Our picture is supposed to be in the local newspaper, but we cannot get into the paper online without a subscription, so we cannot see the article. There was a good band, playing 50’smusic.


We returned home and changed shoes. Actually, with the inserts, the Walmart shoes were not that uncomfortable.

We took our chairs and went to the campfire.

Lebanon campfire

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