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Sat. Aug. 31 to Fri. Sept. 6-Cadillac MI to Hastings MI

Saturday- We drove 12 miles north to Manton for a little Fall Festival. We walked thru their Flea Market and then the Craft Fair. It was all the same things we see everywhere.

From there, we traveled back south to Cadillac and we went to the Thirteenth Street Market Restaurant. We both had the delicious Turkey Rubin. Bob had not had it before and was really impressed. I wanted one last one before we left. Both of us took half of our sandwich’s home with us, for lunch another day.

We returned to the rig and packed up some items getting ready to leave on Tuesday. We had a quiet rest of the afternoon, sitting out with the dogs. We ate dinner at home.

Sunday- We were working this morning. We were scheduled to clean the bathrooms this morning at 8. We cleaned both, and neither were very dirty.  I opened the store at 9. Bob went to work emptying trash, putting out the wood bundles, feeding the goats, pulling out the rental bikes and generally just catching up on what ever needed to be done.

The store was busy with selling ice cream, clothing and other items. We were off at 1 and returned to the rig. After lunch and walking the dogs, Bob took the sheets, towels, and bedding to the laundromat. I did laundry in the rig. Once that was done, we went to Tasty Treat for the last time. We are really going to miss Tasty Treat Flurries. We each had the kid size Dirty Turtle Flurry, which is chocolate ice cream, chocolate syrup, caramel syrup, and pecans. Yummy!

We returned and took down the fence and packed it up, placing it into the back of the car. Bob put the bikes on the back of the motor home. Once all that was done we cooked a nice steak for dinner. It is becoming dark so much earlier, so we were inside much earlier.

Monday- We had prepared the rig as much as we could today, so that we will be ready in the morning to leave. We are watching the weather very carefully. They are predicting rain and winds for tomorrow.

We both worked from 4 to 8 today, cleaning the bathrooms from 4 to 5. They were very clean, as so many people had left the park today. I was so bored, I kept just walking around the store because I was so sleepy! You can only sit and read a book for so long.

At 8, we checked the bathrooms again and they were still clean, so we closed up the store for one last time and left. Since this was Labor Day, the store will not re-open until the spring. The park closes Oct. 15.

Tuesday- We are so ready to leave! When we woke up, the first thing we did was check the weather report. It was calling for rain this morning, with the winds picking up in the afternoon. So we decided to leave. Bob ran to the Farmers Market for another one of the delicious cantaloupes. He was only able to purchase a small one, not one of the large ones, but it is still tasty.

Meanwhile, I readied the inside of the rig. Bob returned and disconnected us and took down the portable satellite dish. We had not been able to get going early today, and we left at almost 11 today.

We traveled south on M-131, thru rain storms, but luckily without any winds. We stopped at a rest area and ate a quick lunch. South of Grand Rapids, we turned east and traveled to Michawana Campground in Hastings MI for the Escapees SKP Chapter 6 Fall Rally.

The skies had cleared, and we arrived at the park in dry weather. We set up the rig, and the winds started. We had made it just in time. We were really glad that we had left when we did. We are in a 50 amp site with water. The sites where we are located, are long enough, but very tight, with our neighbors very close to us. Other sites in the park have much more room.

We went over to Jacque and Paul’s rig to say hello. Lavern and Connie were there also, and we were able to greet them in addition to Vernon and Donna.  We stopped in at the Social Hour at 4. Then a little after 5, we took our coleslaw for the pot-luck and returned to where the group had two canopy’s set up with picnic tables underneath. Dinner was Paul and Chris’s smoked ribs and Bruce’s Teriyaki chicken. Yummy! I asked for the Teriyaki recipe! I  think we will be making it in the crock pot in the future!!

We had a great time visiting with everyone. After dinner and sitting out talking, we returned to the rig and went to bed. 

Wednesday-  We had breakfast and at around 9:30, Lavern texted Bob asking him to come over for breakfast. There was a pot luck breakfast that we had not know about. We took our coffee and went over to visit with everyone, eating some french toast and delicious bacon.

We left and ran into Hastings to Walmart for a few items. I needed a dessert for tomorrow evening and some thing for breakfast.  We stopped at the local Farmers Market,  but there was not much there. The town of Hastings has some sculptures, below is the only one I liked. The rest were very weird!

20190906_190337 (2)

They also have a nice long walking trail along the river, but no dogs are allowed with in 20 ft. of the path, so that eliminated that activity!

At 1, Lavern had invited us over to lunch. He heated up some of his smoked chicken thighs and had sautéed some mushrooms and zucchini.Yummy!

I left Bob there to talk beer with Lavern and returned to make some Zucchini bread for breakfasts and the Chocolate Éclair Dessert for the evening. At 4 we went to the social hour, then went to the evening pot luck. We had another nice evening . Tonight’s menu was ‘staring’ Paul and Chris’s pulled pork.

We sat out until the mosquitos arrived, then we went back to the rig and watched Bosch on Amazon Prime.

Thursday- Bob thinks he had eaten some bell pepper last evening, so he had indigestion all night. I did not sleep well, so we were planning a nice nap.

At a little after 11 Lavern texted Bob asking if he wanted to go to lunch at the Walldorff Brew Pub. So we met them there. We had a great lunch and they had some good beer.

We returned to the rig and took our much needed nap.

At 4, we went to the Social Hour, which was the official beginning of the rally. The leaders had us all count out and go to tables with our number. Then we had to draw, in crayon, on the table cover. Then they decided that everyone won, so they passed out some candy.


At 5, we returned to the rig, fed the dogs, and went over to the pot luck dinner. There was some of Lavern’s awesome brisket this evening. They even had a campfire this evening, but we were so tired, we returned to the rig and watched another episode of Bosch; we finished season 5. We started watching Sneaky Pete on Amazon.

Friday- There was a breakfast this morning. $4 which goes to CARE. Paul, Chris, and  Tom(?) did the cooking. We sat at a table and the gal ( Linda) next to me and I started talking, as she also belongs to the SKP Genies. Her family is named Gray and from Iowa, so it was an interesting conversation.

We had a quiet day as neither of us had slept well last night. We took a nice nap in the afternoon. Below are the donations for the animal shelter.

20190906_160049 (2)

At 4 we went to the social. They drew for prizes. For each item that we had donated to the animal shelter, we had a ticket. We had donated 20 items, so we had 20 tickets. We won four prizes. When you win a prize, you can look at the prize, without showing it to anyone, and keep the prize or you return it and take a different prize. Bob won first,and he won 4 mugs. Then I won a $5 gift certificate to Mooville Ice Cream. We kept that and turned the mugs back in. All of the prizes were in paper bags so you did not know what you were choosing. Next Bob won again, this time a gift certificate to a local restaurant for $25. It was worth more, but we knew we could not use it so we returned it. Bob won again, this time a floral arrangement in a bag. We returned that. This whole thing took too long!  We left early and ran to feed the dogs. I guess we did not win the 50/50!

We left the park,  and went to dinner at the Walldorff Brewery, (spelled correctly), with a group. There were 12 of us. We had a great dinner. Lavern and Bob had some wonderful beers.

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