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Sat. Aug 24 to Fri. Aug. 30- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We left and went to the Post Office to send a couple of items. Then we were off, traveling south on M-131, to Big Rapids. Our destination was the Big Rapids Summer Fest.

We first stopped for lunch at Crankers Brewery. This was a restaurant with a brewery. Bob ordered a flight of four 4 oz. beers which were all good. My lunch was not great. I had ordered the turkey sausage with my eggs. The sausage was terrible. I told the waitress that! Bob’s Ruben was good.

We walked over to the Summer Fest. It was not much. There were a few sidewalk sales, one at JC Penny’s. We stopped and Bob purchased one shirt and I purchased two.

We walked the entire two blocks. There was a little train traveling up and down the street.

20190824_125308 (2)


We saw this nice mural.

20190824_125733 (2)

Near the mural was this antique drinking fountain.

20190824_125757 (2)

That was it! We drove to a park on the river, but never found the rapids. Oh well….

We drove back north and went to Ebel’s General Store to purchase brats. We bought 4 pkgs. of cherry brats, 4 of Hawaiian brats, 2 of regular brats, some lettuce and a small loaf of fresh bread.

We drove back through Lake City and stopped at Tasty Treat. We both had the kid’s size Dirty Turtle Flurry. Yummy! We both said, we are going to miss Tasty Treat!

We stopped at the BBQ place and purchased the last rack of ribs with some of their delicious baked beans.

We returned home and re-packaged the brats, and freezing most of them. We kept some of them un-frozen, as they are fresh until the end of September.

We had a quiet evening. The weather is already changing here. The days are in the 70’s and the nights in the 40’s.

Sunday- Bob went to work in the morning while I did laundry. He returned for lunch, then came back at 2:00. I went to work at 4. Bob joined me at 8 and we closed up and cleaned the bathrooms.

Monday- Bob went in to work at 9:30. I was scheduled from 10 to 2. Bob returned home for lunch and to walk the dogs. It was a very quiet day. We were off at 2 and returned to have a quiet rest of the afternoon.

Tuesday- We went to Traverse City for the last time. We both love Traverse City and will stay closer to there next time we are in Michigan. We stopped first at M and P Crepes. They were okay. Then we stopped at The Beverage Store for Bob to pick up some beers for the rallies. At Costco the gas was $2.53 for gas, still 20 cents less than in Cadillac. Of course, we stopped at Moomers for our “Moomers”  fix!  We split another flight.

We returned home and there were thunderstorms in the evening.

Wednesday- I had an 8:30 hair appt. with Megan, followed right after with my mani/pedi with Heather. I said my good-bye’s to both gals!

I returned to the rig. Bob and I went to lunch at Blue Heron. We arrived just in time to get the last table. Then the line started to form. Bob had their chicken pot pie soup and I had the Michigan Ham and Cheese sandwich. Both were excellent.

We went grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s We stopped at the Chiropractor for my adjustment at 2, and returned home. We sat our with the dogs until it became to too cool.

Thursday- We worked 9 to 2. We started with the bathrooms. I have now read an entire book while working, it has been so quiet. At least it was a little bit busier with scooping ice cream and pouring slushies today.

Bobbie was having a health issue and asked if I could stay a bit later. I agreed and so we both left at 2:30 with Bob, making up his 1/2 hour for lunch. We sat outside with the dogs for a short time before thunderstorms hit. The temps today were in the 60’s

Friday- We left at 9:30 to go to the Farmers Market where we purchased another cantaloupe. OMG these cantaloupes are sooo good!

We traveled south on M-131 to M-115 east. We were traveling to Clare for the Yoder Amish Flea Market. We arrived a little after 11. We paid $1 to park in the field.

Even though it was advertised as an Amish Flea Market, I thought there would be some crafts and Amish foods. There were a few. We thought it odd to see the Amish selling new Honda Generators!

This was a very large event with about 20 rows of items with lots of ‘stuff’’. A lot of books for sale, Tupperware, and old items. There were several popcorn stands, as the Amish love popcorn. There was an old fashion ice cream maker, and the Amish were making ice cream as fast as it sold.

We ate lunch at an Amish stand with chicken and ribs. We each had a rib sandwich, on freshly backed rolls. Very yummy! We stopped at the quilt auction. I watched a Christmas table runner with 4 placemats sell for $17.50. I also watched at double size quilt sell for $60. I had to leave before I found myself bidding on a quilt!!

We left and drove into Clare to see the very small town. Not much to see, but they had a “Cops and Doughnuts” bakery. We had seen this on TV this morning. They have a contest where people take pictures of their kids at the bakery.The best picture of the month wins a gift card.  We parked and walked over. There was a line, but not too long. We purchased two brownies. By the time we left, the line was very long!

We drove back and Bob mowed our small lawn. While he was doing this, MaryAnne called me. We have been texting back and forth about our other friend Diane. She and her husband Tom are stranded in Lyman WY at a KOA. They have a larger slide than our big slide and their motor broke. Since it is Labor Day weekend, they have been told they have to move. They cannot move with the slide out. Tom has talked to Leisure Coach Works and they are shipping a motor too them that Tom can install tomorrow.

MaryAnne then told me that Leisure did not get the motor shipped. They had talked to Jon who said that they could move a short distance with the slide out, so they did. They are plugged into the side of the KOA building with 110 amp. With the temp in the 90’s they are pretty miserable.  The 110 is enough to keep their refrigerator running. The resort will probably not want them to use their generator due to the odor and noise. What a mess! They have our sympathy!

Bob and I took up our rug outside, sweeping, folding and putting it away. The dogs liked the time outside. We sat out until it became too cool in the shade.

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