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Sat. Aug. 17 to Fri. Aug. 23- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We drove south, then west to Ludington to the Suds on the Shore Beer Festival. It was located in a Rotary Park. This was the best beer fest that we have been too…first, the designated driver only paid $5. Bob paid $30, but this time he got his money’s worth. He had eight, 4 oz. glasses of beer. He liked the Bells Official Hazy India Pale Ale, he does not usually like IPA’s. He liked the Cranker’sBrewery Aphrodisiac Stout which was a chocolate stout. He also liked the Perrin Brewing Co. Blond Porter. That was really different, as most porters are dark. He also liked the Walldorff Brew Pub Empire Block Stout. Yes, I have spelled Waldorf the way that they spell it….

The festival was in the shade and this time we took our chairs with us. There were a lot of people partying. The festival was held from 12 to 6. We arrived at 1, as we had stopped for lunch first at the Jamestown Brewery. Bob did not have any beer there, since we were going to the beer fest. But I was able to have my cherry bourbon dumplings and I brought home some of the sauce.


The designated driver, me, drove him back home!

We arrived back to the park and ate dinner. Since this was the second Halloween Weekend, they had a costume contest. We were walking the dogs, and Bobbie spotted us. She called us over and asked us to be the judges. So we did.


It was harder than you would think! They were so cute! We chose the Vending machine, the Truck as 1 and 2. One of the little girls cried when she did not win! That is Bobbie in the picture and that is the same shirt that we wear. I wear the green, Bob has a brown one.

The campers decorated their sites.



Below is our next door neighbor, who won the contest.


We had a campfire and gave candy to the “trick or treater’s”. There were a lot of kids!

Sunday- Back to work again. Bob worked 9:30  to 3 and I worked 10 to 3. Bob goes in 1/2 hour early so that he can come home for lunch and walk the dogs. It was pretty quiet,  but I dusted the room and the games. No bathrooms to clean today.

Monday- We worked again today, from 9 to 2. So we did have to clean the bathrooms today, in the morning. It was really, really boring today! I did not even need to fill ice bags! I read my book most of the day.

Tuesday- We went grocery shopping, ate lunch, then caught up on our budget and checking the accounts. Then we worked on our plans for travel in 14 days!

I was able to make a reservation at a COE park and we already have reservations for after the 1st rally and the 2nd rally. We are planning to leave Cadillac on Sept. 3, and go to Hastings MI for the Escapees Chapter 6 Fall Rally.

Because the dogs will need grooming by then, we are going to stop at Gina’s in South Bend, so we have reservations for the Yogi Bear RV Park in Plymouth,IN. That is a Passport America park, so it is $20 per night. We have to stay 2 nights, because Gina is closed on Sunday’s and Monday’s. Darn, I am going to miss my birthday with family and friends, again…

We will have the dogs groomed on Tuesday morning, then drive directly to Lebanon IN for the Escapees Chapter 51 Fall Rally.

The weather was wonderful, so we sat outside with the dogs and had a campfire.

Wednesday- We left at 9 and drove north to Traverse City. We stopped at Petsmart and Target. Then we went to Costco where we met up with Tom and Sue Rodgers, who are Alfa Roadrunner friends. We took them in our car and toured Traverse City.

We stopped at the largest Cherry Pie Plate.


We drove to downtown and found the PERFECT parking place on State Street. A centrally located parking meter.  We parked and traded taking pictures with some other folks of the Traverse City sign.


We walked over a bridge to the Farmers Market where we purchased some corn and a zucchini. Tom and Sue purchased several items also.

We took them to Cherry Republic, which is always a treat. They have lots of samples. We purchased some Cherry Vinaigrette salad dressing. We spent about 1/2 hour there.

We kept dropping bags off in the car. We walked over to 7 Monks Taproom. Bob and Tom had flights.


We all had the grilled cheese sandwiches. From there, we went back to State Street and fed the meter some more quarters!

We were out of Blackberry Vinaigrette, which we use on pork chops, so I suggested to Bob and Tom they look in Fustini’s for some. They guys had a great time sampling the oils and vinaigrettes.

Meanwhile, Sue and I went to Nifty’s a really cute store with lots of stuff. I found two signs to put up in the rig. They are over the door.


Bob texted me to come to Fustini’s to sample. We ended up purchasing some cherry and cranberry vinaigrette. Bob was not impressed with their Blackberry vinaigrette. Tom purchased 4 bottles.

After loading the parking meter again, we walked down to the Grand Traverse Pie Company. Tom purchased a small pie for us and for them.

We left and returned to the car. We drove them to Moomer’s where we both had flight’s of ice cream.

Tom and Sue flight Here is Sue’s picture of Moomers’ farm.  Doesn’t’ t it look like a painting?

Sues pic of Moomers farm

We dropped them back at Costco, and we did our shopping. Gas was $2.33, which is a lot less than gas in Cadillac at $2.64!

We returned home, ate our Costco roasted chicken and had a quiet evening.

Thursday-  We worked again. It was so quiet. I did speak with one lady who told me about an Amish Flea Market on Labor Day weekend, so we may be attending that!

We worked from 10 to 3, again, with no bathrooms.

Friday- We went to the Farmer’s Market. There was actually a lot of vegetables. We purchased a large, heavy cantaloupe, a cucumber, and two ears of nice corn.

We returned and Bob did some work around the rig and I did laundry.

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