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Sat. Aug. 10 to Fri. Aug. 16- Gladwin MI to Cadillac MI

Saturday- We went to the rally breakfast. It was really good again. Then we stayed for the meeting. We joined the Chapter this morning, for a whopping $5 for the year. The meeting was fairly interesting with lots of discussions about the places that they are going to have rallies next year.

We left and went to the Farmers Market, where we were able to purchase 2 new belts for Bob. They were made and sold by the Amish,  $16 each, for really nice leather. We returned to the rig and ate lunch at home.

We went to the Social Hour at 4 PM and were adopted by Connie and Lavern. The Chapters have adoption policies for new members. When we joined Chapter 20, years ago, we were not adopted, so it was nice to be adopted this time. Thank you Connie and Lavern! Also, this makes Bob’s cousin, Jacque his  adopted “grandmother”, as she and Paul had adopted Connie and Lavern! Adoption photo

We had a large pot luck dinner. The meat was provided by the chapter, and members brought salads and desserts.

Sunday- There was coffee and doughnuts this morning for a “good-bye” time. Many people had left early this morning.

We left around 10 and arrived back in Cadillac a little after 11. We set up, ate lunch, and did lots of laundry. The weather was nice, so we sat outside with the dogs.

Monday– Back to work again this morning. We started work at 9, with cleaning the bathrooms. Then I opened the store at 10. It was fairly busy with reservations for next year. Lots of folks wanted the same weekend next week. The theme this past weekend was Halloween. This theme is so popular, they do it two weekends in a row, so we will be here for this weekend, although, we do not work. Bob cleaned some of the cabins and cleaned up sites.

Tuesday-  We went grocery shopping, did the usual bills and budgeting, as we did not get that done on Sunday. We went up to the store and sat in there working on our plans for travel when we leave here in 22 days! We are down to counting days….

We sat outside with the dogs, as the weather was really nice.

Wednesday- Bob headed out to work at 9:30. Today is out 4 hour day. I do not work until this evening, so I worked on two articles that my Editor had sent to me.

I went to the store at 5, and relieved Bobbie, who had worked from 10 to 5. I immediately started filling ice bags, as they were low. Bobbie has started to condense the store, as the store closes right after Labor Day.

There were a lot of phone calls from folks asking for reservations for this weekend. There are no openings. I scooped a lot of ice cream and poured a lot of slushies. There were a lot of bike rentals.

Bob joined me at 8 and we closed the store and cleaned the bathrooms. There were 3 gals taking showers, so that slowed us down a bit. I cleaned the ladies room and Bob started on the men’s room. By the time I was ready to head to the men’s room, the guys taking showers were gone, so I was able to clean the mirrors, counters, urinals and toilets. Bob does all the floors in both bathrooms, as that much sweeping and mopping sets off my torn rotator cuff. Once we were finished with the men’s room, we went to the ladies room again and Bob did the floors. It took us about 35 minutes, which is still pretty fast. We have this down to a science and can get through very quickly, while still doing a good job!

Thursday- We left just before 10 AM and drove north for an hour and half to Charlevoix. We had wanted to go to a Festival in Petoskey, but it did not start until tonight. So we changed and went to Charlevoix.

We arrived to find a traffic jam, backing up M-31 thru town. I found a route on a side street on Google Maps, so Bob turned and we went one block over. Our original plan was to head straight to the Farmers Market, but Google could not seem to find it.

We saw a sign pointing to the Lighthouse, so we headed there. I jumped out and took a picture.

20190815_115833 (2)

Then we continuing looking for the Farmers Market. Bob turned into the Library. I spotted some folks on the next street with white bags. So we left the car there.

We walked over a block and there was a couple with bags of vegetables, so I asked them where the Farmers Market was located. They gave us directions, for about a block away.

The market was on M-31, in Eastside Park. The traffic in all directions was at a standstill, due to the bridge being raised for a boat to cross into the bay. We crossed to the market and walked the two blocks along the bay. There were the usual items plus a few vegetables.


We stopped for lunch at the Great Lakes White Fish and Chips. Bob had the fish and chips, which were excellent and I had a nice BLT.

The town was having their sidewalk sales, so we wandered through the crowds, sort of looking at the items for sale. One vendor had Sonoma t-shirts. Since Sonoma is a Kohl’s brand, I think they bought excess from Kohl’s and was selling them for this sale.

There was this pretty mural.

20190815_130420 (2)

We returned to the car and went in search of the famous Mushroom Homes. Here were the ones that we found.

20190815_131324 (2)





We returned home to happy dogs.

Friday- We worked again. We were very tired after work, but we spent the evening with the dogs outside, enjoying the nice weather.

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