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Sat. Aug. 3 to Fri. Aug. 9- Cadillac MI to Gladwin MI

Saturday-  Bob woke up to find that his hearing aid was not working. So we changed plans and drove back to Traverse City, to Costco. First he called them, to make sure that we were not going to drive there in vain. The guy in the hearing dept. said that they were totally booked for the day, but come in and they would take a look at the hearing aid.

So our first stop was at Costco. Gas had dropped to 2.54 since Thursday. Bob went straight to the hearing dept. and I wandered around the warehouse. It turned out there was a loose wire, which they fixed. Bob said he was hearing much better, as he thinks he did not realize that he was having problems with the hearing aid, having diminished output.  He eventually texted me, and we left, traveling to downtown. We easily found a parking place, which was surprising, since the Traverse City Film Fest was going on. We wandered into some shops, then weaved our way through the lines for the State Theater. We missed seeing Michael Moore and Lily Tomlin, who were receiving awards.

We ate lunch at the Grand Traverse Pie Company, taking home a small cherry pie. We drove home to Cadillac, arriving just in time to walk the dogs and to go to the Chocolate Slip and Slide.

It is “I love Chocolate” weekend at the park. They have had several chocolate related events.


The kids lined up and slid thru the chocolate. It was chocolate syrup, soap and water. The kids were having a great time!

We stopped in to see Bobbie, as she had our schedule short an hour. She had given us one five hour day, and two 4 hour days. So she added an hour to one day.

We went grocery shopping at Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s. We returned and both fell asleep in the recliners. We ate the tamales we had purchased yesterday for dinner with a salad .

Sunday- Bob went to work in the morningMy hours were 4 to 9, so Bob worked for 4 hours, then did the last hour with me, doing the bathroom floors.

Monday-  We both worked early. Bob and I did the bathrooms at 9, and I opened the store at 10. It was a quiet day. Bobbie was late relieving me, so Bob left and returned home for lunch. Courtney finally relieved me at 1:30. I think Bobbie had the scheduled messed up. We had a quiet evening, up until it started to rain. It rained very hard, most of the night.

Tuesday- I took the dogs to the groomers at 8:30, then stopped at the nail salon for a mani. I stopped at Walgreens for Bob’s prescriptions, then returned home to a very quiet rig. Bob was at work from 10-1 and I go to work at 4.

They called at around 11:30 that the dogs were done. I went to pick them up. I was not happy with the inside of Karlie’s ears, so I had them do them again. Meanwhile, I walked the other two and put them in the car. I paid and took Karlie for a short walk, then placed her in the car. All the dogs slept on the way home.

I arrived home just as Bob was coming home for lunch. We ate lunch, and Bob went back to work to complete 4 hours. I went to work at 4. It was actually busy today, not like on Monday when it was really quiet. I dipped lots of ice cream, poured slushies, and taught some kids how to count money. Lots of kids have no idea how to count money.

Wednesday- We packed up and drove out of the park around 10:30. We drove south on M-131 to M-115 east. We turned east on M-61 and arrived in Gladwin at around 11:50. Our destination was the Escapees Chapter 6 Summer Rally, at the Gladwin Fairgrounds. 

We arrived  to find that we were not on the list. A lot of people were not on the list! I had sent 2 emails. Bob’s cousin, Jacque had said not to worry about it as the guy, Bob, never responded. I turned out that she was not on the list either!

Anyway, they had a site for us, and we parked near Jacque and Paul. Connie and Lavern were on our other side, in back of us.

We went over to Jacque and Paul’s to meet folks. At 3, we went to the building where  the events were going to be held, and registered.  At 4, we went to social hour at the pavilion. We went to dinner at 6, at The Family Diner, where we all had very nice dinner. We met two other couples.

Thursday- A lot of folks were arriving this afternoon, as the Rally actually starts tomorrow. We went with Connie and Lavern to lunch at a place called Mac’s on Main for lunch. Wow, was the food good! The also had a homemade strawberry jam which was awesome! We had another social hour at 4 pm. At 6 we had a pot-luck that Jacque had organized. Before the pot luck, there was Lavern’s famous salmon dip. It was delicious! There were 24 folks there, so we met a lot of new friends.

The dogs had a great time meeting other dogs and getting petted. We returned them to the rig, while we were eating. Bob fed them and after an wonderful dinner, they came back over with us.


Below is where the guys were smoking pork chops, which were delicious! 


We put them into the pen with Jacque and Paul’s dog, Stewie. That did not last long, as Karlie went over and sniffed Stewie’s food. We do not think that she ate any, but oops, that really upset Stewie! We took the girls out of the pen, and I don’t think Karlie is one of his friends any more! Never get between a dog and his food!


Friday- We had a breakfast scheduled this morning. Paul was one of the cooks. It was five guys cooking a delicious meal. We had scrambled eggs, sausage, and pancakes. There was a $4 extra charge for the breakfasts. This is a fund raiser for CARE, the Assisted Living at the Escapees Park in Livingston Texas. We are supporters of CARE and have been since we became members of Escapees in 2005.

We sat talking to other folks. We returned to the rig, walked the dogs, and went to the local Lutheran Church, which was having a rummage sale and bake sale. Not too many baked goods, but a big room with lots of other stuff. We did not find much, but as we were leaving, one of the ladies said that the books were free. So I grabbed 3 books. Bob did not find any… We ate lunch at home, took a nice nap, and went to an abbreviated social hour at 3:45.

At 4:30, we drove caravan style, to a Family Style Amish Dinner about 1/2 hour away. We pulled into the parking lot, parked and went into a room with 60 seats, in family style, for dinner.  There are 46 rigs at the Rally, and about 80 something RV’ers. Only seating for 60, so some of the folks went to dinner at The Family Restaurant, where we went to dinner on Wednesday evening.

The Amish dinner center is for groups only, reservations only. We said grace and the Amish family started passing delicious food down the tables. It started with fresh white and whole wheat bread, with butter, apple butter, and peanut butter. The peanut butter has a marshmallow cream in it, and boy, was it delicious. The apple butter had a nice cinnamon taste. I had to sneak pictures, as the Amish do not like to have their pictures taken.


Next they passed salad around, then the dressings, Ranch and French. Next,  the mashed potatoes,  then a mix of peas, carrots, and green beans, followed by broaster chicken and ham. I had to loosen my belt buckle!

Dessert was either  freshly backed apple pie or angel food cake with fresh strawberries(they were like a strawberry preserve)! Yummy, yummy, yummy, I had too much in my tummy!!

We drove back, and since we had really good internet, not like at Camp Cadillac, we watched Bosch on Amazon Prime. The group were supposed to have a campfire, but the winds were really howling!   

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