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Sat. Jul. 26 to Fri. Aug. 2- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We both woke up at 5 am when we had a really bad thunderstorm.  We were off today, so we went to the Farmers Market, then Aldi’s, Walmart and Meijer’s. We stopped at Burger King for one of the impossible burgers. These are the veggie burgers. They do taste a lot like ground beef!

We had a quiet afternoon, taking a nap, since we had been up so early this morning. We woke up again, to another really severe thunderstorm. We went to Bob’s Big Boy for dinner. There are not a lot of places to eat in Cadillac. 

Sunday- The weather was a little better today. Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry and I did a lot of laundry at home. We had a quiet day.

Monday-  We were working again today. We cleaned the bathrooms this morning at 9, then I opened the store at 10. A little past 10, we had a really bad thunderstorm. The phone rang and it was one of the campers. There was a tree down in the exit road.  I told Bob, who was in, filling ice bags, due to the rain. He could see the road and the back up of people trying to leave. He called Bobbie and Dan. He met Dan, as Dan was just coming back into the park. They moved the tree trunk ,out of the road, in the rain. Then another camper let us know another tree was down. Fortunately, all of the sites were empty, where the tree fell. The rest of the day went better!

Tuesday-Bob went in this morning to do 4 of his 5 hours. He will do the final hour with me at 8 pm. I work from 4 to 9. It was a steady, busy evening.

Wednesday-  I went to have a hair cut at 8:30. Bob was still home when I returned a little after 9. He went in early again. I made a casserole for dinner. Bob will cook it, then join me for dinner on the picnic table in the office. I had a quiet evening.

Thursday-  We went to Traverse City.  Our first stop was lunch at the Omelet Store. I had the Traverse City Cherry Salad and Bob had the BLT which he declared excellent. Our next top was at the liquor store, where Bob loaded up on some beer. Then we went to Costco. Gas was $2.55. It was $2.69 in Cadillac. We purchased some items, then returned to Cadillac.

Friday- We drove north, to about 15 miles north of Traverse City, to the town of Elk Rapids, for their Harbor Fest. Our first stop was at the Farmers Market, located at the Rotary Park. We purchased some pork tamales.

We traveled a little bit farter north and turned west into the downtown. We drove through the downtown, and found a parking place on the street, just past the craft fair. We went to the craft fair, which was a little disappointing. There was not much to it.


We walked over to the Library, which was also holding a book sale. I purchased two books. Bob did not find any.  Then we walked thru town and back to the Food Truck area. We both purchased a crepe, from the same gals who were at the Holland Festival back in May.

After eating our crepes, we drove about a mile north to Shorts Brewing Company. Bob had a stout. They did not sell flights.

We drove back through Traverse City and back to Cadillac.

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