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Sat. Jul. 20 to Fri. Jul. 26- Cadillac MI

Saturday- The weather continues to be very hot and humid. Bob went to work at 9. He cleaned some sites that were turning over and did some other tasks. He came home for lunch at 12. Then he returned to work until 2. I went to work at 3 and worked until 7.

95% of the people I deal with are very nice. Fortunately, that other 5% is rare. This evening I had one of those folks. A man came in and wanted to know where his friends were. I looked them up and they were in site 32. To enter the park, visitors have to pay $5 for a visitor pass. There is a good reason for this. People drive in, use the facilities, and do not pay. That includes whole families using the pool and transients using the showers; some visitors who then spend the night with friends. The site price includes 2 adults and 2 children. There is an extra charge for more adults or children.

When I told this guy that he had to pay $5 for a visitor pass. He started yelling at me. I could not get a word in to tell him, if he was only staying for 15 minutes, I would take his $5, hold it, and when he returned the pass to leave, I would return his $5. He just yelled and was very nasty to me, and he stormed out the door.

I watched him tear around the corner in his car. There were a lot of kids out, as it had rained most of the day and they were finally getting a chance to play. He never came back around the building to exit.

So I went outside and called to Brian, he came over and I told him what had happened. He took the golf cart and went after the guy. He pulled up behind the guy, as the guy was just finding the site. The guy started in on Brian. Brian gave him as good as he got and told the guy to leave. He said he would give him the “5 minutes” he needed.

Brian came back to the store and followed up with me. Then we watched to make sure that the guy left. He did, but needless to say, but it made a nice evening, pretty lousy.

I returned home at  7. Bob went to the ‘beer bingo’ at 8. He lost his “Budweiser”. He has a couple of them and wants to get rid of them. He thought losing them was a good idea.

At 9 we went to the “Bull Riding” in the pool. They had a bull float. Whoever stayed on the longest time would win. Lots of people were there to watch. It was hoot.



No one won the contest. This was harder than it looked.

Sunday- We worked 11 to 4 today. We cleaned the bathrooms at 3. It was a quiet day, once most people left.

Monday- We had a quiet day, relaxing and getting caught up with cleaning and laundry.

Tuesday- I had a nail appointment today. Bob had mowed our grass. It was a nice day, so we sat outside with the dogs.

Wednesday- We drove south on M-131 and turned west on M-10. Our destination was Ludington MI. We went straight to the state park. With our pass, we could enter for free. We checked out the campground and immediately realized that there was no way we could ever stay there. The roads were very tight and the sites were very close together.  Then we wanted to see the lighthouse, but it was an almost 2 mile walk, through sand. With my ankle, we did not want to even attempt that trek!

We went downtown to the Jamesport Brewing Company for lunch. The first thing we noted was that not a lot of folks were drinking beer. They were there for the lunch. Bob was very happy with his flight of beer and the food was excellent.


I had the cherry bourbon dumplings and Bob had the cherry bourbon burger. Both were excellent. I even took home the rest of my cherry bourbon in a little container and we used it on our cherry brats for dinner.

Ludington was a pretty little town, right on Lake Michigan.

20190724_132008 (2)

Below is the pier light.

20190724_132930 (2)

There is a large, very nice beach in town. In the state park, there is also a very nice beach. There is an  area, where the  river runs thru the park, and when the river meets the lake, three people have drown, in the last 2 weeks. Glad we are not swimming there.

We drove back to the rig and sat out with the dogs.

Thursday- We worked 10  to 3 and cleaned the bathrooms between 2 and 3. Because the bathrooms are cleaned so often, they are not hard to clean. We sat out side with the dog in the evening.

Friday- We worked 10 to 2. We cleaned the bathrooms again between 1 and 2. Again, it was a quiet day. Bob had cleaned two of the cabins and all of the sites are full. We sat out with the dogs again this evening.

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