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Sat. Jul. 6 to Fri. Jul. 12- Cadillac MI

Saturday- The weather finally improved! Today is high 70’s and a lot less humid. That was what was outside! The weather forecast, on TV, was for hot, humid. We noted that it was a recording of LAST WEEKS forecast, as they showed the forecast for the 4th of July! The weather reports and the local news are not at the levels that we are used to in Washington DC, Denver, and Phoenix. These folks will never make it to the national or large city markets!

We went downtown to the Michigan Market / craft show/ carnival. They were getting ready for the parade at 11 AM. We wandered through the park, where they had the vendors. Many more that they usually have. We saw a lot of food trucks and carnival rides. We did not find anything of interest. We stopped at the Blue Haven Restaurant for a doughnut. The restaurant was sold out of doughnuts so we each purchased a muffin. We stopped at the car repair place, as Bob had been told to return in 50 miles to have the lug nuts tightened. We sat outside and ate half of our muffins, while the guy tightened the lug nuts.

We moved on to Aldi’s, Walmart and Meier’s for groceries. We stopped at Culvers for lunch. We returned home and settled in for a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob took the sheets and towels to the local laundromat, since there are only two washers and two dryers here, in the park. A lot of people left the park yesterday, more arrived. I watched the Women’s World Cup Soccer, yea ladies!

We rode our bikes up to the store and bought some ice cream. I scooped it myself. Bob had the cherry chocolate chunk and I had the blueberry cream with waffle cone pieces. Both were really good. These were two different flavors, just placed in the freezer.

Last night when we were walking the dogs, I noticed that the pool was green in color. Today it was closed. All the test are normal, but this morning they could not see the bottom of the pool, so no one would know if anyone was drowning. Bobbie said she would be at the pool store when they opened in the morning to try to find out what is going on….

We returned and had a quiet afternoon.

Monday– Today is supposed to be bright, sunny, low humidity, and temps in the low 80’s. Unfortunately, we can’t see the sun due to smoke in the air from fires in Canada. At least the smoke is high in the sky, not low on the roads.

We left around 10:30 to drive northwest to Frankfort.

20190708_112245 (2)

The town is located on Lake Michigan. We arrived to find a very cute little town with lots of shops, restaurants, and of course a brewery!

20190708_125458 (2)

We easily found a parking place and stopped at the restrooms and the Mineral Springs.


The springs are set up like a drinking fountain. We took one look and sniff and walked away without drinking. Ugh!

The Post Office was located across the street. Note the Eagle over the door.

20190708_113225 (2)

We thought the Eagle was a very nice touch!

We walked over to the Chamber of Commerce and along the way we saw this mural.

20190708_113355 (2)

We talked to the gal there, and picked up some local and state brochures. We continued walking along the sidewalk, visiting stores. The first store had some samples of salsas, jams and vinaigrettes. We purchased two of the vinaigrettes for marinades.

They also had a wine area and more importantly, a Michigan beer area. Bob purchased two cherry beers.

We found the Storm Cloud Brewery, where we stopped in for lunch. We split a grilled cheese sandwich, which was two cheeses on folded flatbread. We were glad we split the sandwich, because it was huge.It was also very good.  They also had some Traverse City seasoned potato chips, which were very good. We are still looking for the Traverse City Cherry Flavored chips, we had in Holland.

After lunch, we continued walking up the street, then down the other side of the street. We returned to the car and drove to the end of Main Street, to see the Point Betsie Lighthouse.

20190708_122232 (2)

20190708_130943 (2)

We left and drove 5 miles to the Betsie Lighthouse.

20190708_122240 (2)

We visited the gift shop and had our Lighthouse Passport stamped. In the store, there was this t-shirt.


but we did not visit the actual lighthouse. On the right is a 2 bedroom apartment, which is rented out. This is a picture of the flowers in front of the house.

 20190708_123142 (2)

The base is made of Petoskey Stones. The area is famous for these stones.


You can find them in the green water, shown above with the sailboat, in this part of Michigan. They even  sell strainers on a stick for going thru the sand, looking for the stones.


20190708_123303 (2)

Above is the back of the lighthouse.

When we left the lighthouse, we stopped at The Garden Center, and I purchased a necklace and earrings, of Petoskey Stone. Kind of cool to have something that is 350 millions years old!


We returned to downtown and went to The Scoop, an Ice Cream store which sells only Moomers Ice Cream. We saw this sign… its a little hard to read, but USA Today, in a poll of voters, voted Moomers the #1 ice cream in the USA. GMA also ranks it as #1. 20190708_141042 (2)

BTW, #5 is the Sundae School in Dennis Port MA, another one of our very favorite ice cream shops. The Sundae School not only makes their ice cream, they also make their own hot fudge and whipped cream!

On our way back to the car, we spotted another mural.

20190708_130335 (2)

We left town to drive home, stopping at St. Ambrose Winery. They did not have any wines for me. They sell wine, Mead, and beer. Bob had a porter which did not impress him.

We returned from the winery on Hwy. 669. I said to Bob, this looks like a nice road that we could drive the motor home on…when we arrived home, we looked it up on the map and it goes to where we are headed next week for a 3 night stay in Empire MI. Bob then put the RV park we are going to in Empire into Google Maps, and that was the way that it took us! This means that we can avoid Traverse City, which has narrow roads and a lot of traffic.

On the way home Bobbie texted both of us, telling us that she was changing the schedule. The store is going to be open later each day, until after Labor Day. We stopped in the store, to take a look a look a the schedule, on the way into the park.

Tuesday- Bob mowed the grass in our site. We went and purchased gas, thinking it would be a little bit less today, but it was still $2.79 /gal. We drove to Ebels General Store, stopping first at Duane’s Restaurant for lunch. Then we went downstairs in Ebels. We did not find anything we wanted to purchase downstairs. We returned upstairs and purchased some of the brats.

We returned to the rig. It was very warm, so we stayed inside for the afternoon. We BBQ’d some pork chops and ate outside.

Wednesday- We did not work until 4 today, so we went to the Vet’s office, as we needed some oral medication syringes for Karlie’s medication. They gave us 3 for free. Then we stopped at Hobby Lobby and purchased a sign for the bathroom.

We had a quiet morning and afternoon. Bob left at 3:30 to go over to start work, as he will take off a 1/2 hour to return home to eat dinner, feed and walk the dogs. I took a shrimp salad with me and ate while working. The temp was 90 and we had no air conditioning in the store, so I was sweating like crazy. Bob stopped in at the rig and grabbed our fan. The nice new fan they had in the office had been moved to the men’s room, as the men’s room fan must have broken.

There was not a lot for Bob to do outside, so Bob worked inside with me. He filled the cooler with pop( what they call soda in this area), filled bags of ice, swept and mopped the floor in the store and game room. Meanwhile I made reservations, checked some people in, prepared the forms for the people who were checking in tomorrow, cleaned lots of areas, and scooped lots and lots of ice cream!

When we went to close at 8, I put the covers on the ice cream containers and I was missing one. Bob and I both looked, to make sure that two were not stuck together. I finally texted Bobbie that one was missing.

We locked up and cleaned the restrooms. That only took 1/2 hour. I saw Rena and Brian talking so I went over and asked about the ice cream covers. Brian said they could not find one last night. Whew, that made me feel better!

We returned to the rig, stripped and put our clothes in the washer so that they will be clean for tomorrow.

Thursday- The temp is going to be a high of 68 degrees today! Also less humidity! Today we decorate for Christmas in July. The park had lots of theme weekends, and this weekend is Christmas In July. It must be fun, as the park is sold out.

Below is the goat pen.



Above is the store. Bob and I put up snowflakes, hanging from the ceiling, using fishing line. Wow, was that line tricky with snowflakes. It kept getting wrapped around them.

We finished  and went back to the rig. We decided we did not want to cook, so Bob ordered a pizza.

Friday- We were supposed to both be putting up more Christmas Decorations, but at 8, Bobbi texted me for us to clean the cabins. At 9, when the store was supposed to open, no one showed up. So Bob continued on to clean the cabins and I opened the store. At 9:20, I texted Bobbie, who showed up at 10. She had texted me back that the store was not opening until 10, didn’t she send me a copy of the door sign? Well, yeah, but it said 9 on Fridays. She was the one confused, not me. She realized that later…..

Once she arrived, she took over and I worked with Bob cleaning up sites. Bob shoveled the ashes out of the fire pits and I picked up trash. We also stopped and cleaned the ladies room, as it was looking trashy.

At 12:45, we stopped and took the ashes to where they dump them, out in the woods. Bob took me on a tour of the back woods, where I have never been. The own a lot of land, across the Clam River, which runs through their back land, from the RV Park.

At 2:50 we took Koda to the Vets. She has been licking her butt. She has not been scotching, like she had been when she had the impacted anal glands. The anal glands were okay, with the pumpkin we have been feeding her, but the Vet decided she has allergies, so she was started on a medication for that. It is only for a few days and should take care of the allergies for while.

We had a quiet evening at home, sitting outside with the dogs.

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  1. You guys have a great work ethic. I’m always amazed that people can’t pick up their own trash! Haul it in, haul it out. Fun reading your blogs.

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