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Sat. Jun. 29 to Fri. Jul. 5- Cadillac MI

Saturday-  We left at 8 AM to drive to Traverse City. Our destination was the National Cherry Festival ; this was the opening day. Bob had checked the parking situation, and decided on us parking at the Meier’s grocery store, about 3 miles away. There was a park-and-ride near the car wash. and we took the free van from there to the Festival.


We went straight to the Flying Pancake Breakfast, $10,each. It was fun. They throw pancakes at you and you catch them with your paper plate. These two were there!

20190629_093509 (2)


20190629_093723 (2)

Below is some guy catching his pancake.

20190629_093753 (2)

The pancakes were all you can catch!  They also had sausage, OJ, water and coffee. There was a really nice maple cherry syrup. We ate and left.

We wandered through the Farmers Market, which was really a row of vendors with cherry everything! We tasted samples and purchased some Cherry Vinaigrette. They had a balsamic Cherry Vinaigrette, and one with out the balsamic, which we liked better.

We walked to the real Farmers Market, about 3/10 of mile away, and I purchased 1/2 a lb. of fresh asparagus. This Farmers Market is held 2x a week in the local parking garage.

We walked back to the Festival, and we ate lunch. We split a really good grilled cheese sandwich. It was Brie, Havarti, arugula, and cherry relish, on nice fresh bread. Yummy! 

We wandered thru the souvenir  tent, which held lots of t-shirts, caps, jewelry etc., all with the Festival logo. We stopped at the booth that had the Festival pins. We had to purchase one of the $5 pins, each, as our entrance fee to the Beer Tent.

The beer tent opened at 12. There were two lines. The Beer Tent line for the $5 each or another line for the ‘ Fly Deck’ which cost $30 each, and included a burger. The Fly Deck was in front of the beer tent, for watching the air show. Seemed like a big waste of money to us! The planes are above you in the air. Below is the beer tent which was also the same tent for the flying pancake breakfast.


Then we had to pay for the beer. It was $12 for two beer tokens. We each had one. I was excited as they had the Virtue Cherry Cider. Bob went for the Bell’s White Belgian Ale. 

The Cider was in the Budweiser truck, and they could not get the kegs tapped and draining. Finally,after almost 1/2 hour, they got all of the kegs to work, and I was able to purchase my cider. I was not impressed. It did not taste as good as last time. Bob ended up drinking it, as one of us had to be sober to drive.

We sat under the tent until the air show started. They had several planes that flew, flown by local pilots.

Here was the Coast Guard helicopter, which did a mock rescue.


Below is a hovering jet.

20190629_134840 (2)

Another jet.

20190629_134906 (2)

We were there to watch the Blue Thunder, but it was now 2 PM. We were told it would be between 3 and 4 when the Blue Thunder would do their fly by…. and we needed to stop at Costco, then return home to the dogs, so we left.

We picked up the shuttle, which ran every 15 minutes. We arrived at the Meier’s. I ran into the ladies room and wet my hair down, due to hat hair. It was dry by the time we arrived at Costco.

First we bought gas @ $2.50. It was $2.79 in Cadillac. There were not a lot of people at Costco, but they sure had great items to try. Cherry pie, theirs’s was not at good as the pie, at the Festival, from Grand Traverse Pie Company. Brownie bites with vanilla ice cream, and honey coated cashews.

We walked out and the Blue Thunder were overhead. We could hear them while in Costco. I just barely caught this picture.


We returned to the rig. We found that Roxie had vomited in the bedroom. Bob was sure that it was Roxie. We just flaked out in the rig, as we were tired and it was 88 degrees.

Sunday-  Our plan for today was to go to a Festival in Grayling. Unfortunately, Roxie was still sick, with vomiting and diarrhea. Then Koda vomited. So I called the vet, who said just to not feed them, and if we needed for them to be seen she would see them later today, or tomorrow.

Koda seemed okay, but Roxie continued to be sick all day. We thought by evening she would have been empty. Bob walked her while I fed the other dogs. We had also quarantined her so she would not pass on whatever this is. Bob had also taken the sheets and towels to the local laundromat. I did laundry at home. We sat outside, a lot, today with the dogs.

Monday- Roxie is still sick, so I called the vet office and have an appointment for this afternoon for her. She has not eaten since Sat morning.

We have had a clicking noise in the car, when we are going slow. So Bob took the car in to be checked at Tuffy Automotive Service Center in Cadillac. They found that we needed new ball joints, and they also found that 2 clips on the rear brakes were missing. Hmm, isn’t that interesting??So they fixed all that for $467.

Bob came home to look at when our brakes were last done and where. They had been fixed in AZ, in Sept of 2017.  We ate lunch at home. At about 2:30 we left and went to Roxie’s vet appt. They checked her anal glands, took a stool sample, drew senior blood work, and did a physical. At least they are getting to know us!

The Vet sent us home with two medications, they also gave her some nausea medication, and sent us home with some digestive food. At this point, the other two do not have any symptoms, so we think Roxie ate something she should not have. She is sneaky and gets stuff when out on her walks. She seems to be doing better.

We returned home ate dinner, and stayed inside, as it is very hot and muggy.

Tuesday- We woke up to rain and a dew point in the high 60’s. Ugh! We have the air conditioner running just for the humidity. Its day 10 and its time to take out Bob’s stitches. We cannot find our stich removal scissors, so we went to one of the  medical supply companies. Michigan people are so nice!. They did not have any of them there, so the gal called all the other companies in Cadillac. None of them had them either! Oh well….

We stopped for lunch at a nice little Mexican restaurant. The food was a lot better than the place in Lake City.  We returned home and I took out Bob’s stiches, using our magnifying glass, tweezers, and the scissors that the hospital had given us. We had a quiet rest if the afternoon.

Wednesday- We had to work today. We started by washing the bathrooms at 8 AM. People were not happy that we had to close them early in the morning, but they would not be happy if they were dirty either! We worked as fast as we could, and finally took a couple of cleaning clothes and dried the floors using our feet.

It was very busy today. I walked into the store and immediately checked the ice machine. EEK, there were only 4 bags of ice!  I immediately started filling bags. I made the coffee, turned the phones over to the office, and started cleaning up. Dan came in and told me that I did not have to make any more ice. The machine cannot keep up, and they are purchasing 30 bags of ice, to be delivered. Sounded good to me!

Bobbie arrived and said that they had to go to Traverse City to purchase a new ice machine. She said that she did not think she would be back until 2. She said she told her daughter, Courtney, to relieve me at 1, but that she did not think she could count on Courtney to do that. Would it be okay if she was late, as she would make it up to me. I said of course; it was not problem.

This meant that Bob and I were in charge of the park. Guess they decided that they could trust us for a few hours. They took off and we had a quiet day. I asked Bob to clean two of the cabins. He had not done that before, so I had asked Bobbi for directions on how she wanted them done. With owning the maid service years ago, we are more used to cleaning the cabins than cleaning the bathrooms, although we have become experts at cleaning a commercial bathroom. Bob cleaned the cabins quickly. I still bagged ice, as the machine made it, as people were purchasing ice as fast as I bagged it. I was just barely keeping up with the demand.

The store was busy with selling ice, wood, candy, clothing, groceries etc. Bob delivered wood and cleaned the sites that where folks were arriving today. Brian arrived around 12:30,as he had been to PT;  he checked in with us, and found that everything that needed to be done, was done.

Bob left at 1, and I stayed until Bobbie and Dan arrived back at 2, with a much larger used ice machine. I returned home and we had a nice nap. Roxie is doing pretty well, with no more vomiting or diarrhea.

Thursday-  Happy 4th of July. We left at 9:30 to go to Lake City for the Festival. We easily found parking in a field in front of the elementary school. We walked over to the vendors. There was a parade, but we were not interested. We wandered through the few vendors, then went to the Senior Center for the Strawberry Shortcake. They were not serving until 11,it was 10, after the parade. I told them we had to be at work, so the gals sold us some shortcake @ $3.50 each. They was delicious.

We walked back to the car, and drove back to Cadillac, stopping at Subway on the way back for subs for lunch. We ate lunch at 11:30, and went to work from 12-4. Oh, was it hot, humid, and generally miserable! There is no air conditioning in the store. They had purchased a new fan, so that helped tremendously, but it was still moving hot, humid air. After our shifts, we returned and enjoyed our air conditioning.

Friday- We had the early shift again today, from 8 to 1. It was awful again; hot and muggy. We washed the bathrooms in 30 minutes, then sat until 9, when Dan arrived to unlock the door to the store. It remained hot and muggy all day. Dan had Bob bagging ice, since the new machine was making a lot of it. He bagged ice until the freezer was full, then the two of us kept up with ice sales, so that when we left, the freezer was still full.

I sold a lot of ice cream. The pool had an issue, so it was closed until 12, which made a lot of kids unhappy. So parents were buying ice cream or slushes.Bobbie was scheduled on from 11 to 3, but she was running the activities. They have a lot of activities for kids, and adults, on the holidays and weekends.

Bobbie relieved me at 1, and we returned home to sit in the air conditioning. We did get a rain storm, which of course made the air even more humid. We went for ice cream in Lake City, after I drank an entire bottle of Propel to get some electrolytes, as I had sweated so much.

We decided to go out to dinner at Lakeside Charlies. It was okay, but they never gave us a drink menu, and it turned out they had beer. The food was good. We returned home and relaxed.

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