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Sat Jun 22 to Fri Jun28- Cadillac MI

Saturday-  We decided to have a quiet day today. We picked up Connie and LaVern at around 2 and took them to Lake City to Tasty Treat. There were 45 people in line ahead of us. We moved quickly and it only took 15 minutes for us to have our ice cream. Everyone was really happy with what they ordered.

At 4 we took the dogs to the dog park, where they met up with George and Gracie, Connie and Lavern’s dogs. They had fun playing.

Connie and Lavern came over to our site at 6, and we warmed up some prime rib that they had. We had some coleslaw. Then we had a nice campfire.

They left at around 8 and returned to their site. I went into the rig to get some water to douse the fire. While I was doing that, I looked up to see Bob flying through the air, and landing, face first on the wood pile. I ran to him, just as he was turning over. He was bleeding like crazy. A guy from across the street came over.I ran in to get something to stop the bleeding. I asked the guy to please douse the fire, which he did.

I could not get Bob to stop bleeding. I initially thought it was from his nose, but it was from a deep laceration under his nose.

I put Bob in the car and used Google Maps to get us to the Munson Cadillac Hospital. The GPS took us to the garbage area! So I drove around the hospital, finding an ambulance in the emergency entrance. I parked and walked Bob to the door. The door was locked, but there was a Paramedic who took one look at us and opened the door for us and went in with us. A nurse put Bob into a wheelchair, and took us to the waiting room to sign in.

I signed Bob in, giving them his insurance information. We were taken back in about 15 minutes. By this time the bleeding had slowed down, and we could see the laceration. The ER nurse said it would need stitches. The PA arrived, they cleaned Bob up, and the PA put 12 stiches in. The are hard to see, as they are just above his moustache. This picture is from AFTER they had cleaned him up.

20190622_221415 (2)

I was really surprised, we were able to save Bob’s shirt! We doused it with Shout and all the blood came out!! I will be removing his stitches in 7 to 10 days.

Sunday- I had posted this on FB, and Connie and Lavern saw it. They stopped by on their way out of the park, to check on Bob, as they were returning home today.

Both of us were scheduled to work today. I was scheduled from 3 to 8, and I had to do the bathrooms at 7:30. Bob came over at 7 and mopped the floors for me. He did not work.

Monday– We were both off today. Bob was doing pretty well. He was a lot less sore than we expected him to be. We did laundry and generally had a quiet day.

Tuesday- We were not scheduled to work, but Bob went to work to make up for Sunday. He did fine, but was teased a lot about not getting in fights! I had a quiet day at home.

Wednesday-  We were both scheduled to work today. It was fairly busy. We worked from 9 to 2.

Thursday- We were off today. We had a quiet day, just going to lunch at Culver’s. The Culver’s is very busy here, so we went to see what was the draw. Nothing special, just a busy Culver’s, We  went grocery shopping and sat out with the dogs.

Friday-We worked today from 9 to 1. Wow, was it  a hectic, busy, day! I arrived to a mess in the store, for some unknown reason, and things went downhill from there. It had rained a lot, so I ended up moving someone from one site to the other. Plus lots of August reservations, lots of people calling for next week, and selling ice, ice cream and slushies. This was the busiest day I have had. I was really glad to get off at 1! We returned to the rig and crashed. We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

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