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Sat. May 25 to Fri. May 31- Cadillac MI

Saturday- We went over to visit our neighbors on the drivers side of the rig. We met with Steve to ask him if we could put our satellite in their site, behind the trees on our side of their site. He said yes, just keep it behind the trees so that when he parked his boat he did not run into it. Joan had been out walking and returned in time for us to meet her.

Bob then spent several hours trying to get the satellite positioned. You would think this was easy, but he had to point it to avoid the trees. The branches and leaves are the problem that we are having. He had to move it numerous times until it finally hit 95%, We even stopped for lunch during the moving.

We sat out with the dogs in the afternoon, up until 3. We left around 3:15 to drive north to the town of Tompkinsville. Our destination was Crystal Mountain Ski Resort for the Michigan Beer and Brat Festival. We arrived at 4, when the festival was to start and found a lot of folks already there. We parked and went to the “will call” for our tickets. We had purchased them online yesterday for $30 each. The door cost was $35. They did not have a ‘designated driver’ price; they said that since there was music, and the brats, they decided not to do a lesser admission price.

We had our hands stamped on the way into the room where we picked up our bracelets. On the way out they handed us each a glass with 10 tickets. Half brats cost 2 tickets, full brats were 4 tickets. The grilled asparagus was 2 tickets, as well as the potato chips, which we thought was expensive for potato chips.

Beer, Mead, or Cider were 3 to 5 tickets, except for the “Special Reserve” beers which were 6 tickets. Liquor and wine were also 6 tickets. We ended up purchasing $20 more in tickets.

We walked up to where their chairlift was, in front of the Lodge. We checked the map and the tents to make a plan. Next time we attend one of these, we will bring chairs with us, as there was absolutely no where to sit.

We started at the Beer, Mead, Cider, Wine tent and I purchased the Virtue Michigan Cherry Cider. It was delicious!


We left that tent and went up the hill to the beer tents put up by the various breweries. Bob had  a Draught Horse Brewery Chocolate Peanut Butter Stout.


He thought that the peanut butter taste was overwhelming. He also had the Right Brain Brewery CEO Stout. It was just okay. We walked over to the Brat tent and ate dinner. There were 5 Brat vendors who were cooking in another area. I had a 1/2 brat, a Hawaiian, by Ebel’s General Store. It was very good with some pineapple in it.; Bob had had a whole Ebel’s Regular brat which he liked. Bob had the potato chips and I had the Grossnickle’s Local Grilled Asparagus which were awesome!



We walked back up the hill and Bob had the Top of the Morning Shorts Brewing Company Special Reserve Irish whiskey-inspired stout aged in bourbon barrels with aromas of bourbon, oak, chocolate and coffee. He thought the bourbon flavor was overwhelming. I only had one ticket left, at this point, so I asked if the gal at Uncle John’s Hard Cider would give me one ticket’s worth of the Tepache Cider. She said she could not, but that she could give me a sample, which she did. I did not like it. It was a special cider with apple cider, pineapple cider and cinnamon. Bob and I both only tasted the cinnamon. Bob had a couple more beers. Bob wanted to taste the Ludington Bay Brewing Company D’Booty By The Campfire With S’mores Stout, but by this time they had run out of their beer and closed up! So we went back and I had a Maxbauer’s Steak and Mushroom 1/2 brat. It was not that good. We split a 1/2 Hawaiian. We left a little after 6, with me driving home.

The RV park activity this evening was beer bingo. We did not attend.  We sat out with the dogs until it became too cold.

Sunday- Bob was scheduled to work 6 hours today and I was scheduled for 4 hours. Okay with me!

Bobbi wanted Bob to learn how to drive the barrel train and the hay wagon. So  he had to be at work at 10, for the barrel train. The barrel train is pulled by a golf cart. There are 10 little plastic barrels on wheels and they drive kids, under 9 years of age, around the park. They zig –zag and drive in circles.

I went to work at 11, in the office, with Bobbi. I dished out a lot of ice  cream and slushies. Plus people were purchasing T-shirts and other items. I set up the Honey Wagon for two sites. It was pretty busy.

Bob walked in the door and his first words were “ I didn’t do it!”.( after his issue last week with backing over a picnic table, he was a little paranoid). Brian was driving the barrel train, doing the zig zagging and some stupid kid on a bike, who are told they are not to be near the barrel train, got run over on his bike!

The kid jumped right up, and Bob and Brian checked on him. When he jumped up, he was holding his arm down. Bob’s first thought was that he had a broken arm. Fortunately, he did not. He was just bruised and battered. He actually had a stain on his shirt where the wheel rode over his shoulder.

Bobbi took off to talk to the parents, doing some damage control. Meanwhile, I had a guy who was booking 8 sites for Labor Day weekend. I had to put each in individually, while also renting bikes and selling charcoal etc.. It was fairly busy!

The customer only paid for 5 of the sites, 3 more folks were to come in later to pay for their sites. One of them showed up before I left, and when I went into her reservation, it was not there. She had received the email about the site, so I was confused. I finally searched for her name and found the reservation. Bobbi had left by this time, so we called her. She ran over and had me reboot the computer. That did it, all of the reservations popped up. Whew, that was scary…

We were both off at 3. Bob had meanwhile been staying in the office, delivering fire wood when I told him the sites. I rode my bike home and Bob walked. His bike needs to go to the shop on Tuesday as he has a broken part which tore the leg of one of his jeans.

We ate dinner at 5:30, as Bob had to be back before 6 to do the Hay Ride at 6. He had driven the route in the morning with the barrel train and the tractor pulling the hay wagon, so he knew what to do. At 6:30 he did the barrel train again. He was home by 7.

Monday- Happy Memorial Day! We did our usual Sunday tasks today, since we worked yesterday. Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry. There are only 2 machines, so he has to do several trips, as our usual load is 3 machines.

We did our usual other tasks. We watched the park empty out as people had to be out by 12. We decided to go to lunch in Lake City, to Poncho Villa Mexican Restaurant, which Bobbi had recommended. We drove over and dodged cars and RV’s crossing the street, as everyone was heading home from the Memorial Day Weekend.

We were not impressed with the food. Bob had a very small tamale with refried beans. I had a lunch chili relleno and taco. I gave Bob my taco since the tamale was so small. Bob thought his tamale did not have any flavor. The cheese in my relleno had gone all over the plate. We won’t be going there again.

We had a quiet afternoon. After walking the dogs in the evening, we put the dogs into the fenced area and loaded Bob’s bike into the car because it is supposed to rain.

Tuesday- Bob took the bike to the bike repair shop and stopped at Walmart to have an oil change. I cleaned the rig. We had a quiet day as it rained most of the day.

Wednesday- We both worked. Bob cleaned sites and picked up trash. I worked in the office. I  dusted and swept the office. I  found that the ladies room floor was covered with sand and dirt, so I swept and mopped the ladies room. The soap dispensers had left soap on the counters, so I cleaned that up.

Thursdays- We had a rough night and morning. Koda woke up around 3:30  with an upset tummy. We cleaned it up and went back to sleep. While I was in the shower, I heard a big bang. I called to Bob to ask what had happened. Karlie had fallen off the bed and knocked over the stuff we put in the toilet. We store it in the shower, and I had taken it out while I was showering. It is Pinesol and Cascade bath beads. Bob was on the floor trying to clean it up. We will have to wash the carpeting.

Bob worked 10 to 2 and I worked 11 to 3. Bob continued to clean up the park. Someone else had cleaned the bathrooms, but I swept and mopped the office, store and game room. I did it in spurts so that I would not be too tired and sore.

Friday- We left a little after 9 and went to the Market in Cadillac. This had just opened. It is a craft/farmers market. Since the weather has been so cold, there was no vegetables, except asparagus. We purchases nice chocolate cherry scones.

We drove north to Traverse City. Our first stop was at Best Buy. When Bob bought his phone two weeks ago, I had purchased a special scan drive to move pictures from my cell phone to my computer. The guy at Best Buy could not find one in the store, so he had to have it mailed to me. When it arrived, I found that it would not work with Windows 10. It says it does, but I could not get it to work. I did some research and found that others had the same issue, so I turned it back in for a refund. The gal doing the refund noted that on the back it says that it is compatible with Windows 10, but it sure did not work.

Our next stop was at Target, then on to Costco. We did not need any gas, which was a shame, as the gas at Costco was $2.68 and it is $2.98 everywhere else! We will wait until Monday or Tuesday and purchase our next gas, as the gas is going up 20 cents each weekend. The temp at Costco was 80. We went downtown to the Grand Traverse Pie Company, by the lake, and the temp was at least 10 degrees cooler. We did not buy any pie; we both bought salads, which we had ‘to go’.

We went to Moomer’s Ice Cream and had a flight. Bob is the one always getting beer flights, but this time I could enjoy the ice cream flight! We both ate the 5 flavors, chocolate raspberry, chocolate brownie, moomberry, chocolate Carmel and toffee. They are all small scoops. It cost the same as two single scoops.

20190531_123641 (2)

We drove home, emptied the car, walked the dogs, and ate our salads. We took a short nap and went to Alde’s, Walmart and Meires. We returned home and ate dinner on the picnic table. We had a pretty wild thunderstorm this evening.

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