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Sat. May 18 to Fri. May 24- Cadillac MI

Saturday-  We went to Lake City, which is about 8 miles east of us. We stopped at Rustic Hog, a BBQ place. We had been told that it was very good, and we agreed. The only problem was that it was outside seating in a tent area, and it was rainy and cold. We did have good BBQ though…


We went to Walmart shopping. We returned and took a short nap. We went to dinner at Clam Lake Beer Company. We were not impressed with either the food or the beer. They had mostly IPA’s.

While we were there, Bob’s niece, Stormi, called. She was working on John’s obituary. The funeral is on the 28th and he is being buried at the Cemetery at Fort Leavenworth. Bob is doing well with all this since he was able to spend some time with John last month.

Here is the obituary:

(This is a condensed version)
John Charles Gray, 69, of Olathe KS.
Passed away Thursday May 16, 2019.
John was born June 12,1949 the oldest son of Maurice “Jack” and Dora (Turpin) Gray.
He was a proud Naval Veteran. He was the proud husband of Ethel.
A proud father to two beautiful daughters,
Stormi Zacharias & Holly Olson,
Even prouder grandfather to 4 grandsons,
Colton Berry, Jason Berry, Keyton Yandell and Wyatt Olson. And 2 beautiful granddaughters Kailin and Tailar Olson
John was proceeded in death by both parents, grandparents, many aunts and uncles.
He is survived but his wife Ethel, of the home. Brothers
Robert (Denise) and Jack “Joe” Gray. Both daughter and all his grandchildren. One nephew Arron (Casey) and Brandy Gray.Services will be held at The Branches Church,Olathe, Kansas
Tuesday May 28, 2019 at 10:30 am.Full military internment at Leavenworth National Cemetery, to fallow a church luncheon. Memorials are requested to be made to the
Puppy Jake Foundation To assist Veterans with service dogs.
And may be made online or by mail.
(Obituaries will also be in the he St Joseph News press. As well as the Kansas Chief.)

Sunday-  We thought that the laundry at the park was too expensive at $3 to wash and 75 cents for 15 minutes to dry. So we did our usual Sunday tasks, then went to a laundromat in town, which, on Yelp, was listed as the least expensive. It turned out to be $3.50 per wash, and the drying was $0.25 for 5.5 minutes. About $1.25 to dry. Most other places you get 7-8 minutes per quarter.

We grabbed food at Burger King on the way home and ate when we arrived back at the rig.

We had thunderstorms all afternoon and it rained very hard. Unfortunately, the winds knocked the satellite over, which means we had to re-set it. It seems like the leaves are getting bigger, so we are having problems with the satellite.

Around 6, it became sunny, for a short period of time. so we went to dinner at Bob Evans. That is the end of us eating out for awhile, as we are going back on our diets.

Bobbie texted us our schedule for the week. We both work Tues-Wed-Thu. We thought that was odd, since this coming weekend is Memorial Day, and we expect the park to be busy. We may be wrong…. guess she needs us to assist with getting the park ready.

Here is Bob tugging with Koda.


Monday- The weather is still cool (40’s overnight and 50’s during the day). I cleaned the rig. The rig settled a bit, so Bob re-balanced. We had a quiet day just doing laundry and settling in.

Tuesday-  My time today was 12 to 5. I filled bags of ice and swept. Bobbi showed me the computer system and we talked about a lot of items like the ice cream and the popcorn machine.

She let me go at 4, but the time still counts towards my weekly 14 hours.

Bob had worked on cleaning sites for his 5 hours.

Wednesday- It was pouring rain. Bobbie texted me and said instead of going in at 10, I should wait until 11:30. I arrived at 11:30 and Bobbi was not there. One of the guys, Brian let me in. Bobbie arrived a few minutes earlier.

Today I did some more ice bags, I processed two reservations, and we priced and hung up T-shirts and Hoodies in all sizes. She also gave me both of our staff shirts.

Bob continued to work on cleaning and getting sites ready. Bobbie sent me home at 4, which was the original time I was going to be leaving, if I had not gone in early. I was walking home and Bob picked me up and gave me a ride in the  4-wheeler that he was using today.

I had to clean up the rig when I returned. Karlie has been sick all day. She woke up this morning with diarrhea. Poor baby, she looked like she was sick! Bob said he had to clean up at lunch also. During the evening she started looking like she felt better. Needless to say, she did not eat at all today.

Thursday- Bob went to work at 9:00 so that he would work until 1. I went to work from 2-6. This was our 4 hour day. Bob continued to work on cleaning up the sites since the park will be full this holiday weekend. While doing that in the John Deer Gator, he accidently backed up into an old picnic table and got it stuck. He had to have help from Dan to get the Gator out of the picnic table. The table was demolished, which was not too much of an issue, since it was old and not one of the new ones. He is being teased so about it and so was I. LOL


I worked on hanging more clothing, reservations, and checking folks in.  We also set up the candy counters and did cleaning. I cleaned the ice cream cooler and the all of the game machines. These include pin ball machines and other types of machines for the kids. I also sold merchandise like T-shirts, Hoodies, and toys.

We were both tired by the end of the day and we had a quiet evening.

Friday-  We went to the Cadillac Visitor center and did some  grocery shopping. We started at Aldi’s, went to Walmart then to Meier’s. All three are right in a row. We did some tasks around the rig. Nothing exciting today! I was glad I was not working, as the computer system went down and the printer broke. They did not have a great day! I found that out when I stopped in to get the activities schedule for the weekend.

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