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Sat. May 11 to Fri. May 17- Holland to Cadillac Michigan

Saturday- We went to the Camp-host’s rig for coffee. We sat for about an hour talking with the camp-host’s and other folks from the campground. We stayed away from downtown Holland due to the festival. Traffic is awful on the weekends during tulip season!  One thing we did was talk to the couple next to us. They had this on the back of their motor home.

20190511_094048   20190511_094058

It is called a Komo; it is from Canada. The husband saw it on the road, behind another rig, and took a picture of it. Then he went online and ordered it to be delivered to them in Florida. They store their bikes inside, with the front wheel off the bikes. They also store a lot of other stuff, as there is a lot of room. The Komo comes with an extension for the Blue Ox hitch. It also, so that you can get into the engine, unhooks and swings to the side, remaining on the back of the rig. They actually use it for extra storage at their site in Florida. We thought it was really cool! Unfortunately, it is expensive….

We left and went to de Boer’s Dutch Restaurant for lunch. It was right down the road from us. We had a 15 minute wait. They had a nice menu. Bob ordered a sandwich and the waitress said that on the weekends they only serve breakfast. So he had to punt and have an omelet. I had the Eggs Benedict. Geez, we went there for the Dutch food! Oh well…. They also had a bakery and there was nothing left by the time we arrived for lunch!

We returned to the rig and took the dogs to the dog park.  We ate dinner at home. The day was cloudy, so no sunset today. 

Sunday-  At 10 AM, we left for the Moederdag Market at the Civic Center. This was described at a Dutch Mother’s Day Market. It was focused on women. It was part craft fair and the write up said 50 handpicked merchants. Huh? There were about 20 there. Some inside and some outside. We stopped at Kohls then, stopped at Zoups for lunch.  It was cold and cloudy again, so soup was a great idea! We picked up the food and took it home with us.

We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob ran to the laundromat and I did laundry at home.  That was our big excitement for the day! We took the dogs to the dog park in the afternoon, but we did not stay very long as it became windy and it was pretty cold with the wind.

Monday-I went for a mani/pedi in the morning. We bought gas, $2.68, and ran the car through the car wash as it was filthy. We went downtown, since the festival was over, to Alpenrose for lunch. Bob had their unlimited soup and I ordered a crepe. Half of their menu was not available because they had run out of food during the festival. So the menu was limited. It was a lousy crepe, but the wild mushroom soup was excellent!

We walked up and down the nice downtown.


20190513_130355 (2)


The best store was Cherry Nation. They sold all things cherry. We tried a lot of the samples. We did not purchase anything, but the samples were really good!

We returned home and took the dogs to the dog park. One thing I have not mentioned before, was the house below.

20190513_173741 (2)

This is a fairly new house. It took 5 years to build and belongs to the “Amway” family. I have no idea what it cost, but it is right on the channel from Lake Michigan and faces Lake Michigan. The family helicopter in on weekends. There is a flag pole in the front, and when the flag is up, the family is “in residence”.

We took the dogs to the park again, for the last time! We went to dinner at Don Petroni’s again, this time ordering an excellent pizza. We had leftovers which we will have for lunch tomorrow.

We watched our last sunset over Lake Michigan.


Tuesday- We took our time getting ready to leave. We did not have to be out of the state park until 1, so we drove out around 11. We traveled to Grand Rapids and turned onto Hwy. 31, which is a freeway. We stopped for lunch at a rest area, then arrived in Cadillac at about 1:30. Bobbi, the owner, was not there. We found out that she had purchased another RV park 2 weeks ago and was over there working on stuff. She had one of the guys escort us to our site. We are in a brand new site in the back of the park, with 50 amp FHU. The site was not even labeled yet! That means not a lot of grass, but good electric!

Unfortunately, there was a tree right in the way of our roof mounted satellite. So Bob had to put up our portable satellite, which is a chore. He managed to get it working well, so we are okay with TV. We are so far north, it is still pretty chilly. Michigan is running about 10 degrees colder than their average temp. 

After we were set up we went into Cadillac to view the town. It is small, but has several breweries, banks, gas stations, Walmart, Meier’s grocery story, Aldi’s, Hobby Lobby, and even a Bath and Body Works. Of course, there are the usual fast food restaurants.

We returned and stopped in to meet Bobbi and a few other workers on our way back into the park. We don’t need to start work until next week.

We decided that we did not want to cook, so we ran to Meirer’s and picked up a roasted chicken, coleslaw and some rolls.

Wednesday- We continued to settle in. There is a dog park in town, so we checked that out. We went to lunch at the Blue Heron, a very nice little cafe, which serves breakfast and lunch. At 4, I had a Chiropractor appt., so I dropped Bob off at the dog park in town and went to the appointment. I was very impressed with Chiropractor and had a good adjustment.

We had checked with Bobbi on places to use, so I made a hair appointment and Bob started working on other places we will need while we are here.

Thursday- I had a hair appointment at 10:30 AM. I was very happy with my cut. We ate leftovers from lunch yesterday. There is a dog run in the park, so we have been going over there a couple of times a day. We ate dinner at home

Friday-  We left at 9:30 and drove north to Traverse City. Our first stop was at Best Buy for a new phone for Bob. His battery is slowly dying, but we were not really ready to purchase a new phone, but with the tariffs, we decided it might be a good idea to make the purchase now. Bob purchased a Galaxy S10e. Fortunately, it uses the same cord, so we did not need to purchase a new cord for the car, since we already had one for my S9.

Our next stop was lunch at Café D’Amie a nice little french bistro. I had the Croque Monsieur. Bob had a beef similar sandwich.

We stopped at Target, Petsmart, and Costco. Gas at Costco was $2.68. In town the cheapest we saw was $2.89.

Our final stop was at Moomers Ice Cream! It is rated the best ice cream, in the country,  by GMA in their survey. We had it last time we were in Michigan and we were really looking forward to having it again.

It was easy to find, as the place was very busy! They even bused in seniors for a field trip from an Assisted Living!  I had a scoop of the chocolate almond brownie and Bob had the peanut butter chocolate. Both were delicious!


We returned home. This was the longest that we had left the dogs since we adopted Koda, but all was well. They were happy to see us and took a nice long walk. We sat outside in out fenced area ( we had brought our fence from AZ in the back of the car). It was nice and sunny, with the temp about 68. There was a light breeze, which eventually picked up. Sunset is at after 9 PM, as we are so far north. We may even be able to see the Northern Lights if we can ever have a cloud free evening!

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