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Sat. Apr. 6 to Fri. 12- Fredericksburg TX.

Saturday- We had the Pancake Breakfast this morning. I really had not volunteered much this rally, because I have enough with the three dogs and my heel which is still bothering me. With walking over 10,000 steps a day, it has been very painful in the evenings.

They were having pictures today, but since Bob was not here, I did not do a picture. Rudy has said that he will take ours once Bob returns.

Bob and Stormi have been working diligently on trying to get the Doc’s to make a decision. They were pushing for Hospice. Each day, the Doc’s would say that the cancer is in another location. At this point there are 20 tumors in the brain, tumors in the lymph nodes, the lung tumor, and it is in his liver. They are still doing tests and they have not received the information from the VA hospital.

In the evening, we had the Sheriffs Diner. This is where the unknown Sheriff, it turned out to be Jeff Venable, fines you 25 to 50 cents for “infractions” like not wearing your name tag or anything else they can think of… he collected $187, which will be donated to a local charity.

20190406_200323 (2)

Sunday-  Bob was supposed to return today, but he had changed his ticket. He is going to return on Tuesday. He is staying because Ethel, the SIL, is being discharged from the hospital today. Bob has been trying to obtain home health services for John, to assist Ethel with his care.

Ethel came straight to the hospital. She is in severe denial. She called Stormi and told her she was taking John home, Tuesday, no matter what. She had Stormi very upset. We have been trying to back Stormi in everything. Ethel did make an appointment with the Oncologist for Wednesday. Stormi is planning to attend the appointment also…

I registered for the main rally, the AOC. That was about it for today. Linda and I walked the dogs. Someone had taken her dog to the Vet just down the street and the Vet told her that there had been 2 dogs from the park with Parvo. This meant that I could no longer use the dog park to run Koda. That created a problem, as doing a long, long walk with Koda was not possible due to my heel. I did go to Walmart, as it started raining.


The problem with walking the dogs in the large grassy area are the dandelion’s above. They are very sharp. There is another kind, which did not show up well in the picture, which has fine sharp needles. So I was only walking the dogs on the road. I was able to let they walk in our site, as Bob had removed all of these dandelions.

The Mobile Lube guy arrived to change our transmission fluid. Bob had scheduled him and he was very nice. I had to take the jacks up for him to check to make sure that everything was okay. Then I had to re-level the coach. This is one of Bob’s tasks so I had to call him, to have him walk me through this activity.

We had the Welcome Dinner this evening. It was a catered dinner with Lasagna and Penna pasta. Dinner was very good. They announced that next year’s AOC is going to be in Branson MO. I immediately texted Bob to let him know. We are already planning to attend!

Monday-  I had nothing until 1:30, so I went downtown and walked one block. I was able to find an item to place over the valance in the bedroom. I took this picture and sent it via text to Bob. He asked me to measure it, so I borrowed a tape measure from the store employee and did the measurement. Bob told me to go ahead and purchase it.

Since our blog’s name is Wanderlust, this works! I had also purchased a new quilt which I was planning to surprise Bob with when he returned. No, it was not very expensive…

20190404_125219 (2)

At 1:30 I attended the RV Disaster Corps seminar. This is a group, Texas only, which works with FEMA to assist communities, following disasters. They go in for short term time frames, long past the time that the first responders are in the area, and have left the area, to continue to assist with helping people. RV’ers come with their own lodging, thereby, not placing extra stress on the fragile areas. It was an interesting service, which may eventually go nationwide. I went to the 4 PM Roadrunner social.

Meanwhile, Bob, Stormi, and Ethel were meeting with the Doctors. Ethel remains in denial about the seriousness of John’s diagnosis. Both Bob and Stormi want Hospice started. The Radiology Oncologist made a strong case for doing radiation of the brain and lung. John and Ethel made the decision to go with the radiation, which is their right.

Bob gave Ethel information on the available services in the area to assist her. She, smiled, took the information, and we believe she will ignore it.

Tuesday- I had a 9AM Women’s seminar where we discussed various items we really like that we have in our rigs. I was not really excited about the crafts, so I did not attend those seminars. We did schedule an Instapot seminar. ‘

Bob’s plane was arriving at 1:35 so at a little before 12, I left to drive to the airport in Austin. The ride was a hour and forty minutes. I arrived and there was a cell phone lot. So that was where I stopped. It was a well done lot. There was a gas station, restaurant, and a board listing the arrivals. Unfortunately, Bob’s plane was not on the list. Bob texted me and I ran to the airport to pick him up.

We drove back to Fredericksburg. The really nice thing was that the wildflowers are blooming and the area is beautiful.

We arrived back in time for Bob to greet the dogs, walk them, and we went at 5 PM to the Leisure Coach Works sponsored dinner. LCW has done this each year for the Alfa Rally. The menu is always hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, beans, chips, sodas and water.

This year, dessert was from the park, which was ice cream. The ice cream was from a local place and really excellent.

This was the sky as we left the dinner…


Wednesday- We decided to go take the Willow City Loop to view the wildflowers. We found the road and drove the loop. The flowers were beautiful.




The blue flowers are the famous Texas Blue Bonnets. The drive was awesome!

We stopped at Backwoods BBQ for lunch, as Bob missed the BBQ dinner which was so good. He enjoyed the brisket, which we both had.

We returned and Bob attended the Round Table with Jon Goldstein from LCW. We had our social hour, then we had the Roadrunner Chapter dinner with was a German meal. It was Schnitzel, gravy, German potato salad, salad,green beans,  sauerkraut, and bread. It was very good. Dessert was apple strudel or Black Forest Cake ( Bob’s favorite). We had a nice time talking with friends. Below is a picture of the park with some of the 90 Alfa’s in attendance.

20190411_093912 (2)

Thursday- Because we did not know Bob’s schedule, I did not sign us up for the dog show. We went to Walmart. At 11, I went to the Instapot seminar. One thing that I learned, was that our Sun City friend, John, had placed a PVC elbow over the steam vent to keep the steam from damaging the cabinets. Bob measured the top and we are going to do this!

We picked up lunch from Porky’s a really good carry out place about 1 mile down the road. At 1:30, Bob went to the Round Table with Dick Albritton. We had our social at 5. There was a ton of leftovers from the dinner last night, so we took some containers and loaded up with leftovers. We dropped them off into our refrigerator.

We took our leftover bottle of Tequila with us. We also sampled some Bourbon Cream. That was sort of like Baileys Irish Cream, but much smoother. Along with my wine and Bob’s beer, well, it was a good thing we were not driving anywhere! LOL.

Dinner was the AOC Farewell dinner. It was basically a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey, stuffing, gravy, mash potatoes, salad, green beans and peach cobbler for dessert.


We did not win any of the prizes. We said our good-byes to a lot of people. Below are some of the prizes. The Roadrunners had two baskets, each worth $350. Note that the “leaves” are money…


This second bouquet is from the Lone Stars. I am not sure how much money was there.



Friday- We went downtown to visit the shops. We walked the area, waving at Alfa’s as they passed by on Main Street, heading out of town. We visited the “tasting” business, which has taskings of a lot of salsa, peanut butters, pickles,, jams, jelly’s etc..That was lunch!

We went back to the rig, took a nap, and had a quiet afternoon. We left around 4:30, to drive south to Comfort TX to meet up with my cousin Diane and her husband Vic. I had not seen them in a long time. Each time we came through Texas, they were out of town!

The original restaurant that Diane had chosen was closed, so we went to a new place in town called Soul Food. It was very good and became very crowded. We had a great visit.

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