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Sat. March 16 to Fri March 22- Sun City AZ

Saturday- The wind has calmed down a bit this morning. It is also warmer. It’s going to be in the high 70’s today! Finally, the weather is improving.

We were invited to a park pot luck. The Activities Director , Gina,, who is no longer here, unilaterally decided that we were not having a St. Patrick’s Day parade. People were upset, so they decided to have a pot luck luck, in the green space between 12th and 13th streets. This is an open area due to gas pipes running through the area. People pay extra fees to back up this green space.

About 100 people showed up. It was a lot of fun. They had three separate tables of food. Of course, there was a lot of food!


Near us, there were some guys playing…

20190316_111730It was scheduled from 11 to 1, we left around 12:30 to go walk the dogs. We sat out with them for awhile. We left a little before 4 to go meet up with Jim and Diane at a Richter Aleworks. The food was mediocre but the beer was acceptable. There are better places.

The food did not hold us, so we went to Mighty Moos’ for some ice cream. This is Diane and Jim’s favorite place. The ice cream was very good and it was located right near the compounding pharmacy where we get Karlie’s heart medication.

Sunday- Happy St. Patrick’s Day, We did some of our usual tasks. Bob dropped off the laundry. I rode my bike over so that I could find which machines the laundry was in…Bob continued on to Costco for gas and then to Home Depot to pick up a power washer. He returned and started to power wash the patio. It really needed it, as he had spilled some paint on it when he was painting the pantry drawers.  He rented it for 4 hours, so he had to move quickly. I rode my bike over to move the laundry from the washers to the dryers, then took the car to pick up the laundry. Bob finished and returned the power washer to Home Depot.

We had a quiet afternoon, up until 4, when we rode our bikes over to Allen and Donna’s site for our Alfa social. They served corn beef and cabbage, MaryAnne brought potatoes and we brought the appetizer. Linda brought ‘Uncle Ralph’s” cake. It is a very moist chocolate cake. We stayed until 7. We returned, walked and fed the dogs.

Monday-  We had a quiet morning. Karlie had her Vet appointment at 2:30. We took only her to the Vets, hoping that it would work leaving Roxie with Koda. It seemed to go well.

They drew Karlie’s blood for a Renal Panel. They also checked her urine. She is slowing down in the afternoons, as she walks really slowly. She is not eating or drinking enough. She had lost 1/4 lb. since last month. We try everything we can think of to get her to eat and drink. She flat out refuses to eat the expensive kidney food! Silly dog, she will eat for Linda and Mike, so every evening after dinner, and after they are fed, we walk over to Linda and Mike’s rig and they feed her dog food from their neighbor. We have Linda finding out what the food is so that we can give the gal a bag for her dog…

When we returned to the park, I dropped Bob off at Linda and Mike’s rig to assist with installing the Magna Shades. We have had these for years, but they just purchased them. Bob says that they have made a lot of changes to them since we bought ours in 2008.

We sat outside with the dogs until dinner. The water had been turned off all day in the park for repairs. They finally turned it back on around 4 pm. We watched Ozark on Netflix, as I am cancelling the Netflix on the 20th. Our billing cycle starts the 23rd.

Tuesday- I went over and played Maj. I was able to play with just the other Denise. We had a great time. There were two other tables of 4.  Bob washed the Magna Shades. He went at 1 PM to have his crown placed. I sat with the dogs out on the patio. Surprisingly, Karlie and Roxie started to play. Poor Koda does not understand how to play,so she jumped up and down. It was a hoot!

We ate dinner, walked the dogs, and returned for a quiet evening until 10. After their last walk, they started a “Schoodle 500”. Koda participated. Karlie only ran one time. We had gotten out of the way, and Karlie joined us. Koda and Roxie did about 5 runs from the front to the bed and back. So Koda is learning, slowly, to play!

Wednesday- I went to Maj in the morning. While I was gone, Bob went to Costco to return three Izod shirts we had purchased. I was so excited to get them. Bob will only wear Polo’s with pockets. Costco had them and they fit well. Unfortunately, when washed, they wrinkled. I tried everything. Just hanging them to dry or to dry them in the dryer. I refuse to iron the shirts, so he returned them.

I returned, we ate lunch, then I went to have my hair cut. When I returned, we took the dogs to the dog park. We were the only ones there. The dogs ran, well at least Roxie and Koda did!

We stopped at Dairy Queen on the way back for the free small vanilla cone, as it was free cone day.

At 5, we went to the free pizza dinner. The band was very good. They did pizza shifts. Ours was 5 pm, there was a 3, and a 4. We joined Linda and her friend Cheryl, Donna and Allen. MaryAnne and Ray where visiting with her brother and his family who were in town.

We returned, walked the dogs, and had a quiet evening.

Thursday– We were out the door early for my appointment with the Podiatrist. Do I need surgery? That was my question, as it has been really hurting. Previously, he had said that it was PT or surgery. I did the PT, and was cut off early by the insurance. It still hurts in various places, which change every day, or even every hour.

He said he was not ready to do surgery yet. He checked the heel and felt that it was stable, so he decided to treat it as Planar Fasciitis. Okay, well that is better than surgery! So he did a steroid injection. He used a small needle and did the injection slowly. It still hurt, but was okay. It was numb for hours 

Bob dropped me off at Maj. I played from there until 12. I returned and we ate lunch. We are working on getting ready to leave on Monday, so we are very busy.

At 4 Bob went to the Resident’s meeting. Scott announced that the city of Peoria ( where we are actually located) left him a message that they will be starting the work on an entrance lane into the park next February. He immediately called them back and said no, you can’t do it in February! That is one of our busiest times! DUH! Anyway, after he explained that to them, they changed the start date to the summer of 2020. Whew, that is a lot better. So nice to have a manager with some common sense.

We never knew who the previous manager was. We never saw him. The city, when they were going to fix the drainage system on Union Hills,  held a meeting with the residents. He did not attend, and the residents told the city people that they could not do it until at least May, when the park is cleared out. That manager was walked out in handcuffs, arrested for embezzlement.

Anyway, I went to a Doctor’s appointment. We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Friday- I had my nail appointment, which lasted 2 hours. I think I am going to switch over to the pedicure gal for my mani’s, as the gal I have been using, keeps me waiting too long.

I returned and we went to Café Zupas for lunch, then to Costco and Walmart for groceries. By this time my heel was throbbing. I iced it and wore my sandals, it they did not hurt as badly.

We went to dinner with MaryAnne and Ray at the Streets of New York. They treated us to dinner for cooking for them when MaryAnne was so sick. She is finally getting better, although she has set backs. The surgeon does not want her to leave until at least May. She says they are leaving in May, no matter what, to get out of the heat.

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