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Mar. 9 to Mar. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- Roxie let me know she wanted to go out while Bob was in the shower. So I took her out. She did not really want to go… Anyway, then Koda had a accident. My fault, I should have taken Koda with me. Oh well….

Everyone was fed and we went for a walk around the block for their after eating walk. We did a few tasks, then took all the dogs to the dog park to get some of Koda’s energy out. She does not know how to chase a ball. We had hoped that a dog in the big dog area would run up and down the fence with her, but no one did. At least she got some exercise.

She panted on the way over and the way back in the car, so she is still stressed about being moved again. We returned at 10:20 and put Koda in the crate before we left. Bob moved it into the hallway so she could see the  rest of the rig.

We left and drove to Scottsdale to meet up with Jacqui, Paul, Connie and Lavern  at Two Brothers Pub and Brewery.  Bob and Lavern traded beer info. We had a great time visiting.

We returned home and let Koda out of her crate. She greeted us with the other two dogs. We walked them again. Bob is walking Koda and working on walking etiquette. In RV parks you do not cut through anyone’s site, so we don’t want her going into a site, or walking back and forth across the street. We do  not have a lot of traffic here, but  elsewhere it could be!

We settled in on the patio for about 1/2 hour. We ate dinner and had a quiet evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob took the car for gas again at Costco, and drove right in again. The cost was $2.35/gal. After lunch we took the dogs to the dog park again. Again, Koda panted all the way there and all the way back.

There were no dogs in the small dog area when we first arrived. It is a large park. The small dog area is about 1.5 acres. Bob stood at one end and I stood on the other, we called Koda to come. She ran full out, back and forth. She did it perfectly and we decided that she had been taught ‘come"’.

Right as we ran out of treats, a lady arrived with 4 small dogs, who were all rescues. We talked with her and the dogs ran a bit together. She goes there all the time and said that sometimes the large dogs will run on the fence with the small dogs. That is what we are hoping for, to get out some of Koda’s energy.

We ran to Petsmart and purchased a collar tag for Koda. She enjoyed the pack outing…

When we returned home, we put Koda in the crate again, and left to go to Dick’s sporting goods. Bob needs some waterproof shoes for doing the general maintenance this summer. His old ones died a few years ago. Mine are still okay… we also purchased two collapsible ‘rocking’ chairs. We had seen that a lot of people had them in Quartzsite.

Then we went to Best Buy. We are checking on phones for Bob. We talked to the customer service guy about ATT and Verizon. We have Verizon, but since we have Direct TV, we get a lot of offers. We think if Bob goes with ATT, we can get unlimited streaming. We are looking at pricing.

Then we went to look at Android tablets. Bob’s tablet is dying. He has to do Android, as the new computer program that monitors the rig, is on Android. We ended up ordering it, as they did not have one in stock, as they were on sale. So it is to arrive on Wednesday.

By this time it was after 4. We stopped at Fry’s to pick up a few items. They had been on our list for Friday, but somehow they disappeared off the list. Anyway, they had a lot of digital coupons for the items, so I quickly downloaded the app, as I already have an account with them. Then clicked on the items we wanted. We saved about $5, which was good!

We returned home and started defrosting Tri Tip for dinner. We took the dogs out onto the patio. We ate dinner and watched some TV. 

Monday- We both had our Dental appointments today. I got a little delayed, as the Hygienist used some sort of equipment that pushes water under the gum. It was leaking and she had to get a replacement. So Bob was finished before I was.

The Dentist found that I have a cracked tooth and I need a crown. He said that the bad news is that “ your husband also needs one”. I made our fall appointments and then we worked on getting appointments for the crowns. Whew! That is a lot of money at one time! Unfortunately, we do not have the time to go to Mexico to have it done.

Good thing we are not traveling a lot this summer, so that we can refill the savings accounts!

Tuesday- I had the Retired Nurses Breakfast this morning. We had to walk the dogs quickly this morning. Then I had to drop off the cabinet key for Maj so that they could get the sets.

We had a really great speaker, Diane Burke Fessler. She studied journalism, but never was a reporter. About 20 years ago, her aunt was dying and the aunt gave her a box of letters that a friend, who was a WWII nurse, had sent the aunt weekly, while she was serving during the war.

She read them and found them so interesting, that she decided to write a book. It’s called “No Time for Fear- Voices of American Nurses In World War II’. She attended the Nurse’s reunion, and interviewed them. She even interviewed 15 nurses, here in the Valley of the Sun. One of the nurses used to belong to our retired nurses group. She is now 102 and living in Assisted Living; she no longer attends.

So the book tells the story of these Nurses through their interviews. The information was fascinating about these unsung heroes. 

I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and picked up some Mucinex for Bob, then stopped at the office to pick up tickets for the pizza party on the 20th. The park gives us free pizza!  They were still giving tickets for the 4:00 serving, so I texted everyone and we are returning tomorrow for the 5 PM tickets. I did purchase our tickets for the St. Paddy’s day lunch.

I returned and ordered the book on Amazon. The book is now required reading in some Nursing programs. We walked the dogs, then I went to Café Zupas for lunch with friend Annette. We had a great time. Meanwhile, the RV park in Benson had called to let us know that their swimming pool is still closed. We don’t care, we are interested in their Observatory.

The gal at CORE, the PT office, called. They are having a problem getting the authorization for my PT. They had cancelled on Monday and now she was cancelling Thursday, and all PT until further notice.  This is an issue, as we leave in less than 2 weeks.

I returned home and called the approval company, Ortho Net.

We had a quiet evening at home.  We have decided to keep Koda, and so I texted Kim. She was happy with that. We will send her a check and she will send us the paperwork. Koda is chipped and has had all of her shots. She just needs the heart worm medication. We already have an appointment for her to have her heart worm check and to get the medication. When we went to bed I flipped on the light in the hallway and it did not work.

Wednesday- During the night the front came through and the wind is blowing. At least the rain that we have had for the last 2 days is gone and the sun is shining. It is still cold( for AZ) outside.

We walked the dogs, then Bob started working on fixing the light. I went to my Dental appt. to have the crown put on. Because we are leaving in less than 2 weeks, we both chose to have the crown made in house. They have a machine that does that, he then checked to make sure it fit, then the Hygenist “cooked” it. He popped it on and I was on my way. Less than an 1.5 hours.

We walked the dogs when I returned. Bob said he just could not figure out what was wrong with the light.He had checked the switch, the electric, the fuses etc… So he called Allen. Allen came over. He thought about it and said what position is the switch, in the front on? Huh?? What switch? It turns out there is a switch next to the drivers seat and Bob had accidently hit it when he did something up there yesterday! We have owned the rig for 12 years and did not realize there was this light switch in the front! Bob showed it to me what I returned home…

At 3:45, we went to the 4 PM Town Hall. Scott has learned that he gets a great turn out if he serves ice cream. We arrived to find a long line for the ice cream. We each were given an Eskimo Pie. It’s been a long time since we each have had one! We almost did not find a seat as there was a great attendance!

After the meeting, we returned to the rig, ate dinner and watched TV.

Thursday-  My PT is still cancelled. Hopefully, I will get back in at least one time. I am starting to have pain again…

Bob took the car for the 9AM appointment at United Care Care. They found that is was the Rear Crankshaft Mail Bearing Seal, here the oil was leaking. It was going to be $1300. The owner and the mechanic told Bob that he did not have to have it fixed right away. They said that he can just check the oil frequently and we should be okay. We might have it done in MI as it is an all day job.

They also told Bob that they have worked on a lot of Ford Edge’s and have never seen one with this many problems. They recommended that we get rid of the car…sigh!

It is not just the cost of the car, it is also the cost of having the Blue OX tow bar installed. We will start thinking about what we will purchase to replace the car and do it in the fall when we return, waiting for the big end of the year sales.

Bob returned and we went to Costco. He was almost out of pill pockets to give Karlie her pills. So we did our usual trip today.

We stopped at Joannes and at In n Out Burger for lunch. Bob left and went to his Primary Doc for his appointment. All of our blood work is great, including our Cholesterols. He returned and at 4:30 we took Koda to her Vet appointment. She still panted in the car, going and returning. We don’t blame her as she went alone with us, leaving the other girls at home.

Right after we arrived and were already in the room, an emergency arrived. The poor dog had been in a dog fight and she had to do immediate care, then surgery. They explained this to us and told us that she would see us as soon as the dog was stabilized, prior to surgery. We waited about 20 minutes. The tech came in and she started the appointment. Then the Vet showed up. Because we had to wait, they deducted the $55 assessment from the bill. We still had to pay for the Bravecto (flea), Heart Gard ( heart worm prevention) and Zymox.  We told the Vet that she has been scratching her ears. We had checked them and did not see anything. She checked her ears and said yes, she has a mild infection. So we are to give her a dot of Zymox once daily in each ear. Easy peasy!

They drew blood to check for the heart worms, and she was negative. She had already had all her other vaccinations, but she had not been on heart worm prevention, as she was living out in the desert. They don’t have mosquitos out there….

This all works well, as the dogs all get their  monthly and quarterly medications tomorrow.

We ate dinner and watched some TV.

Friday- I went to card class this morning. We learned a neat fold. I returned at 10:30, instead of 11. We walked the dogs quickly, then rode our bikes over to the St. Patrick’s Day lunch. Corned beef, potatoes, carrots, cabbage and roll. They had some great Irish music from 11-12, then lunch from 12-1.

We returned, walked the dogs, then went grocery shopping. We returned and took the dogs to the dog park, to get some of Koda’s energy out. After, we sat our on the patio for awhile, walked them again, ate dinner, and Bob went to the Square Dancing classes to Angel. My ankle is still not good enough to dance.

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