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Sat. 3/2 to Fri. 3/8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- I woke up with a cold. Ugh! I stayed in all day. Bob just did some tasks around the rig. I took a long afternoon nap. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. Bob dropped the sheets and towels off at the laundry, and ran to Costco for gas. On Sunday morning, he is able to run right through with no line. Since I was still sick, we had another quiet day at home.

Monday- I had PT scheduled at 9 AM. I wore a mask. I also, since last Thursday, had a rash on my face. It kept getting worse. Bob tried to get me an appointment with the Dermatologist, but they did not have any available. He was able to make an appointment for me at the Primary’s office with one of the PA’s.

We unfortunately, had to cancel lunch with Bob’s cousin Jacqui and husband Paul. I was really afraid that the rash was shingles again, so we had to cancel. Since it was heading for my eye, I was really worried. The PA said she was 100% sure it was not shingles. She thought it was a dermatitis, although I cannot figure out what I would be allergic too…Nothing has changed. She gave me an order for a steroid cream, which I am to mix with Aquagel and put on 2x a day.

Anyway, between the cold and the itching rash, I was pretty miserable! We returned home and I napped.

TuesdayExcel came to clean our rugs. We were up early to get ready. The were done in about 45 minutes. While they were here, we cleaned more stuff out of the storage shed. I went to Maj, which I should not have done, but I had felt a little better.

Bob had an eye doctor appointment this afternoon. I, of course, went with him as we thought he was going to be dilated. Nope, the Doc had written last fall, no dilation. So he checked Bob’s eyes and everything is good. He has a narrowing of the opening for the optic nerve, so he remains on Glaucoma watch.

We ate dinner and Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting.  All week I have been looking for dogs online at all the shelters around. We even submitted an request for a Schnoodle puppy.

Wednesday- We left at about 6:50 to go to the Primary Doctor’s office for our fasting blood draws. We arrived and waited a bit. Finally they took us in. Then we went to breakfast at Denny’s.

We returned home and I went to Maj. I should not have gone, as I still really did not feel well. I returned and had a quiet afternoon, taking a nap.

Bob took the car to Complete Car Care, as he had noticed we were leaking oil again. Grrrr!  It is going to be a $1400 repair…. next week.

Bob walked the dogs, as I still do not feel well. I received an email that Koda was available, as the family decided that they did not have the time needed to train the dog. We were really excited. Kim is bringing her for a “meet and greet “on Friday evening….

We talked to Kim on the phone and had our questions answered. Koda is 2 years old and was an emotional support dog. She lived with a woman who died of cancer and was a surrender, not a stray. She was trained to get the newspaper and the mail…. Kim is picking her up on Thursday evening….

After the phone call, I ordered a crate, a harness, and a pad for the crate. We also need another leash. She is used to a crate, but we will not use one for long.

Thursday- I had PT at 8:30. When I returned, I went over to Maj and opened the cabinet. I gave Carol the key and asked her to return it when they were done. I returned and relaxed. I even fell asleep in the recliner while watching a Hallmark movie.

I went for a Mani at 1. I returned and we settled in for a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday- I was going to card class, but since Bob had an appointment at 1 with the Audiologist, I stayed home. We went to Petsmart for a retractable leash and a regular leash which cost the same thing! Then we went to Walmart and finally Costco. We stopped at Goodwill along the way, dropping off some items we had taken out of the shed on Tuesday.

We returned, ate lunch, and Bob took off for the Audiologist. They decided that this is his last appointment, as he is doing so well. Amazon delivered the harness.

He returned and we went to the office to fill out paperwork for Charlie and Paula to use our site in April. Then we were off to Walgreens for one of Bob’s prescriptions. 

Kim arrived around 5. She wanted to arrive earlier,  but the traffic was pretty bad, with accidents. She had to re-route several times.

We met her outside and introduced ourselves to her and to Koda. Then we went in and hooked up our dogs to their leashes and took them out to meet Koda. No barking, no issues. They all sniffed each other and we proceeded to walk around the block.

We stopped at Linda and Mikes, and Linda gave them all treats. We continued back to the rig. We let all three dogs loose on our patio in the fenced area and we stood talking to Kim. We spent about 1/2 an hour while they sniffed, then we went into the rig.

We do not think Kim had ever been in an RV before. She is a nurse, so we bonded. The crate pad arrived from Chewy while we were talking. Finally, I asked where we go from here. She said that if we wanted her she would leave her for a 2 week trial.  We said we did and so Kim left.

We fed all of them and they started “jockeying”for position. We walked twice more. The crate arrived around 7, from Chewy.

We put Koda into the crate to sleep, but she looked so pitiful, and Karlie and Roxie objected. So we let her sleep on the bed with us. It took awhile for her to settle down.

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