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Sat. 2/23 to Fri. 3/1- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  It was still cold, but at least today was sunny. We had a big box of yarn in the shed that we wanted to get out of the way, so I sat out for the Patio Sale to sell the yarn. With the problem with my torn left rotator cuff and my dislocated left thumb, I think my crochet days are over.

I became frustrated as lots of people came by, but they said that they could no longer  knit or crochet, either. One lady wanted to know if it was wool, nope, all acrylic. Finally, my hands were too cold so I came inside. Right after, a lady arrived. I went out and she bought the whole box! Yea, mission accomplished! We put the chair and table away.

We ate lunch, then I took Bob over to the Unitarian Church, the meeting place for the West Valley Astronomy Club. They had a field trip to the The Arizona State University Meteorite Museum and Laboratory.  They even had a private tour of the Meteorite Room where the scientists examine the meteorites.

I worked on a card and somehow lost a magnet which keeps the paper in place. While looking for it, I must have moved my head the wrong way, as I became dizzy and nauseated. I sat without moving for quite a awhile, getting my equilibrium back.

Bob called to say that the GPS said that they would arrive at the church at 5, so at 4:50 I carefully drove over to pick him up. He did the driving home. We ate dinner and watched some TV.

Sunday- The vertigo is gone….still cold but sunny. We did out usual Sunday tasks.  When Bob took the sheets and towels to the laundry he continued on to Costco and purchased gas. Its been so busy at Costco, we have not been able to get into the gas station. He also stopped to pick up the newspaper, and found that the cost had increased from $2 to $3 an issue. We might not purchase it any more….

Bob was able to put the first coat of paint on the drawers. While he was doing that, I went online to look for another dog. We are really concerned about Roxie, when we lose Karlie. I found a Schnoodle in Tonopah,  about 55 miles away. I had Bob look at the info and we submitted an application. We heard back from the shelter that the dog has an interview on Thursday, and if they do not adopt the dog we are next in line for her.

We had a quiet evening at home.

Monday- Bob worked on the drawers for the pantry. I did some tasks around the rig. We ate lunch and went to our Endocrinology appointments. 

The office took us both in at the same time. Bob’s appointment was at 1:45, mine was scheduled for 2:30. So it worked out well. The Doc was happy with us both. Bob needs to have a neck ultrasound. We both have lab work to do.

We returned home, ate dinner, and settled in for a quiet evening.

Tuesday- I had PT at 7:30. While I was gone, Bob had started to install the drawers in the pantry. It was frustrating, as the corners are not square in the pantry. The drawers were fine. He used some shims and finally got it right.

He finally had them all in. We went from 3 large, deep drawers, to 5 smaller ones, with  much better, locking slides. We had lots of boxes and stuff shoved on top of other items. Now we have more room, which unfortunately, we will fill! LOL


We had a quiet evening at home as Bob was really tired.

Wednesday- Bob left and went to Quest for a blood draw. This was for the insurance company. If we do a health survey, and complete some steps, we receive a nice gift card.  Then Bob went to the Audiologist for more calibration. I was off to Maj again this morning.

We both returned for lunch, and I had an appointment with the ankle Doc. I am doing well in PT, so he decided to continue the PT. He had been questioning whether I should have surgery or continue PT. So he will see me in the fall. I will continue to work hard, as I really do not want ankle surgery!

We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- I was off to PT again at 7:30. I returned and went to Maj. Bob worked on changing the water filter. He also cleaned the patio.

This evening we hosted an Alfa Pot Luck social. There were 18 people in attendance. We had a great time. It was crowded, but who cared! I was busy, so I forgot to take a picture.

We did this today as it is Judy and Fred’s last day here. They could only stay a month because they had cancelled their reservation, then decided they could come, so they had to try to get another reservation. They were only able to reserve one month!

Friday- Bob was off to Radiology for a neck Ultrasound that the Endocrinologist wanted. I had a card class to teach. I taught how to make a nice quilt card. Here it are some…


I returned and we did our usual Friday shopping. We were off to Costco, then Walmart, then Fry’s. We also heard from Desert Dog Rescue that the dog went to the other folks. The good thing, for us, is that the gal, Kim was really unsure how this adoption was going to work. They are doing a 2 week trial…keeping our fingers crossed!

We were pretty bummed out, but will keep trying to find a dog. We did tell Kim we were still interested in Koda.

She is a Schnoodle, just like Karlie and Roxie. Fingers remain crossed!

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