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Sat. 2/16-Fri- 2/22- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  Bob ran to Costco at 8 AM to purchase gas. At 10, we dropped the dogs off to be groomed. We ran to Target to pick up a few items. We returned home, stopping to  check the mail and Bob went to the woodshop to get a few pieces of sandpaper. We returned to the rig and Bob sanded the drawers. He had put them together yesterday. Bob had run into Allen and he said that he would not have the work done on their electrical issue, so he would not need Bob’s assistance yet.

MaryAnne needed a ride to pick up her SUV at the Toyota dealer, so we picked her up and dropped her off on the way to pick up the dogs. We returned with happy dogs ( they hate being groomed, but know that they get treats when they arrive home!).

We watched some shows on Netflix, we ate lunch and dinner at home.

Sunday- We did all of our usual Sunday morning tasks. We also made the decision, with Karlie’s terminal condition, to not go to Canada. We decided to just sit somewhere over the summer. So we are working on finding a Work Camper position in Michigan. We already have some reservations made on the way there and at the Holland Tulip Festival.

We found one resort we think might work, and sent an email to the owner of the resort. We heard back from her, and sent her our resumes. I could not find my resume, so I made up a quick one.

We cleaned and vacuumed out the bedroom closet. We watched some Amazon prime, eating lunch and dinner at home.

Monday- I sent out the Roadrunner Newsletter.  I was off to the salon for a mani/pedi. The gal who does the pedi was there promptly and we chatted through the procedure. My appointment was at 9. The gal who does my nails did not arrived until 10:15. Grrr! Then she was on her phone and she continued on her phone through most of the mani. I thought that was pretty rude! She did apologize afterwards.

I returned and found that I  had a message from Brian the Roadrunner Treasurer, who asked me to send out an email correcting an error, he made, with the dues payment email address. I really thought he should have sent it out, but I was nice and I sent it out. 

We ate lunch; by the time I finished lunch, I had several emails from people who said they had paid their dues and why was I sending them an email. That was not what the email said. Later I had 30 emails. I sent out an email for them to check with Brian about their dues, and that I had nothing to do with the dues.

I went to JoAnn’s. Wow, I had to get into the right lane to get past the Costco, as the traffic was backed up. Then turning into the parking lot at JoAnn’s, the parking lot was backed up. I finally was able to find a parking place. I walked in, immediately found what I wanted, and took my place in the long line. There were four gals checking folks out, but they really needed at least six!

Later, I was still receiving emails from people, who did not fully read, either of the emails. All in all, I had 35 emails! rIt was pretty annoying!

We settled in to watch some shows on Prime. The weather was damp and very windy. It has been this way all winter. More rain than usual and more wind. We ate dinner at home and relaxed.

Tuesday- I had a 7:30 PT appointment. At 7 I went outside and checked the windshield. It was wet, not icy. I went to leave at about 7:10, and I ran the windshield wiper, to clean the water off. EEK, it wiped the thin water layer across the windshield and now I had a thin layer of ice.

So I ran the defroster, locked the car, and came back inside. The temp was in the 30’s. It only took about 3 minutes to get the windshield clear enough for me to drive. I had to get going.

The PT added some items to the routine and I completed them, iced, and left. My ankle really hurt on the left side, which I told the PT.

I returned home, finished my coffee, and worked on the blog. At 10, I was off to Maj…

I returned home for lunch and we had a quiet afternoon and evening. It remains cold and windy.

Wednesday- This morning we had the monthly Alfa breakfast. We arrived to find that we did not have our usual room. They put us in the dining room, with seating for 8. There were 10 of us. The gal was kind of rude about it. She said to Linda that we only had 7 people last month and only 4 the month before and no one called to tell her how many people there would be. Linda told her we do not know how many folks will show. They need to be a little nicer, as we bring a lot of business their way…

Bob dropped me off for Maj. We ate lunch at home, and finished up our taxes. I had two 1099-R’s, so I had to call our Financial Advisor, to check with him. Wahoo, our taxes are e-filed and we are getting a nice little refund. Much better than a lot of people who are having to pay this year!

Then we started on the file cabinet. We are thinning out our files and getting rid of paper. We started shredding so much we broke the shredder. So Bob went to Costco to purchase a new one. The old one was well used, and did not owe us anything!

At Costco, the one they had was too big and too heavy. So he went to Walmart and purchased one like the one we had. He also found the same one as they had at Costco, for $20 less at Walmart. Interesting….

While he was gone, I kept going in the file drawer and pulled out more stuff to be shredded. We finally decided that we had not done this last year, as we found lots of old paperwork, even some items dating back to 2010.

The new shredder says to only shred for 4 minutes at a time, so that slowed us down a bit. We had three, 30 gallon bags of shredded paper!

By that time, it was almost time for dinner. We had a quiet evening at home

Thursday- My PT appointment was at 8 today. It was pouring rain and cold.

I told the PT how my ankle was hurting, in a different place, so she massaged the ankle and my calf. Whew, the calf massage was painful. She asked me if I could stand it. I said I had two knee replacements, so yeah.. She laughed and said “yes, that is more painful than childbirth!”. I bet it is…By the time I was finished, my ankle felt better. She also taped it.

I returned home and went to Maj at 10. This was my lucky day. I won a lot of games. I just kept drawing jokers!

I returned during a break in the rain. Bob had quickly walked the dogs, since it has been raining hard. The sky was really dark and ugly looking. It started raining again, then we had hail.  We are not use to this weather in Sun City. It is usually sunny and in the 80’s at this time of year, not raining and in the 40’s.

We had a phone interview with the gal who owns an RV park in Cadillac Michigan. The job sounds good. She is going to send us contracts.

We had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening at home.

Friday- I was off to card making. I am working on samples, as next week I teach a class. I returned at 11, and we ate lunch. We left and went to Costco. It is so busy there, we skipped getting gas, and went in the back way. We found parking and ran through the store. Fortunately, the lines moved quickly. Next we went to Walmart, then onto Fry’s for groceries. We returned home and relaxed. We had picked up a chicken at Costco, so we had that for dinner. Bob left and went to square dancing to be an Angel.

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