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Sat. Feb. 9 to Fri. 15- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We both woke up pretty miserable over Karlie. We had a quiet morning. We ate lunch at home, and Bob went to Walmart to return the Nudges that we had purchased, as Karlie is not allowed to eat them. He went to Fry’s then Petsmart.

He returned home and while he walked the dogs, the order from Chewy arrived. Wow, less than 24 hours! Karlie ate some of the dry food, leaving the wet food.

We watched the new season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix.

Sunday- Bob took everything over to be washed, including this week, the lap blankets. . We had a quiet day, doing our usual Sunday tasks. We started our taxes but we are missing the 1099 from my Annuity, so we had to stop. At this point, it does not appear that we are going to have to pay any taxes.

We watched Grace and Frankie again on Netflix.

Monday- We left around 10:45 to go to Scottsdale to meet up, at BJ’s Brewery, with Bob’s cousin Jacqui and her husband Paul. They brought friends, Connie and Lavern.  All of them are also RV’ers. Laverne has a new Cochlear implant in his right ear. He and Bob talked a lot, especially about beer, as Lavern is also a craft beer lover.  Below, from left to right, Jacqui, Connie, Lavern, Bob, Me and Paul.

20190211_140225 (2)

We left and stopped at Albertsons as I needed some Propel.We returned, ate dinner and watched some TV.

Tuesday- I had my PT initial assessment for my left ankle at 8:30. Actually, the appointment was at 9, but they required me to be there to review paperwork. A waste of time, as I had been to the Doc, in the same office, a few weeks ago…

Ray, the PT, did the assessment and gave me some exercises to do 2x a day. When I arrived, Bob was, again arguing with Caremark about one of his prescriptions. He is really frustrated!  I returned home and we ate lunch,. Then we went to Lowe’s. One of the projects we want to do to the rig is to improve the drawers in the panty. So Bob had measured several  times, then he ordered some drawers. We went to Lowe’s to purchase the rails, screws and paint. While we are doing this, we are going to clean and re-paint the pantry.

We returned home and I did my exercises again, we had leftovers for dinner, and we watched TV.

Wednesday- I went to Maj in the morning. I returned, we ate a quick lunch, I helped Bob with removing items from the pantry, and I left for my hair appointment. Bob painted the inside of the pantry. He let the paint dry and then we returned all the current drawers to the pantry. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- Happy Valentines Day! We were up really early. Bob is going to Algadonas Mexico for medications. Bob has been fighting for months with Caremark about one of his medications. Then we spoke to them about going to Canada. We just don’t trust them, so we are both getting some extra of our medications so that we do not run out of any of them.

I drove Bob to the bus at 6:40. The bus was scheduled to leave at 7. It is a 3 hour trip one way, so they were using a big bus. Bob said that there were 19 people who went. I had a PT appointment at 8:30. Ray was not there, I had Zack today. Evidently Ray;s wife had gone into labor and he was at the hospital with her.

I returned in time for Maj. We played, teaching one new gal at our table. There was another new gal at the other table. I returned for lunch and walked the dogs when the rain let up. It had been mostly cloudy with drizzle during the morning, but raining hard in the afternoon.

FedEx delivered the two boxes of the drawers for the pantry around 4 pm. I had the guy take them to the shed and I placed them into the shed.

The bus stopped, on the return trip,  at a McDonalds in Gila Bend, and Bob had dinner there. He called me from the bus when it was at Bell and Grand. That was supposed to give me 10 minutes. At 5 minutes, I drove over to where the bus would stop and was just parking when the bus arrived. The dogs were very happy to see Bob!

Friday- I was off to card making at 8:30. I returned at 11. We ate lunch and started our usual Friday shopping. We could not even get close to Costco due to the traffic. It is the snowbird season and baseball spring training, so traffic in that area was unbelievable. We will try to get gas another day and time.

We went to Walmart for some items. While there, Donna texted me asking if Bob could come and help Allen move their refrigerator out. They have a switch, above the stove, next to the refrigerator which was getting hot. Luckily, we do not have that switch.  Allen is going to re-wire the switch to prevent a fire.

We arrived back at the resort and went straight to their rig. Bob helped Allen move the refrigerator out into the center of the room. He will help tomorrow to move it back in.

We had a quiet rest of the afternoon. We ate dinner and Bob left early to go to Square Dancing classes to Angel. They needed Angels for the Plus workshop in addition to the beginner class. It is a long 3 hours! 

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