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Sat. Feb. 2 to Fri. Feb. 8- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We worked on our summer trip. I had ordered two books on Amazon, so we have those to use. The ones from the Library are not great as they cover all of Canada and so they don’t have much on the Maritimes. I am also using the SMART ( its  military) caravan’s trip in 2015. Their outline gives us a starting point.

So what kind of planning? We started with our travel route. We checked the ferries, their prices, and rules for the dogs. There is a 16-17 hour ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland. There is also a 6 hour one. Needless to say, we are going to take the 6 hour one. Then it was either overnight or during the day. Since we cannot stay in the rig, we are going to do the morning one.

The second one is for Newfoundland to Labrador, it’s free and we will just take the dogs with us in the car. We are not taking the rig with us on that day trip. The drive from Labrador is just too long, at about 1500 miles, to drive from there back thru Quebec. We found parks to stay in and some of the places we want to visit. 

We ate lunch, then went to Petsmart, taking the dogs with us. The first Saturday of the month is “sample Saturday” from 12-2. We arrived to find just a couple of treats that they could sample. Our problem is that Karlie is not eating. We try a different food constantly to try to find something she will eat. She chowed down on one food, we bought more and she would not eat it. Grrrr! Luckily, Roxie will eat anything, but we had to find something else for Karlie.

We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening watching recordings.

Sunday-  We did our usual Sunday tasks on this rainy Sunday! Poor Bob, there was a lot more laundry, as I stripped the bed down to the mattress and we washed everything. With all the desert dust in Quartzsite, we have to clean pretty much everything.

We had a quiet morning, reading the newspaper and relaxing. We ate lunch, and continued having a quiet day with reading our books and relaxing. We did not watch the Super Bowl. We watched Amazon Prime and recorded the Super Bowl. Then we ran through the recording to watch the commercials.

Monday- This morning was our Dermatology appointments. Our Dermatologist retired in December, so we saw a new gal who is about 6 months pregnant. Hopefully, she will return for our appointments next year.

Bob had 5 small areas frozen and I had one. So we are doing good! We returned and had a quiet day. I worked on the Roadrunner newsletter and Bob did some tasks around the rig.

I went for a nail appointment at 1. I returned and we settled in for the afternoon.

Tuesday- I was off to Maj this morning. We ate lunch and dinner at home and Bob went to the Astronomy Club meeting in the evening.

Wednesday- Today was the big day! We drove to downtown Phoenix to Dr. Macias’s office. We saw the Audiologist, Kim. She spent about an hour working with us. She taught Bob how to place it on the post, using a model. Then she made me do it, also on the model. She set up the BAHA and placed it on Bob’s post. For the first time, he could hear bilaterally! Then we both had to practice putting it on the post, on his head, and taking it off. Kim had Bob close his eyes and she walked around him, and she had him point to where she was standing. He did it perfectly. She was amazed, as that usually does not happen!!



In the picture above, the cord from the BAHA is where Kim had it connected to the computer for calibration. She did not want me to take her picture.

We discussed it, and she added the rubber cover so that if he drops it, it  provides some protection from breaking. She also added a tether to it, so that it is less likely to fall. She calibrated the sound. One thing we quickly discovered is that Bob had to turn down his regular hearing aid, that he wears in his left ear. The sound was too much!


We finally left and returned to the car. Bob said in awe, “this is the first time I have heard music in stereo. I did never knew what I was missing!” We both had big grins on our faces!!

We returned home and settled in for a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- I went to CORE, the orthopedic office. I had asked to see one of the Doctors, but it turned out my appointment was with the PA. They did another X-ray of my left thumb. He reviewed it with me, yes it is out of joint due to arthritis, but then I already knew that! Since I injured it a couple of weeks ago, it had been really hurting. We discussed surgery. He said that they could possibly get me in for surgery before we left, but then there is PT. He did say that the surgery is not difficult and the recovery is fast. What they do is remove the square bone, in the wrist, which is rubbing on the thumb bone. Then they take an extra wrist tendon, that we all have, curl it up in a ball to act as a spacer, and I will have full range of motion. Hmmm, since we are leaving on March 25, I chose to have the steroid injection, and I have an appointment with the surgeon in October.

I returned and went to Maj. Holy moly, the lidocaine wore off. The thumb was throbbing and burning. My thumb was actually hot. This continued all day and into the night. It was very unpleasant! Definitely worse than the injection I had in December of 2017.

When I returned from Maj, Bob had music playing. He was working on finding where sounds were coming from. Allegedly, it is supposed to take at least 2 months for his brain to get used to this massive change, but he seems to be doing really well already.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening with me taking Tylenol and icing the thumb.

Friday- Whew, the pain and burning are gone. The area is bruised and moving the thumb feels a little off.

I went to the card making group this morning. I had ordered, for the group, a quilt maker.  I was paid for it and asked to do a class on how to use it. So I practiced.

I returned at 11, and we took Karlie for a Vet appointment. We discussed with the Dr. Hummel, that she is not eating well at all and she has lost almost another pound. He was concerned, and he made a change in her medications, telling us to not give one of the meds for 2 days to see if that improves her appetite. He also added Pepcid AC for 30 days. We explained to him that she seems hungry, she just does not eat. She will do a ‘bob and weave’ movement, then walk away from the food. Bob had made a video and showed it to the Doc. So they drew blood works and $367 later we left.

We arrived home in time to quickly eat lunch, then left for my PCP appointment. I had the Doc send in my prescriptions. That took an hour. We left and went to Costco for gas and a few items, dropped a book off at the Library, and went to Walmart for groceries.

On the way back home, the Vet called. He had bad news. Karlie is in kidney failure.  He told us to get some prescription kidney food. Both of the ones that he said to purchase have grain in them. Karlie does not do well with grain, as it sets off her gastritis.  So I went online and found, on Chewy, that Blue Buffalo has a prescription grain free kidney food, dry and wet. I called the office and asked the Vet to call me. He did and he looked up the food. He was not aware of it, reviewed the ingredients, and said that it was okay to order it. I ordered both the dry and the wet food. The Vet had said, the priority is for her to eat, then to eat the food he recommended. I asked how long he thought she had. He said that in his experience, dogs last 6 months or less when their BUN is so high.

This is a real issue for us. We do not know how Roxie is going to do without Karlie. They are so close. Dr. Hummel said that we may be surprised. We don’t think so. We think Roxie is going to grieve and will need another dog. We also do not want Karlie to die while we are in Canada. So we have to see how she does. One of the issues is that if  we need to adopt a dog for Roxie, that shelters are reluctant to allow people in motor homes to adopt. They want a yard with a fence, in their local area. We have the yard (its small) and  a fence… it seems pretty stupid to us, as you know how we spoil our dogs!

We ate dinner, and Bob went to Square Dancing to Angel. He returned at 9 and we went to bed.

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