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Sat. Dec. 22 to Fri. Dec. 28- Sun City

Saturday- Bob is still sick, so he stayed home most of the day.At about 8:45, I left to go to JoAnne’s. I arrived a little before 9. They had opened at 8. There was no one there! No traffic, no problem parking, no line! So I grabbed what I wanted and using my coupons saved a lot of money. I stopped at Staples and picked up some colored pencils for coloring. Then I went to Fry’s for more Gatorade for Bob. This was where it turned out, everyone was!

I returned home and Bob started his second bottle of Gatorade. By the afternoon he was feeling much better. He had taken a nap and was doing pretty well. So we went to dinner at Village Inn. There was hardly anyone there.

Sunday- Bob started up again with the diarrhea. Ugh! So I ran to Goodcents for subs for lunch and stopped in at Albertsons for Bob’s 3rd bottle of Gatorade. We had a quiet afternoon with me coloring and watching another couple of Hallmark movies.  Bob napped.

We had some bland chicken for dinner and watched the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Monday Christmas Eve– Bob continued being up frequently all night so he had soup for breakfast. I left and went for a mani-pedi. I stopped at CVS for some Imodium. We had not wanted to do the ‘nuclear’ option as my issue had only lasted for a few hours.

I returned home and gave Bob two tablets. He continued with the Gatorade, while I ran to pick up our order of rolls at Kneaders. I picked up some chicken noodle soup for Bob, a sandwich for me, a sandwich for MaryAnne, and raspberry croissants for us for Christmas breakfast. They did not have any chocolate ones left!

I stopped at Safeway, after 5 trips around the parking lot looking for parking! I picked up more soup and Gatorade. I returned home, dropping off half of the dozen rolls at MaryAnne and Rays along with MaryAnne’s sandwich.

We had a quiet rest of the day, with Bob having soup for dinner and I had leftovers.

Tuesday, Christmas Day– Bob seems to be over the virus. He was able to eat this morning and has not had to take any more of the Imodium. He looks so much better! We had a nice breakfast of omelets and the 1/2 the croissants.

We cooked a nice Christmas meal which we had for lunch. At 3, we went over to help set up for the pot luck dinner. There were 3 of us to help the coordinator, Birdy. About half way thru, a couple who were walking by came in to help. So now there were 5 of us to set up 8 round tables. We first had to take down the rectangular tables which included moving all the chairs out of the way.

We were all set up by about 3:40. We returned home to start cooking the carrots in the Instapot. I did a Glazed Honey Cinnamon Carrot recipe off Pinterest. It was a great recipe and all of it was gone at the end of the pot luck.

We had over 50 people for the pot luck with the park providing the ham and turkey. There was plenty of food this time and we were able to take home some leftovers.

We had a quiet evening finishing the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Wednesday- I was off to Maj at 10. When I returned home, we had lunch and took Bob to the Urgent care. The diarrhea had restarted, again. He has been drinking the Gatorade, so he was not terribly dehydrated. We only had to wait about 1/2 an hour. Bob saw the PA. The PA decided that it was a virus which was not clearing Bob’s system, as it had with mine. He also ordered a stool sample test. So we went to Labcorp to pick up the items for the test. Bob had taken 2 more Imodium, so he was not having the diarrhea, but the PA said that his belly was very active.

We returned home, after stopping at the Library to pick up Season 5 of Game of Thrones and stopping at the grocery store for more chicken noodle soup.

We watched Game of Thrones in the evening.

Thursday-  Happy 15th birthday Karlie! The vet had only given her 15 months, 13 months ago, so we did not anticipate that she would be with us this year. Schnoodles average life span is 15 years, so she made it! She is doing pretty well. The Mitral Valve Prolapse has stabilized with the medication. She is a little shaky at times( from the medication) but at other times she plays like a 5 year old pup!

Bob is still having the belching and gas. No diarrhea. He stayed home while I went to Maj. I returned, we had lunch, and then went to Bath and Body Works. They are having their annual sale, and  we needed more of the Kitchen Lemon and soap for the bathroom sink,( $3.00 instead of $6.50). While I stood in line, the older lady (80’ish) behind me, dropped one of her fragrances which broke and spilled all over my shoes. They are cloth, so they absorbed the fragrance. It’s a good thing I like the Japanese Cherry Blossom smell! It was nice in the enclosed car!

We stopped at Petsmart for some treats for Karlie. She, of course, stuck her nose up to them, even though they are peanut butter flavored (her favorite). We finally convinced her to eat some. ( She thinks everything is a pill, as we stuff two of her pills into pill pockets).

We had a quiet evening at home, eating dinner and watching Game of Thrones.

Friday- I was off to the card making session. We only had 5 of us there, which was nice because we could spread out. I returned around 11, and we went to In’N Out burger for lunch. Then off to Bed Bath and Beyond. Our second small spatula had broken, so we needed new ones. We found a package of three and purchased them with the 20%  off coupon.

We went to Dick’s Sporting Goods for another pair of inserts for my shoes. They were $54. The gal who checked us out said they are more expensive because they are the ones that all the Orthopedic Doctors recommend ( which was why I was buying them). They were still a lot less expensive than the custom ones and they work just as well.

We went to the Library to drop off a book, then on to Walmart, Fry’s, and Sprouts for groceries. We returned home and had a quiet rest of the day. Dinner was at home and we watched the end of Season 5 of Game of Thrones… I have ordered Season 6.

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