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Sat Dec 8 to Fri Dec 14- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We slept in this morning until 7. That is late for us! Pam Schultz had come over yesterday, after calling me asking about smart phones. I gave her my broken one, as the local Walmart has a repair kiosk. She is going to try to get the phone screen fixed and have the phone set up with Verizon. This would be her first smart phone.

We went to Café Zupas for lunch, then to the the car wash. No rain in the forecast, although the temps are still in the cool 60’s during the day and 40’s at night. We returned and did some tasks around the MH. I finished the new Janet Evanovich book and we returned it to the library.

We had leftovers for dinner and watched the  first few episodes of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime. 

Sunday- We did our normal Sunday tasks and watched the Redskins game… they lost,  but then they are on their 4th quarterback due to injuries. We had a quiet day.

Monday- I worked on updating a new article that my Editor had sent me. He occasionally sends me articles that other authors do not update, and I update them and they become mine. Right now I have two of them and one of my own to update.  I had a mani at 10. Bob had his surgeon follow-up appointment at 12;45. I stayed home and while watching some Hallmark movies, I did some tasks around the rig.

Bob returned and we had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening.

Tuesday- I worked on one article. This one is going to take awhile to update. I had the Retired Nurses Breakfast at 9. There was not a speaker today, we just sat and chatted. It was fun.

Bob took my Maj set and the table covers over to Card rm. 2 for the gals. They had two tables and I joined them at 10:30 winning 2 games. There were 3 new gals there, one who had played in the past. Nina had taught the other 2 yesterday, so they are still learning, but were doing pretty well. Another gal stopped by and maybe will be there tomorrow.

I returned, we ate lunch and I wrote the Christmas letter. It is time to get it out! Bob reviewed it and at 4 we went to the Christmas tree lighting at the pool area. They served hot chocolate and cookies. There were only 22 people there as it is cool and cloudy today. We returned, ate dinner, and went square dancing. We had to get ready early, as we had to put my brace on.

We arrived and the square dancers were not in the normal room. The room is very large and there are two entrances. I noticed that the sign was in a different place, so we went to the second entrance.

We had a good time, but there were not as many people there this evening. There must have been something else going on… We picked up fliers for the parties and for the Grand Canyon State Festival in March.

My foot did okay, but I could feel that my heel was out. When we returned home I iced the heel for 20 minutes and applied the Voltaren cream.  We watched a little bit of TV and went to bed.

Wednesday- It is cooler this morning with a temp of 47 this morning. My heel was out, so I exercised it and applied the Voltaren after my shower. I was off to  Maj at 10. Bob had to drive me as he wanted to go to the hardware store. He was looking at the pavers he wants to put under the storage unit. We are still waiting for the park to mark the site.

He picked me up and we went to Fat Freddie’s Café in the park for lunch. We returned and had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday-I was off to Maj again this morning. Bob had errands to run so he dropped me off. I have not been riding my bike as the seat has been wet ( even with the cover) due to the humidity. It has also been cold and windy.

I hitched a ride back with Donna and Allen. We had lunch and did some tasks around the rig, including working on putting stakes out for the storage shed. We went next door to speak with Peggy about taking one of her trees out, as the storage unit would be up against the tree.

While we were talking to her we realized that the park had marked, with paint, not a stake. So we had to change plans. It appears that the pavers and the trees that she has are not on our site. Bob had not measured from the correct space, as the line is farther on our drivers side, not the passenger side of the site.

This means that we cannot have a 8×8 size shed, we can only have a 5×8. Our storage unit is a 5 x 10, so we are going to have to look at what we are going to be able to get rid of…. good thing we had not already purchased the shed!

We started searching for a 5×8 shed. At 4, we went over to the ballroom for the Town Hall meeting. Scott is looking at changing some rules. One of which is the pet area. We are in the pet area because we have dogs. The area is from 21 St. to 25th St. If Scott expands the pet area, to 19th street, we will have access to an area that he going to make into a dog park. ABOUT TIME! We have said this since we first came to the park.

It will increase the value of the park models in the new area and increase the value of the park, as most RV parks have dog parks. The area that would be used is a water retention area, and is large,which will allow the dogs to run and play.

There were several other rules he is looking at changing. We had a quiet evening at home and watched more of the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Friday- We took the dogs to the groomers at 10. We continued on to Costco where we bought gas for $2.45/gal. We ran in to Costco, easily finding a parking space, to pick up some Vitamin C, which we had forgotten to put on the list. The lines were really, really long! We were about to put the Vitamin C back, when a lady said that we could pay for that in the pharmacy. So we stood in the very short line (no one ahead of us). First we asked if Bob could get the new Shingles vaccination. Nope, no one seems to have it, as he as tried the Doc office, CVS and Walgreens. It will not be in until sometime in January.

We continued on to Walmart and then Fry’s for groceries. We returned home, ate lunch and waited for the groomer to call. She called at a little past 1, telling us she would be ready for us to pick up the dogs in 20 minutes.

We were greeted by Karlie watching for us. This groomers shop has a fence inside and she was standing with the other dogs waiting for us. Roxie was off somewhere and when she I saw her walking, looking very sad, towards the front, I called her name. She saw me and became really happy! It was funny to watch. We paid and returned home to give them both treats and a little loving.

Bob walked them and we both watched more Hallmark movies, falling asleep in the recliners with dogs in our laps.

We went to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. Glad we did the call ahead seating! The couple ahead of us were told 35 to 45 minutes. We were told 5 minutes and were called in that time and taken to a table.

We had a nice dinner, returned home and continued watching the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. 

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