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Sat. Nov. 24 to Fri. Nov. 30 Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We did some tasks around the rig, then left and went to Walmart for some groceries. Going thru Walmart was a breeze. We ran right thru without any crowds or lines. We stopped on the way back to the rig at the storage unit and grabbed the Christmas decorations. We ate lunch, then decorated the rig.

We read, did laundry, and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie. MaryAnne was discharged from the hospital, and we went over to visit with her. We returned and ate leftovers for dinner and watched some TV. We watched the last episodes of House of Cards. The ending was pretty lousy! I think they could have done a better ending for the series!

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday tasks. I made turkey noodle soup for us and took some over to MaryAnne and Ray’s rig for them.  After lunch, we went to the storage unit to put our Christmas decoration boxes back into storage. We ran to Cold Stone and used a coupon for some ice cream. Then we went to Dollar Tree to purchase a Christmas wreath and a bow. Bob hung the wreath on the front door and I put the bow onto the sign holder.

We read some and continued to watch some of the Christmas Hallmark movies. We ate dinner at home, finishing off all the leftovers. We watched some TV before bed.

Monday- I was out the door at 8:50 to go for my mani/pedi at 9. Wow, everyone had there nails done last week. There was only one other lady there today!

I returned and we ate lunch. We went over to the card room for Spades,at 1, but no one else showed up. 

We went to Target for some items. We actually found the Tyson Tequila Lime Wings that we like for get togethers. We drove by the library and I dropped off a book.

We returned and had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening at home.

Tuesday- Bob was out the door at a little before 9 to go to the car repair place, again! I went to Maj at 10. Bob was back by 11. The repair facility said that the sunroof needs new rails. $2400 +. Needless to say, we are not repairing the sunroof. We will live without it! I sure wish they had told us that when they put in the rubber gasket! It would have saved us that expense…sigh.

Bob worked on measuring our RV site and figuring out if we can put a storage unit on the site. He discovered a “land grab”. The next door neighbor’s bushes and line of border are on our site. We have a 3 ft easement, as does she, but the line is at the 6ft line. No, we do not blame Peggy (the neighbor), this was done long before she purchased her park model. BUT this gave us an extra 3 ft.

Rusty, who lives behind Peggy, in his park model, came over as he saw us working on measuring. He is in security here at the park, and says that he has been told that the easements are going to have to be cleared out. So that means Peggy’s bushes ( which she just had trimmed) are going to have to be taken out. Which is a shame, as they are nice.

Anyway, Bob completed the diagram of where we can place the shed. I had found a shed larger than we originally anticipated, based on the room we have. So we dropped that off for Scott (the park manager) to review, on the way out of the park. He will then send one of the maintenance guys out to check the placement using the “pin” that is located in the back of the site. Bob thinks he found the pin, so we think we are okay, as long as the maintenance guy actually works at finding the pin.

We ate lunch and went to the library to pick up a book and then on to Office Max, as the printer was running out of blue, yellow and black ink. We have plenty of red!

We returned to the rig, and ate dinner. My ankle has been better, so we went to Square Dancing. We were welcomed back with lots of hugs, and everyone wanted to know where we have been.

We had a great time and the ankle seemed to do okay.

Wednesday- I woke up to my leg having sharp shooting pains all the way up to my knee.  Bob left early to go to his Doctors appointment. I worked on the article. At 9, I called the Core office for an appointment.

I had two events to attend, same room, same time, 10 AM. So I ended up taking the Maj set and table covers with me, as well as the table covers for the Stamp n’ Up card making class.  Good thing  I took the Maj set with me, as 4 people arrived and none had a set. So they used my set and cloths.

I had picked up the sign in sheet in the Activities dept. yesterday. There were 6 people on the sheet. Leslie arrived with 5 sets of cards. Gina, head of the Activities Dept. had told her 5. I think she had not taken the sheet away and someone else had signed up, late.

Anyway, since I know Leslie, I said that she could bring my set next week. She managed to sort of put together some items and she will bring the rest next week. Gina had not, until I asked, talked to Leslie about the dates and now we have a class two weeks in a row and the next one in Jan 2. Oh well, we will cope.

I sat at the table with Linda and Karen. We had a nice time chatting and putting together the cards. I returned and Bob was home. We ate lunch. Neither of us felt really right, so we took a nap.

We woke up and did some tasks. We had dinner at home and watched TV.

Thursday- I was off to Maj again today. I returned and we ate lunch. We made a crock pot meal for MaryAnne and Ray. We dropped it off at their rig, on the way to my Doctors appointment with the Podiatrist at the Core Institute at 4. It is an orthopedic office. I explained to him about my high ankle sprain in 2012 and he reviewed the X-rays from 2012 and compared them to the ones that they took today. The issue is that the ligaments are stretched and they will not ever return to normal unless I have surgery. So he recommended a brace, which the DME( durable medical equipment) guy demonstrated how to put on. It needs to be snug and will keep me from turning my ankle to the left or right. I can go up and down with my foot. The Podiatrist has a lot of square dancing patients so he understood how important the dancing is to us and said rest it, then wear the brace while dancing. Last year at this time I was wearing flip flops and dancing 3x a week! 

We returned home, ate dinner, and watched TV.

Friday- The weather this week has been cold. We even had a rain storm, which are rare this time of year. This morning was not different. It was wet outside from a very heavy dew and cold, 40’s, is cold for AZ, LOL. Usually I ride my bike, but this morning I drove the car over to the card room. I worked on making some cards this morning.

When I returned at 11, we went to Cafe Zupas for salads for lunch, then we went to Petsmart for a sweater for Karlie. They did not have any that we wanted, so we went to Petco and found two. We purchased a light one and a heavy one, as she gets cold at night. We believe she has some dementia, as she will be so cold she is shivering, but does not get under the covers. We stopped at Walmart for groceries. We stopped in at Walgreens for medications. Surprisingly, Bob’s meds are much cheaper at Walgreens (one is even free) than through CVS/Caremark. .

We returned around 1:30, and read for the afternoon. At 4:30, Diane and Jim picked us up to Dubina Brewing Company for dinner and brews!  I was excited, as I was not driving,and they had a Moscato on the menu. I did a tasker of their cider, which was pretty good. I ordered the Moscato,  but they were all out. So I ordered the Cider Corps Lady in Pink Liberty cider. It was pink! It was made with prickly pear and some other ingredients. Bob, Diane and Jim all had assorted stouts. Diane liked the chili pepper stout, which was a surprise to her.

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