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Sat Nov 17 to Fri Nov 23- Sun City AZ

Saturday-  We set up for the patio sale and had a lot of people come by, but we did not sell anything! Oh well, it all gets donated!

At  a 9:30 I went over to the Ballroom for the Craft Fair. I wandered around and then stopped at the Card Making booth for my scheduled hour to work the booth. We sold some cards, several that I had made, and at 11, I returned to the rig. Since nothing had sold, we packed everything up, and then we both ran back over to the Ballroom. We wandered thru again, then went to lunch at Fat Freddie’s Café, here in the park.

We returned and realized that we had forgotten to pick up our mail. The mail room closes at 1, so we raced back over to picked up our mail from the mail forwarding service and some prescriptions. Also, during the morning, Roxie’s new harness had arrived from Amazon Prime. Her old one had fallen apart.

We had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday chores. We watched the Redskin game, which was a pretty good game, even if we lost

We had a quiet afternoon, and then went to State 48 Brewery to meet up with Jim and Diane for beer and dinner. They had a flight of beer, as did Bob. Bob liked several of the beers and would have purchased one of them, but they only sold growlers.


We ate a nice dinner, except for my sweet potato fries which were pretty awful.

Monday- Bob has been working on what insurance we want with Medicare, and he finally decided that we are changing to the FEHB secondary, as Bob is a retired federal employee. This means that we can cancel our Medicare Part B, which has been costing us an extra $800 per quarter. Of course, my payment had already gone for Dec, Jan and Feb. Since my birthday is 11 months behind Bob’s, we were stuck with a more expensive insurance plan for 2018.

We placed a call to Medicare (Social Security) to find out how to discontinue the Medicare Part B. The wait was 65 minutes, so we had them call us back. They did in about 75 minutes. The gal pointed us to the correct form, and told me to send a letter with the form to request a refund for Jan and Feb. So we did all of that.

We ran over to the mail room and mailed the envelope. Then we went to Walgreens and a different storage facility. Bob had researched facilities in the area, and the one we are at had kept raising our rate. We signed up for a new storage unit,  at the new facility and our price will be $30 less per month. Needless to say it is worth the effort to change facilities.

We then went to Goodwill and dropped off the items that did not sell on Saturday at the Patio Sale. We returned to the park, ate lunch, and went to Spades at 1 PM. No one showed up, so we returned and went to the old storage facility. The gal had the enthusiasm of a turnip and had purposely left the sign up that she was out to lunch. We ignored it and went in, as it was 1:30 and the sign said she would be back at 12:15.

Anyway, we gave notice that we were going to vacate the unit. We did not receive a pro-rate refund. The new facility does give one! So we are going to leave the unit locked until almost the last day so that they cannot rent it out.

We started the move. It took 3 trips to the new unit, which is just around the corner from the old place. We had it all done by 3 pm. We returned home and relaxed. We ate dinner and watched some TV.

At 7:50, Ray called me. MaryAnne had a temp of 101.8. The surgical area is red and inflamed. I told him to take her to the ER.  I waited until 8:15, and then ran over to their rig. They were still there. I know MaryAnne. and thought that she might had fought with him about going to the ER.  MaryAnne had called her Doc office this morning and the Doc was off this week. But, the covering Doc was supposed to call her back, and the Doc never did!

Ray met me at the door. They were actually packing up to go to the hospital. So I helped with getting MaryAnne ready, out the door, and into the car. Ray drove her to the ER and I went home and went to bed.

Tuesday-  Well, MaryAnne has an abscess that they are going to drain and she is on IV Vancomycin. So glad that she is where she needs to be!  I went to Maj. We had 6 people playing. We have learned of a way to play with  2 people, so we split up 4 and 2, teaching everyone how to play with 2 players. It is a fun way to play, but more difficult.

I arrived back home and we went to Café Zupas for salads for lunch. Then to Walmart and Fry’s for groceries. We stopped at the storage unit to place the lock on the old unit. We returned home.

At 4:30 we went to our neighbors for a burger/hot dogs dinner. There were 12 couples. Dinner was fun, as this is a totally different group of people. There were lots of dogs there, and after dinner, Bob went to the rig to feed the dogs and to bring them to the party. They had a great time, as they know all the dogs. When they arrived, the other dogs greeted them and play commenced! Even Karlie, who has slowed down a lot, had a great time with the other dogs and getting lots of attention.

We came home around 8 and watched TV.

Wednesday- We picked Linda up at 8:15 and went to Tivoli Gardens for the monthly Alfa Breakfast. We left at 9:30, Linda rode home with Mike, and we went to my Endocrinologist appt. My new PCP had dropped my Synthroid dose and I had been concerned. The first Endocrinologist appt. that I could get was in February, so I sent a message to the Doc thru the portal. She responded with an appointment at 10:30 today.

When we arrived, since I had done all the paperwork, we only had to sit for about 5 minutes before we were taken back to the room. The tech took my blood pressure, oxygen level and pulse. The Doc came in and she had already reviewed my chart from the previous office. This was the same Doc now in a different practice.

She decided to leave the Synthroid dose the same, but said I could take my previous dose for 6 days a week and skip one day. That way I get up use up the higher dose. I return in February and have lab work done prior to that appointment. She also ordered Lymph Node Mapping, as I have not had that done. I have not had an Ultrasound or MRI for awhile. I need these as I had Thyroid cancer in 1998. It’s just routine, as she could not feel any issues when she checked my neck..

We stopped at Kneaders for sandwiches. Good thing we only wanted sandwiches as they were not selling salads due to the romaine scare.

We returned home and at about 4, we went over to Marilyn and Rusty’s park model.  Marilyn had said yesterday that she had a NuWave induction plate that she wanted to sell. She does not cook anymore.  Marilyn had a broken hip from a fall recently, and she also has a neurological disease, so she is no longer cooking at all. Rusty was not using it when cooking, so we got a nice deal.  Bob had investigated online and the sale purchase price for Black Friday was $70, so we paid her $35 for it. It was practically brand new, only having been used a couple of times.

Now we needed pots and pans that are magnetic to be able to use. Since we had a gift card that we had not used, we stopped at On The Border for dinner. The gift card was for $25 and the price was $25.07, plus tip! We did pretty well. I had shrimp tacos and Bob had fish tacos.

We went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, as we have coupons for $20 % off an entire purchase. We really did not want a whole set of pots and pans, but that was all that they had. Whew, were they expensive! So we went to Costco, stopping for gas, $2.55 gal.. The had a set in Costco for $250. Nope, too much. While we were in line for gas, I had Googled and found a nice pot on sale for $19.99 at Macy’s. So we went to Macy’s. We did not realize that the Black Friday Sale at Macy’s started at 3 PM on Wednesday.

We easily drove right into a parking place about 4 spots from the door. Then we went upstairs in Macy’s to the cookware. We found the pot, which was next to a 13 piece set on sale for $29.99! The original price was $129.99, but I bet that was not the real price. This set is not as nice as the pricier sets, but it looked okay to us! So we stepped into line. We have needed a new top sheet for awhile, so I went and found a Martha Stewart top sheet for 50% off, leaving Bob holding our space in line. I know this was on sale at a great price, as I had purchased one at full price last year. We were in line for about 15 minutes, which was longer than we would usually stand, but it was okay…

Thursday-  Happy Thanksgiving! It is also the 55th year since President Kennedy was assassinated. We saw nothing on that, today on TV! I guess they wanted to save the day for happy memories…

We watched the parade and cooked our own Thanksgiving dinner using family recipes. We had purchased some turkey parts and we cooked them in the crockpot. We did the rest using the NuWave, the Breville and the microwave. We had put the turkey in the crock pot a little late, so we ate the other half of our sandwiches for lunch, along with the sides, saving the turkey for tomorrow.

While we were eating lunch, we were watching the National Dog Show. I heard the announcer say that there was a gal and her dog from Manassas VA. She announced the dogs name and trainer/owner Brittany Cipriotti. I screeched and we both ran to the TV. Brittany is our good friend Nikki Huffstutter’s daughter. She had made the semi-finalists! Unfortunately, she did not win this round. A little later, they also announced Nikki’s granddaughter and her dog, who had also made the same semi-finalist round! Unfortunately, she also did not win! So cool to see people we know on TV!

At 3 we went over to the ballroom to help set up for the pot luck dinner. At 4:30 we went over to dinner. Linda had decorated our table. We sat with Linda, Mike, Pam, and Bob. There was another couple that we did not know. MaryAnne is still in the hospital and Donna and Allen are flying back from Oregon today.

It was an interesting pot luck. There were no leftovers! In fact, there was barely enough food. The park had donated the turkey this year, and we had 82 people signed up for the pot luck. We had 96 seats ready, for those people who just show up without signing up! A number of people arrived without bringing food. We don’t know if people thought that the park was donating the entire meal or that they were  just being cheap! There were a lot of rolls (cheap to donate). There was enough food for everyone, but just barely! Usually there is a lot of food leftover. I had even taken a container to bring food home! We had brought the Chocolate Éclair Dessert, and there was one very tiny piece left.

We returned home and watched the new Kurt Russell Christmas movie on Netflix. It was pretty good.  He did a great Santa Elvis impression!

Friday- Linda and I went to the Sun City Craft Fair. This is a huge, weekend after the holiday tradition. All of the clubs in Sun City sell their creations at this sale. It is held in two huge buildings!

We, and everyone else who was not at the mall, wandered through the sale. Linda purchased two items. I just looked. The woodworking was awesome, as were the quilts.We returned around 11:30. 

We stopped by Donna and Allen’s site to welcome them back and to attend the “barn raising”. They had purchased a Tuff Shed and it was being assembled on their site today. It is barn shaped and large. I left Linda there, as Mike had ridden over in his golf cart. I returned to the rig, ate lunch with Bob, and we left to ride back over to Donna and Allen’s. Bob welcomed them back, we watched a little more “barn assembly” and then left.

We stopped at Goodwill and dropped off all of our old pots and pans. Then we bravely went to Costco! Actually, Costco was not all that crowded. We drove right into a parking space. We had to go there, as we were running out of ‘pill pockets’ for the dogs pills. We have been using a lot of them with both dogs getting medication. We were in and out of Costco, without two items we wanted, as they temporarily do not have them. We had an employee check the system for them.

We ran over to the Chiropractor and I had an adjustment. We returned home, stopping by Donna and Allen’s site on the way back in. The Tuff Shed was finished and the workers were gone. They are thrilled with their new shed. They plan to place their storage items up in the attic and then Allen is going to use the bottom area as a shop. They plan to leave some room for family to sleep in it if they visit.

We had a quiet rest of the afternoon and evening, eating leftovers for dinner.

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