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Sat Nov. 10 to Fri. Nov. 16- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We decided to go to the Lobster truck for lunch. It was located in a Veterans Fair in Tollison, so we left to go there for lunch. We arrived to find hardly any cars and we would have to pay to get in. So we said no and went to Summit Mountain Brewery. We had a an awesome lunch. Mine was the special which was spätzle with mushrooms, caramelized onions, cheese and bacon. Delicious! Bob had a wonderful Cuban sandwich. He enjoyed the beers.

We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. We met up with Charlie and Paula at Texas Roadhouse for dinner. They wanted to take us out to dinner because we had let them stay in our site in April and 1/2 of May for Doctor appointments. We let them stay for free, they just had to pay the electric, water and sewer.

After, we went back to the Casino with them to listen to the concert. It was a Veterans Day concert with music from the 40’s and 50’s with some dancers. It ended at 8 pm and we returned home.

Sunday- I had noticed that we had a light out in the bathroom, so Bob ran to O’Reillys Auto Supply to buy a new bulb. He also replaced a bulb in the hallway with one of the LED’s.

We watched the Redskins game, they won, and had a quiet afternoon and evening. The winds have settled down, but the temperature has dropped. The temp is about 10 degrees below normal.

Monday- My plan had been to go to water aerobics, but the temp was in the low 40’s and the wind was howling, so I nixed that idea! I worked on the article. We left at 11:15 to head down to Phoenix. We stopped at a restaurant for crepes, but it turned out to be a Mexican Restaurant and they had two spicy hot crepes, so we continued on into downtown to Potbelly and we had sandwiches for lunch. We both had really good sandwiches. We arrived at the Doctors office at 12:30 for Bob’s 12:45 appt. They took us right in. They gave Bob his bag of goodies, which included the BAHA. We made the next appt. for one month.

Since Bob runs the Spades game, MaryAnne had gone over to the card room for us at 1 to let people know we would not be there. She said two of the folks showed up and were disappointed, but understood.

Meanwhile, we stopped at Costco for gas, $2.60 gal. I ran into the store to have my glasses adjusted. I have been having so many problems with the frames. So they gave me a one time change. I paid $10 more for the new frame and will be without the glasses for much of the week.

We returned to the park.  Karlie was licking her belly and she has a rash, so we managed to get a Vet appt., at a different Vet office in the same system, since our office was completely booked.

They gave her two shots, one an antibiotic and one for the itching.

Tuesday- We woke up to Roxie having had diarrhea in the living. room. She ate breakfast and seemed okay.   I was off to the Retired Nurses Group meeting.  Bob started work on looking on Capitol Checkbook for the insurances. Since we are now both on Medicare, we will be changing plans.

We ate lunch and went to my breast surgeon. My mammogram had been normal, so she discharged me back to my PCP for further care. We stopped in at the storage unit and worked on deciding what we are going to sell on Saturday at the patio sale. We arrived home to find that Roxie had vomited. So I called the vet office. Again, we ended up at another one of the Vet offices in the same system, as the two we had been to were both booked solid!

We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday-  I was off to Maj at 10. I returned at 12 . Bob took the car back to the repair place because on Saturday night we had trouble closing the sun roof. His appointment was at 1. I worked on some cards and watched a Hallmark Christmas movie that I had recorded.

Bob returned around 2:15. The problem is different this time, it is in the back of the sunroof, so they are going to have to take the ceiling apart. The next appointment is Nov. 28.

We went to Lowes and Home Depot to look at storage units. We would like to put a storage unit on the site, but want one that we can move. It would be less expensive to purchase a unit than pay for the storage unit we currently have, which keeps raising the rate. We had a quiet evening at home.

Thursday- We noticed that there was swelling around Bob’s post, so Bob made an appointment with the Doc for tomorrow morning. There is no redness, its not hot, and there is no drainage. It just looks strange.  I was off to Maj again this morning. When I returned, we went to Café Zupas for lunch. We stopped in at JoAnne’s for some sticky back felt for inside the cabinet doors in the kitchen. We are putting the measuring cups and the measuring spoons on the inside of the two doors.

20181116_065614       20181116_065623

We went to the Resident Association meeting this afternoon at 4. We returned and had a quiet evening.

Friday- We left at 7:15 to drive to downtown Phoenix to the Doctors office for an 8:30 appointment. We arrived and they took us right in. The Doc looked at it and said that it was lymph swelling. He said it is rare, but does occur. He put the round cover back on ( he was happy that Bob had brought it with him). Before putting it on, he put some antibiotic cream on the area. He has to leave the cap on for 3 days.

We stopped at the Phoenix Costco Business Center ( whatever that is??) and bought gas for 2.55 gal. We saw that there was no line when we were driving by, so we stopped.

We returned home to give both dogs their pills. Karlie was licking again, and so I called the third vet office. They wanted to see her, and I said that we have had 3 Vet appointments in 8 days, and that we would prefer an alternative! The gal talked to the Vet, and they gave us a prescription for an antihistamine. The shots that she had been given, should have lasted 2 weeks for the antibiotic and 6 weeks for the licking. So we drove over to that Vet office and picked up the prescription. If she does not stop licking, we should take her in for a visit.

We stopped at Walmart for groceries. We ate lunch at Freddie’s Frozen Custard, both having steak burgers. Mine was excellent, but Bob just thought his was just okay.  I had had Freddie’s Original Steak Burger with grilled onions. He said next time he would have the one I had.

We had stopped at the office to get the form for approval for the storage unit. We were told that the city has changed the regulations and to check with them first. They said they thought it would be 10 feet from the back, instead of 6 or 8 ft. That is an issue, as we have concrete in the way.

We ran to the storage unit and picked up everything we think we are going to sell. We returned to the rig and took the items out of the car and priced them. We left them beside the motor home for in the morning.

Bob walked the dogs and I had rec’d a text from Costco that my glasses were in, so I ran over to get them. I stopped at Dollar Tree for a balloon, to put at the end of our street, to show we were having a sale.

We had a quiet evening at home.

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