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Sat. Nov. 3 to Fri Nov. 9- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We left early and ran to Walmart and Fry’s for groceries. We returned and had a quiet day. We ate lunch and dinner at home.

Sunday- We did our usual Sunday morning activities. We watched the Redskin game, they lost… We had another quiet day. Linda came over in the afternoon to check in about taking care of the dogs tomorrow.

Monday- We left at 7:00 to head south to St. Joseph Hospital, in Phoenix) for Bob’s BAHA surgery. We arrived right at 8 AM and parked in the parking garage right across from the entrance. We had a code so that we could enter for free.

Bob checked in and they took us back at 8:50. We met with the anesthesiologist and Dr. Macias, the surgeon. The nurses were great. The had me leave at 9:35. I went to the car and dropped off took Bob’s hat.  He had to take his hat there so that Dr. Macias could mark the spot to place the post. He had to avoid Bob’s glasses and the hat.

So they took him back into surgery at 9:35 and Dr. Macias came out to talk to me at 9:50! Wow, only 10 minutes for the actual surgery. The surgery was interesting. He took a ‘punch’ and punched a hole to the bone, through the skin and tissue. Then he used a slow drill to drill the hole in the skull, followed by placement of the post. This is similar to dental implants. The post has a plastic cover that will come off next Monday at Bob’s follow-up appointment.

20181105_101552 (1)

I was taken back to see Bob at 10:10. We left at a little before 11 to return home. I stopped at a Kangaroo Min-market and bought Bob a coke, as he was very dry and wanted some caffeine.

We drove back out to Hwy. 60 and returned north towards the park. Bob wanted pizza for lunch, so we stopped at Walmart for a pizza and then dropped off Bob’s prescription for Levaquin, at Walgreens.  We returned to the rig.

I let Linda know we were back home (and thanked her for giving Karlie her medicine and talking them for a short walk)  and I walked the dogs. Bob settled in and I cooked the pizza. Bob noted that the flavors in the pizza were very strong.

We had a quiet afternoon, but at 3, we went to Dairy Queen for a mini blizzard. We stopped and picked up Bob’s prescription on the way home.

We had leftovers for dinner( again he was impressed with the food flavors) and watched TV. Bob walked the dogs at 4 and again at 10. At 10 he noted that some dogs, a block away, had been washed and he could smell the shampoo that had been used. He noted that his senses were very heightened!  We went to bed.

Tuesday- I woke up to find that Bob had been up all night. He was really hyper with his heart rate a little elevated, although his blood pressure was okay. He had not slept all night, and had come out and stayed in the recliner, with Roxie in his lap! Karlie had stayed with me… I did not even know he was gone!

He had the heightened senses and was a awake all day! At 2 we took Roxie for her Vet appointment. It was her yearly physical. She has lost 3 lbs. since her physical last November. Karlie had lost weight and Roxie found it! So she has been on low calorie food all year. The Vet thought she was a perfect weight!

She had her Leptospirosis update and and her med to prevent Kennel cough, since they are around so many dogs during our stay here and on our travels. They noted that they did not have a record of her rabies. We had to think about it and I finally remembered that she had it in California when she had the foxtail taken out in May.

We returned home and I pulled out the Rabies record. We left to go to Bob’s new PCP appointment. We dropped off a copy of the Rabies certificate on the way.

We arrived at the Doctors office (where my Doc is located) to find that they have two offices in the same complex and we had to move to the ‘E” building from the “C” building. They had also changed which Doc he was to see, but we liked the new Doc. He told her about the heightened senses and that he was hyper, and she said he would crash later. His pulse and blood pressure were good.

We stopped at Café Zupas for salads on the way home. Bob finally crashed at 8:30, falling asleep in the recliner. He got up at 9, when he gave Karlie her heart pill, and he went to bed. I went to bed at the regular time after watching some of the election results. We had voted via mail, over a month ago. We, of course, vote in South Dakota since that is our residency.

Wednesday- We were up early and I worked on the article. I went to Maj at 10, returned at 12, and I went to have my hair cut at 1. I have decided to go ‘gray’, and this is the second month. I returned and we had a quiet afternoon and evening.

Thursday- I worked on the Roadrunner Newsletter then went to Maj at 10. We had lunch and a quiet afternoon and evening.

Friday-  I worked on printing some verses for cards and went to the card making group at 9. I did some cutting and donated 10 cards to the sale next weekend. I also signed up to work the table next Saturday, the 17th.

We were talking just before leaving, after putting items away, and Scott the park manager walked by. One of the gals went to get him and the group asked him to start setting up the extra tables like last year, on Friday mornings. We also want to move the cabinet, well basically change cabinets, with one of the card groups. So he had Rita come over with the keys. They could not get into several of the cabinets. He said that he had someone who wanted a new cabinet. That was me! I want a place for us to put our Maj sets so we do not have to cart them back and forth. I told him we only need a drawer. So Rita and I walked around and checked out all the cabinets and drawers, that she could get open. They were pretty upset that they did not have keys to all the cabinets and when we did open some of them,  there were cards, cards, and more cards. Not to mention lots of poker chips( poker moved a few years ago to the billiard room) and some black and white chips that no one seemed to know what they are used for!

I returned and Bob and I left to go shopping. We stopped at Ihop for lunch, then went to Petsmart. Karlie has stopped eating again. She is tired of the food, so we bought something else for her. She has to eat grain free. No problem getting rid of the food we have as Roxie will eat anything.

We went to Fry’s and then Walmart. We returned home and had a quiet afternoon. Bob fell asleep, but had to wake up when I started to cook. I cooked broccoli, mushrooms, and onions stir fry for the pot luck. The weather had turned here and it became very windy overnight! So we moved the potluck to the exercise room. Bob and I went over and set up. Linda was running it, but had forgotten that she had a class until 4. So I had taken over. Mike arrived with their stuff, then John arrived. His wife Karen is in South Carolina with her niece who lost her husband this week. Paula and Charlie arrived a little late because of traffic, as they are staying at a casino. Then Linda arrived at about 4:20. MaryAnne and Ray arrived around 4:30.  Paula’s birthday is the 23rd, but they are leaving on the 14th, so Linda had baked  “Uncle Ralph’’s” cake for her birthday. We all LOVE Uncle Ralph cake! It is a very moist chocolate bunt cake with chocolate frosting.

We retuned home at around 6, and had a quiet evening at home.

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