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Sat. Oct. 27 to Nov. 2 2018- Sun City AZ

Saturday- We had a quiet day. We ran to Fry’s in the morning for a few items. Then we returned and settled in for the day. The weather has been perfect with days in the 80’s and nights in the 60’s. We were able to sit outside and enjoy the late afternoons. We grilled a ribeye and watched Poldark season 3 on Amazon Prime.

Sunday- We did our usual laundry and budgeting. It is so nice to have my washer/dryer working! We watched the Redskins win as the game came on at 10 AM AZ time. We had another quiet day. We sat outside enjoying the wonderful weather!

Monday-  Bob was off early to the car repair shop. Since the car was to stay there all day, Ray went and picked Bob up. I went to water aerobics. Bob washed the passenger side of the rig today. We sat outside again today enjoying the weather. We ate dinner at home and had a quiet evening.

Tuesday- I was off to Maj this morning and Bob cleaned the rest of the rig. The repair facility called around 1 to say that the car is ready, so Ray picked Bob up and dropped him off to pick up the car. When he returned with the car, I went to the library to pick up the next season of Homeland. I stopped at the Chiropractor. I have been having problems with my bad ankle (the left) and I wanted him to see if he could get it back into place. He tried, but I it still does not seem to be in. We had a quiet evening at home.

Wednesday- We had the alarm set for 4:45, ugh! We met up with Ray and MaryAnne at 5:30. We followed them to the hospital. MaryAnne was taken quickly to radiology where they placed  3 guide wires. While she was there, Ray, Bob and I went to McDonalds for breakfast. We returned in time to be with MaryAnne when she moved to the pre-op area. We stayed with Ray through the surgery. She was in surgery for over an hour. During this time, Bob ran back to the rig, fed and walked the dogs, and gave Karlie her medications at 9 AM. He returned about 10:30.

Ray was called back to recovery at about 12.. Bob ran to the corner to the In N Out burger and got burgers for the 3 of us. Bob said that when he walked in from the parking garage, everyone he passed were eyeballing his burger.  I called Ray and he came out to eat his burger. Our job being there was to keep Ray settled. I was really glad that I had taken a sweater with me! The waiting room was freezing. I drank 2 cups of decaf and 2 cups of hot chocolate just to keep warm. 

MaryAnne has problems with coming out of anesthesia, but with pre-planning with the Doc, she was able to come out of it faster than usual. She was ready to leave at about 2, so we assisted Ray and the Nurse with getting her into the car. We followed them back and assisted with getting her into her rig. She was still pretty slow and under the medications.

We left, returned to the rig, and walked the dogs. We left and went to Costco, for me to have my glasses adjusted, again. It turns out every time I tried to put on the sun clipons, which do no fit well, I was causing them to get out of alinement. I wear them when driving, as the transitions do not stay dark in the car. We bought gas also, $2.75 gal.

We went to Baskin Robbins for the “31st” special ( $1.50 a scoop). We each had one scoop and we brought MaryAnne and Ray each 2 scoops. We returned to the rig, fed the dogs, and went to Macyos for dinner. We picked up carry out for MaryAnne and Ray and dropped the food off at their rig.

Thursday-  We had to put  the heat on this morning! It was in the 50’s.  As usual, I started laundry. I am working on new article that my Editor requested.  I went to Maj and Bob took the duvet over to be washed. I returned early and we left a little before 12 for my 12:15 eye appointment. I needed to set up with an Ophthalmologist in this area so when we were at Bob’s appointment, I made an appointment with the same Doc. I had a very good exam and great results.

We returned home and both of us are still tired from yesterday. We started to watch Homeland and and started cooking dinner. We are making dinner for MaryAnne and Ray. Ray is kind of paralyzed by all of this, so MaryAnne had asked me to cook some meals for them. She had bought food and brought it to us to cook. Along with her favorite recipes!

So we cooked some chicken curry and I drove it over to their rig while Bob popped our turkey meatloaf into the Instapot. I also had that ready to go… we had a quiet evening and went to bed early.

Friday- I went to the card making class at 9. I left at 10 and drove to Sun City West to pick up friend Annette. We went to Happy Trails RV park in Surprise. It was the day of their very large vendor fair. We both purchased a top and I was there for some lotion that I like. Other than that, we enjoyed wandering around.

We went to Panera for lunch, then I returned her home. We had a quiet afternoon at home. We made another meal for MaryAnne and Ray with a comfort food meal in the Instapot.

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